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Growth Hacking | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Growth hacking is a major buzz word
in the marketing industry right now. It’s all about growing
your business quickly. Last lesson,
we spoke about a few examples. Do things that don’t scale. In the beginning,
you may want to test out postcards or door hangers, but that’s not something
you’re going to want to do when you have a million users. Referral bonuses have helped
many companies achieve success. People, give ten bucks
to new customers and ten bucks to the people
who referred them. Suggesting followers or people who share the app with
is another way to gain users. With Twitter, they suggested people to
follow their members because they knew if people were following and being followed,
they were more likely to be active. But let’s take a moment
to explore a few more.>>Take YouTube for example. When they were first starting out,
they utilized giveaways and contests to attract new users to
create accounts and upload videos. They were giving away
an iPod Nano a day. Remember those? As we talked about
previously in the course, they also use partnerships to
help accelerate their business. Like the one that they did with Myspace. Now Uber, on the other hand,
did some in person growth hacking. They teamed up with Google Ventures and
drove around entrepreneurs and investors for free, giving entrepreneurs 15 minutes to
pitch investors an idea during the ride. This was a great way to get future
influencers talking about their service and caring about it. Now imagine if Mark Zuckerberg, in every
interview he did, told people that he got his start in the back seat of his
Uber, rather than in a dorm room. Uber also teamed up with a northern
California blow dry bar. Where you get your hair shampooed and
a blow dry. They offer free rides to all of their
clients that booked a blow out. This allows them to one, get press,
and two, access another niche market. And finally, FourSquare let’s
you leverage other platforms. For example, you can post check-ins
to your Facebook timeline for other potential users to see.>>Because growth hacking is so popular these days, we can’t
cover everything in this course. However, we’ve posted links to articles,
if you’re interested in learning more and reading more examples
of growth hacking.>>Thinking about a small brand or
a small start up, it’s really important to
embrace grassroots tactics. Think constant engagement,
think things like giveaways and contests, anything that can move
the needle in the right direction and help build your social
media follower base. It’s also important to consider
things like user generated content, getting great content from your users,
quotes, anything tactical like that can really pay of and
help engage with your customer base.

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