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Moscoe guys I’m here in the car right
now as you can see we got did you overhear
hello bought some Arizona chips have you ever heard of Arizona chips probably not
right now we got Cristen Conger in front of us right now I’m sorry I’m rushing
this intro a little bit we’re on our way to a car me as we freakin speak so I’m
trying to get there as fast possible cuz we’re an hour late because I’m late to
everything for some reason I don’t give a precise where the car me should be lit
this is one of those fast and furious meats one of the crazy ones where people
are doing burnouts and they’re done like a big circle and stuff so it should be
pretty looks like it’s like a supercar suspects me Shasta super ordered me
shouts the supercar suspects by the way because his channel is no fiber
Washington videos every single thing but um if you want to impose certification I
like the press upload to be right here I should subscribe for a burger and some
others I see your post page across from the prisoners up screen you know you
already chose to do I come on he already knows to do but um yeah we’re headed out
we’re heading over to the car me right now should be pretty lit yeah we’re
gonna see what happens as I copy I mean I don’t think so this recording
recording it counts as a phone right that’s the same ticket you could get for
a phone right I’m pretty sure but like come on you’re getting a ticket fare
record it Mike exactly this is my dash cam but I catch
you guys when we get to be fair so we pulled up right into some action and I
already go on bonuses then what hostage on this pretty it’s pretty pack is only
the first bag there’s one more before done
hello card is sort of over there the O’Connor yo me and DJ I mean DJ work
we’re driving we get to the side here right we’re like hold on it’s looking
nice look at nice your constant I’ll give you that yeah we were driving on
the side of like damn like you really did a lot for that car
time for some engine work and I’m sorry I’m the camera
oh I’m sorry the camera shakey guys this frickin freezing I’m checking this yeah
what is this like which one I’m for no yeah guys this guy has the drone where you
like you can see where he’s at from those those VR glasses that’s sick he
got that he got that he got that yeah I think you gotta turn off the traction
control cuz I was like that’s it maybe maybe ill do a burnout or something at the next
spot but this one’s too bad cuz there’s too many poles I don’t like this I got a
Mustang I got a Mustang it’s not a good my body by the way you should probably
tear down my bad he’s going again he is yes yes see he said let me get out the
way and turn off trash to show real quick oh my god the security cars parked
looking right where is he justice security guard
security clarks well later on the sides all Masumi go boom oh my god
okay okay okay okay are you saying the burner he held a driver’s I gave her a gift for
Matt he held that went down for us there’s how the people here though
pretty decent amount all those cars over there too Oh pink GTR gone crazy I just missed it this parking I like that and it’s guys still going no we’re just started bugging out they
all just went crazy like three of them we had W drivers got wheels crazy oh
this guy oh yeah we gotta go over there watch that no is Cardinal up yo his car blew up what what the hell we’re gonna be doing me just exhausted
50 respects done well that guy’s car turned back on
he’s good too okay how many people here another beam right you know GTR will okay there are tones in there that drone is in there that guy fried
has a craziest footage ever fast and furious everybody run everybody run the
cops here this is one this is one cops like nobody just wants to leave
see guys cops like that way there’s no reason to run instead flame you’re good
just drive off but I say you just wants us to leave that’s all you want so we
chillin unless he comes every post over there take my words back let me just say
that look this guy’s this guy that everybody just cleared out oh there’s
another one right there all right they’re coming in not in the
coming right now all right we’re getting out of here off to the second spot let’s
get it less freaky go yeah that’s at least I’ll smoke behind
that’s real quick let’s go see what goes down here we can’t even get out the car
yet bro we literally just got here yep that goes that well that was fun
nobody nobody ever did nothing and we’ve literally just got here literally just
parked the car guys damn good thing he didn’t see me doing that burnout 92.5 alright I guess we’re about to head
to Matt’s house right now to his new house so I’ll catch you guys when we get
there man’s will continue to vlog right so let’s go okay alright alright small
situation so we’ve been at Matt’s house for like well eight five six hours I was
3:15 in the morning right now as you can see on the screen right there and
basically we just chilled that’s actually the night of the ksi fight so
that’s what we were doing so I completely forgot to forget the camera
but um ya can’t cite one case I won the fight to be honest with you I didn’t
know who’s gonna win I don’t honestly I was like I thought Logan was gonna win
but I thought it the fight went more than three rounds of thought ksi was
gonna have it but I don’t know like that fight was it was pretty good it was
pretty good I was expecting to knock after somebody but kind of upset me but
still pretty good fight but um get me ready to go walking
I got a 3m tape my freaking Bluebird thingy back on yeah other bad guys ever
understand this video off here uh-huh I’ll record a video on Matt’s house too
so you guys can see it of stuff because I’m sure you guys are curious but than
that amendments video after I out love you guys she wants mom’s baby I’m just
gonna sleep at this – super freaking way 360 morning that’s a I love you guys see
you all tomorrow super the best his slowly time already like soon as you
gotta keep him

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