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GROW Your Direct Sales Business

Hey everybody, it’s Brenda Ster. Welcome to the Suite! I am the founder
of Sassy Suite and the Socialite Suite, here on Facebook. And this whole month
of November, we are talking about Launch, Grow, Thrive. No matter what stage of
your business you’re at; whether you are just getting
started or maybe restarting, whether you are in firm growth mode, or whether you are crushing it and you
are so helping other people move their businesses forward. Launch, Grow,
Thrive. Every week on the page, here in November, I’m going to talk
about one aspect of Launch, Grow, Thrive. Last week, we talked about launch and
we talked about the idea of starting, or restarting your business. Setting
goals, holding your launch event, and then starting to get consistent with
your social warmup and you’re posting to train your community on
what to expect from you. This week we’re going to dig in on Growth. What is it going to take
to help your business grow? This is where the good stuff is
you guys. This is the good stuff, so let’s assume that your
launch has gone well. We’ve got people who are now interested. Maybe you’ve held your first launch event, you’re starting to get some engagement
based on that social warmup that you’re doing. You’ve got your basic goals. Define your starting to track against
those goals. Now, how do we grow? We’re talking about three things today, three things that are going to help
you focus on growth in your business. Number one, you’re going to want
to define your social channels. Where are you going to
do your marketing? Now, when we’re getting started in
the nature of direct sales, most people start on Facebook. You’re either going to have a
Facebook page for public marketing. You might have a Facebook
group for community marketing, but you’re probably starting on Facebook. I’m also going to recommend that you
start another channel that you own, so it’s not building your house
on someone else’s rented land, whether that’s your email
list, whether it’s your blog, you want to start a channel that you own
the content so that you can communicate with your community in the event of a
Facebook outage. It’s just a risk point. It’s just a diversification point.
So number one and growth mode, define your channels. Second thing in growth mode:
define your content plan. So, what we’re going to do now is we’re going
to plan what are the types of things that are going to keep your engagement
up and keep your community growing. So that might be starting to define
that 3P’s Mix: personality content, purposeful content and
promotional content. Building those things together because
we know personality content is going to drive engagement. People like things that are
entertaining, relationship-based, funny. That’s the kind of content that
gets shared. Purposeful value, purposeful content is content designed
to help your follower in some way. It’s helping them. It’s either a tip,
or a hack, or an idea, or a mindset tip. It’s informational value. It’s helping your community member
in some way and they keep watching, because you’re helping them. That’s value and then promotional is
obviously things that are directly related to your business. How we put those content pieces together
is what’s called your content plan, your content arc. So, if you know that you’re going to be
selling a certain type of product, we’re doing buildup that’s helping people
understand the value of why they need that product. Because you’re
giving away some information, you’re giving away some tips, you’re
building engagement, community, relationships and value, and you’re
guiding people toward the ask. That’s a content arc. So number one we talked
about define your channels. Number two, plan your content. And
then number three in growth mode, where we’re really focusing in this
area is building your community, building your community. And there’s a lot of elements
that go into building community. Community is all about creating safety
in a community where people know each other and it’s not just you, the
leader whose providing that safe space, but the community members themselves. Everyone is a part of communities
that are thriving because you– that’s your home groups. You check in on, ‘I don’t want to miss anything
fun happening in my home group. These are groups that I go to
cause that’s where my friends are. Those are community centers’. They
might also be business groups. You could be the leader of a community
group that is still also a business group. So in growth mode, what we are really focusing on here
is starting to grow our community. The value here is the more people we’re
bringing in and creating value for the community at large, more opportunity is to help your community
with continued value through the, through your products, through the
solutions that you provide. So, when we’re starting to
think about growth mode, we’ve taken the launch ideas and now
we’re getting established business processes in place, to
focus on the content plan, the growth and the community aspects
that are going to help our community move toward our third phase
next week, which is Thrive. This whole month, we’ve really kind of
putting the big picture on Launch, Grow, Thrive. So my challenge for you is to think
about what stage is your business at? Are you in launch mode? Should you
be thinking about setting your goals, having your launch party or your
relaunch party getting consistent? You can’t start to build community and
start till you personally bring the consistency. Or are you in growth mode? Are you working on
establishing your channels, getting your content plan in place, and
starting to build your community value. Next week we’re going to talk about
thrive. What does that look like? So join me right back here. We talk about
launch, grow, thrive all month long. Well, if you’re just getting started with your
social strategy and you’d like to learn more on how we approach it in the Suite, come on over and join us in our
Kickstart group. It is free to join. I’m going to give you an amazing, awesome workbook and you can go
ahead and grab it www.sassysuite. com/kickstartworkbook and come
on over and join us in our group, where we talk about these things and we
guide people through the detailed path of how to start to do
Launch, Grow, Thrive. I’ll see you right back here
next time, and as always, I’ll see you around the Suite.

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