Guild Wars 2 Death-Branded Shatterer
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Guild Wars 2 Death-Branded Shatterer

Hey guys, what’s up, we are in the new map Jahai Bluffs and we’re about to start the death Shatterer boss fight And we are just a little bit North east of Venta pass waypoint Where were you hiding that I’m gonna try to explain a little bit of what’s going on here So a lot of people go up here and they take the Griffin as soon as the boss fight starts Because the Griffin up here has Spears attached to it now. You don’t see it right now but when the fight starts they’ll be able to You’ll be able to see the spear and then when you’re moving around out there on the field killing the shatterer he spawns a couple of Riffstalkers and those guys heal the shatterer so what you want to do is um, if you take one of these and you get the Spear that comes on it you can run or actually fly over there to the riftstalker and use the spear to help Break his break bar There’s a lot of people don’t really bother with these but it’s nice to know what they’re for so now if you grab them you can see they have a spear and you are able to unmount and When you mount back up on your actual Griffon, the spear will still be there Okay, when his break bar comes up you want to look for the little crystal shards on the ground like these branded shards and Throw it at the shatterer to try to help break this bar. Otherwise AOE will be okay as well.It’s just the shards probably do a bit more damage to the break bar. Every quarter health that he’s dropped. He’ll spawn a RIftstalker So the first phase at 75% and he’ll only spawn one. The second one is 50 & He spawns two and the third and final phase is when he’s at 25% health. He’ll spawn three riftstalker. It’s best when they start to become two and three rift stalkers to split up As groups and get them killed fast So you can see it’s got the buff right here Saying he’s just got the one the one rift stalker spawn. So we’re gonna run over to that And if my Griffin wasn’t exed out I could have helped with that break bar with the Griffin by using the spear. Now that he’s killed we can run back over to the death shatterer and bring him down 50 Pick up shards and throw them. Good try. I put some magic Find buffs on for when this is over Chest has some chance to drop a really rare in infusion. They sell like 9,000 10,000 gold Not that I think they should be selling for that much cuz that’s absolutely ridiculous But they’re extremely rare so I can understand why okay so now as you can see, he’s got two and there’s one on each side of him that we gotta kill split up and kill. If tornado and stop taking me… It’s a bit of a cluster. There he’s got one left and you see right here it’s almost done And now he’s got the three riftstalker spawned on the last phase is gonna be – upon each ledge and then one in the middle hahaha right as he got this break bar I got Torn off my griffon. I just wanted to do that because I haven’t really tested Spears too much Ones dead we got 2 left Right where did they go Oh there’s one So many people! Guess I’ll take atornado My gosh, it’s down there Okay, some of us got pranked lol thinking they were up there it’s dead now we can go back Well if I can make it When I get back there, there we go tornado should help me. Okay, unless it kills me Alright now we’ll be able just to go ahead and bring them down to zero and get the chest. The riffs stalkers don’t respond back if he gets back health once you kill him at the phases, they’re dead. And we got six minutes left on the timer to kill the death branded shatter Hey, there’s the chests over there And I didn’t get the The infusion, okay, so I’ll show you where it is real quick. Oh Crap they’ve been bought all of them been got. Wow, there was like two of them here one was for 10,000 The other one was for 9,000 and they look like they’ve been snatched up. There’s no more of them So, um, I do have a fake one right here, and you can buy them from the heart vendor in This map but it’s not worth it because it’s only for one minute and I didn’t know that till After I bought that doesn’t say how many minutes but I’m going to show you what it looks like real quick And this is what the new infusion looks like it’s like crystal branded infusion or something like that It looks branded like crystal infusion or something Okay guys if you’re after one of these good luck they’re Extremely rare, but they go for a lot of gold so definitely worth it! Alright guys, take care.

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  1. The Shatterer is by far the most beautiful dragon in the game and one of the best I have ever seen in games. I wish they bring the shatterer skin for Skyscale mount

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