H1B – MOST COMMONLY DENIED  OCCUPATIONS, Immigration Lawyer in California
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H1B – MOST COMMONLY DENIED OCCUPATIONS, Immigration Lawyer in California

Everybody this is Jacob Sapochnick immigration
attorney based in San Diego California. In this video, I’m going to share with you
the most common occupations that I’ve seen been denied over and over for H1B Visas. The first one marketing manager, marketing
managers became very difficult to get approved. We’ve seen quite a few denials, some of them
are cases some from other attorneys that came to us for second opinions and we try to help
with our fees. Marketing managers are very difficult to get
H1B approvals right now. They’re not impossible but they’re very difficult. And the reason is because Immigration Service
claim that the Occupational Outlook Handbook Marketing Managers do not require a specific
degree or a bachelor at all. Another occupation is business development
manager. They fall under the market research analyst
category. And those we’ve seen quite a few denials in
the past two years. So remember Business Development Manager,
Market research Analyst those are quite difficult these days to get approvals. Again they’re not impossible but the rate
of requests for evidence has increased tremendously. Another one which is quite surprising we discover
it is the tech legal technical writer or any technical writer. Those we’ve seen high increasing denials in
the last year previous H1B session. And also now we do extensions, so technical
writers are getting denied as well. And again, the common reason is that there
is no specific degree that is required for this occupation to get an H1B position. Another one that is quite common is a computer
programmer. A lot of the computer based on some recent
memos that came from the US areas it’s very difficult to get computer programmers get
approvals for H1B because again they don’t think that a degree is required for those
occupations. Another one that we’ve seen recently that
go denial was a financial analyst for a business that doesn’t common often do financial work. So, for example, it was a large restaurant
and we tried to do an H1B for a financial position within that large restaurant and
there we received a very very large fee. And so we see a college trade right now that
intuition will say, yes maybe that we requires maybe the position has a degree but in that
industry it’s not common for that industry to have a degree for that position again. So that’s kind of another shift in H1B denials. Another one to see is a lot of the Sales Positions. Sales position as H1B is very difficult to
obtain are now almost impossible to do. So anything in sales, we consider doing an
H1B when we all kind of find a different job description to do that. In other ones we’ve seen get got quite a few
denials was H1B in arts and fashion. So positions that are efficient that are not
specifically targeted for a position like a designer or of somebody who does computer
work. Anything outside of that will be very highly
scrutinized today over get denied. We’ll continue to post more positions or we’ll
see they get denied. But there’s just some of the ones that I want
to kind of share with you guys as now we’re entering H1B season. So hopefully if you are doing H1B visas around
those occupations consult an experienced H1B lawyer. They’ll find a way around it. Thanks for watching. Post comments below. Subscribe to this channel and I see you on
our next video.

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36 thoughts on “H1B – MOST COMMONLY DENIED OCCUPATIONS, Immigration Lawyer in California

  1. Indian IT Companies like Cognigent, TCS, Infosys, Wipro are simply DINOSAURS or WHITE COLLAR BANDITS who looted billions of $ and American Jobs.

  2. If Visa offices in good mood…he will give H1B visa.
    If visa offices not in good mood…he will reject the same H1B visa.
    These visa officers are crazy. It all depend on your luck.

  3. Thanks
    It was useful
    How about H1 in Mba in hospitality manangement survery ?
    Please post some video which have good chances to get H1B approved

  4. Not only big companies, even the most small companies do the same,
    Vikram Sagar Pasala the owner of Great Logics ( http://www.greatlogicsus.com ) filed H-1B to Rakesh Muniganti and Pavan Kumar, Vijayagiri based on a fake project using http://www.cortracker.com as their product. Rakesh and Pavan don't work on Cortracker, instead they run the office. They do marketing, recruiting, paper work for others and other fraud activities. They are the core people for running the Great Logics business. They have no knowledge of software development or business analyst. They work with http://www.logicque.com an other Indian company and others to do all the scam work. Indira and Bini are two other ladies who support their H-1B fraud activities. Even though Indira and Bini know everything, they never reported the fraud activity.

    Below is the job description that was submitted to USCIS for their fraud activity and they are able to get the H-1B approved.

    JOB Description
    Mr. Muniganti will be working as a Business Intelligence Analyst for our CRM project CORtracker, His job duties will include Analyzing Information, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail, Software Design, identify business intelligence, reporting, and data analysis needs. Work closely with clients and IT teams to turn data into critical information and knowledge that is translated into sound business logic which in turn can establish better functionality in the product development and code design. A detailed Job description and project details documents are provided for your reference.

  5. Stay in your country. Like for real, how long you wanna be treated like alien in a country where you pay the most taxes and work the most?

  6. I have seen the video which says in Sales it is tough to get, how about if job descriptions of Sales Analyst roles with a degree in Business Analytics (Stem Degree) have chances or not

  7. Jacob, thank you for the great video, and the answering queries. May I ask a question? Is Technology Project Manager (Information Technology Project Manager) good position to get H1B approved?

  8. I hold an engineering degree in electrical and electronics engineering and I have 10 years of experience in IT industry and my h1 b role is lead engineer

  9. I have been in H1B lottery for two times yet still have not been selected. It’s just stupid to finish all the complicated paperworks yet waste time applying. I paid over half a million to study here since high-school, yet someone just get a citizenship by crossing a wall. I am handling financial stuff for a 100 million annual revenue company but I have to leave my manager job because I didn’t even get the H1B application to be reviewed.

  10. Hi Jacob

    I’m in Business development of life sciences portfolio in context of novel molecules. What can be the chances of securing approval upon H1b lottery pickup into life sciences business development

  11. Jacob,

    Thank you so much for the advice and information. On behalf of the international student community, I would like to express how beneficial your content is !

    I am pursuing a bachelors of science degree in Integrated marketing communications.

    I wondered how this lies in regards to future H1B profession or “ job “ denials and acceptance.

    Thank you again

    Max Bowmer-Adey

  12. Hi Jacob, I got RFE for computer programmer 15-1131 code with wage level 2 . What are my chances of getting approval?

  13. Hi Jacob, I am planning to work for a tech company as a Product Manager. I have a Computer Engineering Degree and 10+ years of experience in Tech. Is it difficult to get H1B Visa as a Product Manager?

  14. Hi, Jacob, I have an invitation from a law firm and the reason is that I am Pakistan based lawyer. I know the law and my Urdu language is a plus point, so language is the only reason they want me in the USA. It's an NJ based law firm. I am confused, whether I should take the offer or not?
    I can't practice law in the USA and I can't afford embassy refusal thing.

  15. Hi Sir , Am not sure if this is a right place to seek answer or advice still posting my query to you. I have a regular job in India. My wife is getting an opportunity to work in USA under an H1B visa. As a husband, her company is providing an H4 to me. My question is if my company permits me to do work from home (WFH) can I work from home under an H4 visa (getting Indian salary) after traveling to the USA? Is it legal to do WFH from the US earning Indian salary under H4? Or should I need to travel under leave of absence only ? what other option is available to me in this kind of situation?

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