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Great internships start here

I am working at PepsiCo in Chicago as a marketing intern on the innovation team for Quaker. I’m currently an intern at UBS Private Wealth Management in midtown Manhattan. I interned as a photojournalist with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this summer. Interning in Bombay for Vogue India. Columbus College of Art and Design in their Student Involvement Division. The Rodale Institute which is an experimental organic farm. The largest healthcare-only global investment firm in the world. The Fundraising and Awareness Organization for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. On my first day, I was already doing actual work. Working with producers writing different stories for the newscasts. Doing research on historical documents. Sitting down in boardrooms with the CEO, working with policy directors. Being an artist and an educator. I planned events and I wrote newsletters and I actually had a magazine article published. How to use SQL to get like thousands of bits of information in about 10 to 20 minutes. I got to shoot the Fourth of July, and I actually got that photo on the front page. I’ve been on a couple shoots, I’ve edited a lot of work and it’s really cool to see it come together. Connecting as a human and connecting with the society that’s around you. It really is about the connections you make. This class I took in the poli sci department at Denison gave me the skills I needed to tackle this huge data project. Critical thinking and analytical writing I applied to the internship. Now apply those skills in a humongous scale. I think Denison prepares us and gets us excited about making change in this world. The only reason I had this internship was because OF the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration. The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration was a great resource. They kept in really regular contact with me from submitting my application all the way through my first and second interview with a company. They checked over my resume and my cover letters trying to make sure that I was set up for success. They have Handshake, which is like this online catalog full of opportunities, both jobs and internships. Everyone in the Knowlton Center, you know, they are so, so helpful. They helped me before the interview and after the interview just assessing how everything went. They helped us get our visas, organized passports. Reformatting my resume to make sure it looked very professional. The mock interviews were really helpful. It is definitely a valuable resource that everyone should use. You have all these options, you’re not really sure what you want to do. They help you every step of the way from applying, to getting there, being accepted, to choosing what you want to do for the summer. I have so much gratitude for the career center at Denison. I truly do not think I would be able to have these experiences if it weren’t for me having applied for this stipend and them funding my internship here. Not just giving me the opportunity, but giving me what I needed to make it a reality.

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