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Grow your User Base | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

Throughout this lesson and the last, we’ve discussed many ways to help you
find and connect with your audience. Because the most challenging time for a new company is when you
start growing your user base. There are many tips out there to gain
your first thousand users and beyond. Your first real users are critical. These are people who aren’t
just your friends and family that are testing out your app. You want to pay attention to what the
real people are saying about your app, and how they’re rating it. Now think about it from a user’s
point of view for a second. Not many people are going to want to
download an app with only ten downloads. So you’ll need to show new users that
your app actually means something to the people who are actually using it,
and who are enjoying it. Now, let’s go back to our
entrepreneurs to learn a few more tips about growing your user base and hearing
about the real world experience creating companies that started
just like yours is today.

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