Grow Your Instagram Music Account | Best Instagram Marketing Strategy
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Grow Your Instagram Music Account | Best Instagram Marketing Strategy

– Hack Instagram’s algorithm, and grow your fan base
overnight with these tips. (soft keyboard music) – When you’re building a
brand around your music, Instagram can be so important. Having that loyal fan base on
Instagram can be the one thing that will blow you up. Instagram has one billion
monthly active users. That’s an audience there for you. That’s an audience that you can have simply by uploading pictures and videos. There are a few things that you can do that will hack Instagram’s algorithm and mean that you get the
fans that you deserve. So in this video I’m going
to teach you those things. I’m going to tell you how you can hack Instagram’s algorithm, how you can get those fans, how you can get an engaged
audience pretty easily. Imagine uploading a picture
or a video onto Instagram, and you will immediately get
hundreds of thousands of likes, you get DMs from people telling you that they love you, they love your music, and brands are even approaching you, telling you they love your content, and they wanna collab with you. This is possible, and these
tips are going to mean that you’re at that point. All of these tips are free to do. Anyone can do them. You just need to put in that
time, put in that effort, and you will get the results. So we’re going to start with
the most important thing about your Instagram
account as a musician, which is the content. Your content becomes your brand in 2019. There are artists out
there that have blown up, that have one viral, that
have got charted material, purely because of the
content they’re putting out. A showing example of
this, is Lewis Capaldi. He’s currretnly got 2.3
million Instagram followers. And his recent album went to number one in the UK and Ireland, and was the fastest-selling album in 2019. And there’s no doubt, that his Instagram is
the reason that happened. So your content is something
that can blow you up. It’s so, so important. It needs to represent you as an artist, represent your music, but most importantly engage your fan base. So the content that you can put out is broken down into three main areas. These areas are entertainment,
educating, and documenting. You need to choose one
of those three things. You need to focus on a theme that’s fitting to one
of those three things, ’cause those three pieces of content are the ones that engage an audience, and are doable as a musician. So pick one that suits your personality, suits your music, and also suits the fans that you want to have. Educating is pretty self-explanatory, you’re just educating your audience. So, if you went over to our Instagram right now,
(button clicks) you would see that our
content is educational. We’re educating independent musicians. And you can do the same. If you wanted to educate your audience, you could put educational
material out there. However, a lot of musicians
aren’t really into that, they’d much rather have an
audience that are there for them, for their personalities,
and for the music. That’s when you can focus on either entertaining or documenting. Documenting is just simply
documenting your journey. So you could have vlog-style content, you could have Instagram Stories showing the creation of a new track, all the way up until the point that you are absolutely owning it. The final piece of content that you can be creating is entertainment. This one usually only works for people that have quite strong characters, and are happy talking to the camera, and their personalities
alone are quite entertaining. Entertaining your audience
can be a fantastic one, because it creates a relationship that’s sort of like a friendship, and if you have that sort of
relationship with your fans, there’s trust, which means they’re going to take in all of your content, they’re going to listen
to all of your music, and they’re going to potentially pay for things like merch and tickets. So, if you feel you have the confidence to entertain your audience, that’s another content strategy that you can start creating today. Once you’ve chosen what sort
of content you want to create, you need to stick to that theme, and this is so important, because if you start following someone, because the content they create is something you really enjoy, and then the next day, they start creating content
that isn’t the same at all, you’re very likely to unfollow. If you’re adding value to your audience, if you’re giving
something to the consumer, they’re going to stay engaged. So stick to that theme, and stick to it for about three months, and if it doesn’t work, that’s when you can look at changing. But if you’re growing
an audience gradually, stick to it. Now you’ve get the style of content that you want to be putting out, you need to start thinking
about the captions. Because a compelling caption can increase your engagement massively, and the engagement around a post is what will hack Instagram’s algorithm. It’s the key thing that the Instagram
algorithm is looking at. If they see a piece of content is getting so much engagement, they’re gonna push it out to more people. It’s gonna go to the top
of people’s timeline. So the caption needs to be compelling. It doesn’t just have to explain the image, it doesn’t need to just be an emoji, it needs to be something
that starts a conversation. I think a lot of people
forget about the caption, ’cause they’re so worked up
about the content right now, but the caption can actually be the thing that engages an audience more
than the image or the video. So take some time to think about the caption you’re putting on. And don’t be afraid to write
a really, really long caption, because people do take
the time to read them. Now you’ve got your caption,
you need to think of hashtags. And hashtags are the thing that are going to get
you discovered by people that aren’t already your followers. This is obviously so important, because you’re putting
your content out there to your audience,
they’re engaging with it, but you want more fans. You can use a tool such
as, and that will allow you
to put in a keyword, and give you suggestions for hashtags. It will give you them based
on other people’s hashtags, based on the most engaging hashtags, and the ones that are
ranking quite highly. As well as this, you can
also search a hashtag that you want to use. Look at some of the top performing posts, and see what hashtags they’re using. If you’re doing all these things, you’re going to be getting engagement. If you’ve got that high-quality content, you’ve got that really compelling caption, and you’re using the correct hashtag, people are gonna be commenting,
people are gonna be liking, people are gonna be in your DMs, but you wanna take it that step further. You don’t wanna just post content
and occasionally get a DM. You want to have thousands of DMs, you want your followers
to be in the millions, so you need to be
engaging with the audience that little bit more. So the first thing is replying
to every single comment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bot, it doesn’t matter if
it’s a negative comment, reply to it. Because Instagram’s algorithm cannot tell if a comment is negative
or if it’s come from a bot, so reply to every single one, because instead of having three comments, you’re going to have six. And also a little bonus tip, try to reply in questions. This might sound really weird, but if you reply in a question, that person is going to
reply to that question, which means you’re doubling
your comments again. As well as the comments, you also need to be jumping
into other people’s DMs. Of course you’re going
to have people DMing you, because you’ve got that great content, you’ve got those really good captions, but you should also be DMing them. As soon as you get a follower, DM them. Say, “thanks for the follow,” and then put something personal. So, just look at their profile and say, “Hi Steve, thanks for the
follow, love your dog,” anything that simple, but it shows that your
taking a personal approach, and you actually care
about your followers. This sort of thing can work wonders, because it means that people that are following and unfollowing are going to care about
what you’re putting out, and actually look at your profile. And the people that followed you ’cause they like your content are going to stay around for longer because they appreciate
that you appreciate them. So message every single
follower if you can, because it will mean a lot to them, and it will make them a loyal fan, rather than just a random follower. Our final tip for getting those followers, hacking Instagram’s algorithm, and engaging as many people as possible is taking advantage of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are used by over 500 million
people every single day. So don’t just focus on your feed, the stories are actually going to have more engagement than the feed quite often, because the majority of people will have some time to
quickly go through Stories, but won’t always get the time to scroll through their whole feed. If you’re putting out at
least three stories a day, you’re engaging with your fans, you’re giving them a little bit more, which will guarantee more engagement, and then guarantee more loyalty. So the stories allow you to be a little bit more spontaneous. With your feed you’re
sticking to your theme, but with your stories you can
be a little bit more personal, take them behind the scenes of everything. But you can also create
more engaging content. Instagram Stories have amazing features. You’ve got polls, you’ve got
quiz, you’ve got sliders. There are so many features, and you need to be taking
advantage of all of them. I’m definitely not saying
do a quiz every day, do a poll every day, because that will just be really annoying, but if you’re adding value, if you’re including your
audience in a conversation, it will again create more
of a personal relationship. I’ve got a little hack
for this one as well. So your Instagram Stories are only really going out to your followers, but what if you wanna get
your Instagram Stories out to a wider audience? You can again use hashtags. A lot of people don’t
use hashtags on Stories ’cause they don’t really know that they can go out to people, but hashtags still work
in Instagram Stories, and you can keep them hidden. So, use the hashtags that you think are fitting to your content,
to the story itself, and write them out, and then you can make them a color, which is the same color
as the photo or the video, and it will hide it. This one’s super easy to do, and it’s sort of kinda hacking
Instagram a little bit, but we’ve seen this one
have amazing results, because it means that that content is reaching a wider audience, and that wider audience
might then look at your feed and become a follower. If you’re doing all of these tips, you will have an engaged audience. Your followers are going
to grow exponentially, but you have to put in that time, you have to put in that effort, and give back to your audience. Personally, I think Instagram is absolutely amazing for musicians. It’s changed the game entirely, and means independent musicians
can break through so easily. But if you have any issues with Instagram, if you’re struggling with anything, make sure to comment, and
we’ll reply to them all, and we’ll give you the best advice we can, to make sure that you can increase your followers pretty simply. Hope you found this video useful, and if you did, hit that like
button, and if you haven’t subscribed yet,
(mouse clicks) feel free to subscribe, and turn on that bell so you’re notified when we upload,
(bell chimes) and we’ll be back soon with
more music marketing advice. (jazzy keyboard music)

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