Great Ideas for Branding and Rebranding Your Website
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Great Ideas for Branding and Rebranding Your Website

– Your brand is literally
anything visual on your website. – Why would I rebrand? – Nealey the Toolman at your service. – I’m lovin’ it! – Welcome to The Journey. Today we’re gonna give
you some great ideas for rebranding your website. – All right Nealey, I know
that I brought you here today to talk about rebranding,
but I gotta be honest, I don’t quite understand when or why we should be doing that. Like, I’ve had my website,
Coffee and Kickflips for a few years, I love the way it looks. The brand is consistent
across all my sites. Why would I rebrand? – Yeah, there’s a lot of different reasons why we may rebrand. Some of us built our
sites years back, right? And, maybe it’s time to put a fresh coat of paint on the house, as I like to call it.
– A facelift. – Yeah, so that rebrand of your website can really increase the
perceived professionalism for your business, and for your brand. It also helps to just make it a little more modern and fresh. There’s a lot of cool
marketing trends, and ideas, and website designs out
there that are the norm now, and what you did way back
when – may not really apply. And you also wanna make sure
that your site’s responsive, and it looks good on mobile because, everyone’s on mobile, right? – Absolutely.
– So those are some of the biggest reasons why
you’ll really wanna rebrand your website this year. – All right, so I put a lot of time, I have put a lot of energy,
and money, into this. Where do I start when
it comes to rebranding? – To understand what your brand
is, your brand is literally anything visual on your website. So, that’s a lot.
– That’s a lot. I just realized that when you said that. So we’re talking social
media, all my merchandise. – Merchandise, website, logo,
– Font – All that stuff, anything your
customers see on your site. First step, we gotta create
what’s called a style guide. A style guide is basically just a document that you have all
your information on about you. Your brand, what colors you
use, what fonts you use, the logos you use,
literally everything visual. It helps you to put it in one document, so that way, when you do go and rebrand, you follow that document to a T, and you’re not like, I created this page, and it has this font, and
then this page has this font, because it creates inconsistency. We wanna have that
consistent brand across, and then it’ll carry over
to social media, right? – And like GoDaddy, we have
the GoDaddy green, right? – Yeah, the GoDaddy green and orange, you see it everywhere, you
instantly think of GoDaddy. There’s a lot of different
colors out there you can use that have different meaning. Like, red means bold and excitement, and if you really wanna
change your brand itself to be perceived as
something different maybe, changing up the colors might
be that easy first step. Adding onto that style guide,
really making it consistent, when you think of consistency, we’ll pick a brand for example. What is the first thing you think of when you think of McDonald’s? – Woo, I’m lovin’ it! – Right, they created
that brand, that logo, and that’s the first thing you think of. And then, the M, those two arches that make the M
– Golden arches. – The red and yellow is
literally across their website, across their brand, across social media, it’s everywhere, and it’s consistent. So if you go to Instagram, you
have the same look and feel as you would go to Twitter, as
you would to go to Facebook, as you would to go to their site. Creates consistencies, so when
you see it out in the wild, you’re like, “I’m lovin’ it,” right? And that’s perfect, you
wanna do the same thing with your brand, no matter
what anyone finds you on. Like, that’s that one
business, that’s you. – I recognize it.
– I recognize it. – All right Nealey, definitely
getting some great tips about the rebrand, it’s feeling
a little less overwhelming. But as I always ask when we get into other marketing endeavors: What are the tools? Are there tools? Explain. – Nealey the Toolman at your service. There are a couple tools that I use to help different clients and customers really rebrand their business. So, the easiest is just get
a Word doc, or a Google doc, or whatever you use to house
some of the information in. But as far as the visuals
go, that’s gonna be Canva. Canva is my, it’s my life, right? So you can create all
sorts of social templates, and logos, and just
literally any visual aspect of your business there. So, you create your Instagram
post, your templates, as you do
– As I do – Then you can resize it
to be a Twitter header, and update it a little bit. Still has the same brand,
still has the same fonts, create all those templates so, when you go to create even more content, you start from your style
guide, your template, you go from there.
– Efficient. – All right Emma, so another
thing I tell my clients is you have to be intentional
with your rebrand. Don’t just rebrand because it’s
a new year, you new, right. – I say the same thing
about social media posting. Don’t just post because you
haven’t posted in a week. – Right, it’s gotta be intentional. It’s gotta be thought-provoking, and it has to be for a reason. So, that rebrand is really if you want to elevate your brand, elevate
your professionalism, maybe change how your
perceived in the world. You wanna be known as a green company that really gives back
to their environment. – Eco-friendly!
– Update your logos, your colors, your brands
to be green, right? Because that’s really that symbol for it. Or, if you want your business, your brand, to be exciting, maybe look
into some yellows on your site, putting some yellows into your brand, because color is super important. Same thing with the fonts you use. You don’t wanna just use
the same old boring fonts. If you go to,
there’s an entire library of free fonts you can use for your site, and get some cool little variations that really make your brand stand out. – So many things to think about. – All right, that’s all we have for you on some great ideas to
rebrand your website. And we’d love to know if
you have any other ideas, or what you plan on doing. Let us know in the comments below. – Also, be sure to like
the video, share it, there’s other businesses out there with very similar questions. Maybe they’re going
through a rebrand dilemma. Also be sure to subscribe
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