Guilford Students Intern with Greensboro Swarm
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Guilford Students Intern with Greensboro Swarm

– So the Greensboro Swarm
is a NBA D-League franchise parented with the Charlotte Hornets. We’re starting this year, so
this is our inaugural season. Just across the street we
have a $5.5 million dollar renovation, the complex
that we’ll be playing at. And so throughout this
experience we’ve just come in and seen the framework, the groundwork from the
Coliseum being built to our front parking lot being built. You know, it’s been an
experience just seeing the development of our front
office to our basketball operations team, finding a
team, finding a new coach, just going along for the
roller coaster is what I’ve enjoyed most. – I would describe my
internship experience with the Greensboro Swarm as very
fast-paced, very educational. I feel like I’ve really
learned a lot here, and I feel like I’ve been
able to meet the challenge that is demanded by our executive
team each and every day. I think Guilford has done a
wonderful job preparing me for the things that we do here. You know, forcing us to do
presentations, to work with other people, to be comfortable
speaking and preparing larger scale projects is
something that is wonderful about Guilford, and I
think is kind of applicable regardless of the industry that you enter. – Guilford College has
helped me tremendously as a sports management
major and a business minor. I’ve had to take journalism. I’ve had to take business law classes. Everything I’ve done really
has come full circle, and it’s come natural to me
because this is what I do on a daily basis as a
student at Guilford College. Guilford does a really good
job of applying content from books and lectures in
the sports world to really what I do here because there’s
really a strong correlation. It goes hand in hand. So I’ve collaborated with the
business operations interns, the ticket sales interns,
public relations interns to come together and pick each
other’s brains on what we each have done throughout this
experience and put it into one manual so when we have
our next wave of interns from each respective group, they’ll be able to just start
off right from that first day until the last day, just keep
the ball rolling and know what to do from day one. – The Triad area is really
rich in basketball history. The people here demand quality basketball. I know college basketball is
just kind of the heart of it in the state. So we have a great platform
to build a successful franchise here. I know we have a lot of
Charlotte Hornets fans here in this area that
we can kind of build from that are excited about us being here. And I think in the way
that they have built a successful organization
we kind of look to model, and hopefully build something
that lasts here in the Triad that people are excited about
and will support long term. (cheerful music)

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