HAIR SALONS/STYLISTS: The Best Marketing Formula & Ideas to Get More Clients
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HAIR SALONS/STYLISTS: The Best Marketing Formula & Ideas to Get More Clients

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Hey my friend this is OLA coming to you
live from myEmpirePRO studios and I’m excited about this video how to how
to get more clients than you can handle for your stylist or salon business this
was a this was requested for bye bye let me see if I can show you really
quickly by act BST Wai Ling okay I think I name is something actually this was
quiz about lien on Instagram and I decided to shoot a video for her alright
also to make it available for everyone there’s a audience on this channel
alright but before we get into into that before before I get into that you see
this page right here doesn’t link fight just find your way to all the tops just
go to youtube and search for all our talks which is my name right here we
shot for my middle name that’s what top says if you’re wondering and you wanna
search for it on YouTube and then when you get to my channel okay
once you here’s our words if you search for all that talks this is what’s gonna
come up you’re gonna see my channel with my face why he had come up okay some ads
probably at the top you’re gonna see this and you can actually subscribe you
can just click Subscribe from here you can click into it okay
you can click into it and simply click on the red subscribe button okay and you
need to do that because I’m gonna be releasing a lot of videos like there’s a
lot of tips like this to help you with your business okay so that’s what we
have going on here so here’s the deal there’s a there’s a formula that works
for every business okay it can be a salon business
could be it could be a stylist right or depending on what kind of a
cosmetologist you are right it could be it could be a plumbing business it could
be a catering business it could be an online digital business it could be a
real estate business is the same formula okay the same formula that you need
essentially what you’re looking for is you want to give a lot more value into
the marketplace then the body is start to get back the body you expect to get
back obviously is more more clients that’s tell me what you want in your
business you want more clients in blank period that’s a blood but then the blood
line the life the air that’s your business breathe just more and more
clients and if you have too much clients right now that’s a great problem to have
right so you want more clients there’s this formula to it okay and the good
thing about what you do is that you do it
you already do it for a living but clearly just doing it for a living it’s
not good enough to get your client you got to learn a little bit more one thing
I want you to know whatever business you ain’t you need to understand that you
are a marketer okay at the very minimum you need to understand how marketing
works okay even if you don’t have you don’t have to do it by yourself you can
hire professionals experts to do the work for you but you need to understand
it okay so in this video I’m gonna share with you the formula okay and you can
run with it use of your business you can hire us to do the work for you
you can do it on your own okay depends on how much time you have okay but I
want to give you the secret right here and it’s very very simple all right
so um here you go so how to market and get more clients than you can handle for
your stylist salon or any type of business honestly okay if the formula is
the formula it’s again you have to give more value okay it’s about giving giving
and giving okay give give alright alright so there’s a formula
here see the value you put into the marketplace the
more money comes back to you very simple okay that if that sounds preacher oh
well but it’s also very physical okay it’s very true
people only hire people that the thing that there’s value in that okay then
some kind of body that they get from you frankly it could be entertainment okay
some people just think you’re funny and they would rather just walk it do either
give their plumbing job to a funny guy alright whatever they’re getting some
kind of value from you okay but uh if we have to start worrying about
entertainment value you maybe that’s not naturally your talent okay and I don’t
want you to have to worry about that because you don’t have to okay really
all you have to do is be yourself that’s all you have to do but in addition to
being yourself you gotta invest in your education more importantly you gotta
invest in education okay all right when I say invest you’re gonna invest I’m
okay you can invest time and yes possibly money okay so the first step
okay to put it more value into the marketplace then the amount you’re
looking to get back in terms of dollars okay because what’s gonna happen is
eventually the money you’re gonna get back is gonna outpace the value but when
you plant all these seeds what you’re doing when you’re putting this value out
is you’re planting seeds all over the place okay now we’re in the digital age
so we cannot talk about marketing without talking about the internet it’s
impossible okay yes I know you still see some billboards on the highway it way
but let me be frank with you okay especially if you’re a small business
and you don’t have that kind of deep-pocket
right you definitely want to pay attention to give it okay so it’s a lot
of giving but essentially you want to give more value more value then your
competitors okay and a bit more value internet
marketplace give more value into the marketplace and if the salon leaned
shared the switcher you know just sound fun to really help them quit doing their
business they will appreciate you for that
okay I’ll give more value to the marketplace than your competitor that’s
the key right there not in order to do that there’s a formula that you know you
use in every business doesn’t matter what business you’re in okay is this
formula right here okay I L DT okay what I want to do is I want to I want to
share with you want to share the meanings the the what this outcome it
means il DT okay you know what I said earlier is that
you’re so lucky that you already have the D in place and I’m going to talk
about what that T is in a second here okay so the first step is invest right
best right in your education now you’re gonna find this very useful in
everything else in the LD t okay one invest time and possibly money okay okay
into your education all right because here’s the deal if you don’t do that
this is the foundation of everything this is the foundation of plenty more
seeds remember what you’re doing when you’re giving more value to the
marketplace you’re planting seeds all over the place okay and you gotta think
like a farmer if you want to build a scalable huge business in any in any
niche okay you have styling salons this is whatever you can use this you can
think like right now you want to think big okay
we’re talking about you getting clients but the formula I’m gonna give you right
now will allow you to actually build that this is a has multiple stores um
multiple what do you guys call it um the shops well your shop gives forever your
your your latest all right the bar where you guys do this stuff
right um it’s gonna allow you to have multiple them you can even find Chinese
about if you follow this formula to 80 okay so you’re planting seeds all over
the place and you definitely want to be thinking like a farmer okay and what
that means is that there are seasons and there’s a season Oh
for planting right and the season of harvest
as well okay all right so in other words this will take some time all right
but here’s the kind of time is here’s what you can expect your s petition
needs to be on point – okay let me show you what your growth will look like okay
if you follow the formula bar to give you right now okay it’s called an
exponential code okay and as you can see it’s a universal it’s a universal
concept okay it’s a universal concept and you know and and I didn’t make it up
I just googled it okay you see it’s called this green line
right here that’s the money okay the green line is money okay
the red line is not realistic it doesn’t really happen like that it may look like
that to an outside person like right now you’re watching this video and that’s
the first step of educating yourself so when I say invest time you just
literally invest at it last five seven minutes to watching this okay and we
start from that but it has to be an ongoing situation and like I said yes
possibly money okay into your education the more of that you do obviously the
more edge you have over your competitor okay you just want to make sure that you
know your game more than your competitor okay and there’s always something new to
learn in any business that’s all because technology is always coming out there’s
always some new way of doing things and you want to stay on top of that you want
to stay subscribed to somebody talk booth in what you do and follow what
they do okay and that’s all part of investing time into your education okay
not only are you investing into your education
so obviously what that means that automatically give you the second Elva
here which is learning okay so you invest you learn it so you’re not just
throwing money out or spending time going to the event you’re learning you
actually mastering okay you want to learn and become a master at what you do
and I know that may sound very basic and that I kind of know that no actually
what I found is that most people don’t know that most people know just enough
to get one client to get the next client sometimes they just do enough just to
feed their family but they’re never thinking beyond that they’re never
thinking big and build a big business and master we
is we’re doing a big businesses there’s no shortcuts here but here’s the good
news for you you can take your time and learning it as you continue you can give
yourself maybe 10 minutes a day to learn something new every time it is in a day
that you learn something new what you’re doing is that eventually you’re gonna
have a graph like this in the beginning you see how this green line is flat
we’re talking the next three to four months the Green Line is gonna be flat
in other words you’ll be tempted to quit on yourself you’ll be tempted not just
because you’re not good or you’re lazy is because of life you’re actually busy
with life so you need a little bit more than I want to do it you need commitment
and you need to be consistent with it especially in the beginning so in the
beginning the graph will not look like red which is just taken off now red
obviously is you don’t want it yes petition if your esthetician is on red
then that’s why you’re not gonna make any money that’s why you’re not gonna
get any clients because your expectation is all along your expectation should be
this you’re gonna put in some work okay and the line is going to look flat for
what you’re gonna see is that a few months down the line you’re gonna start
getting some traction see people only respect people that are consistent okay
they respect on who that consistent and you’re not gonna tell you in words it’s
the action now I will tell you remember what we’re doing here we’re talking
about giving more value that your competitor so here’s what your
competitor do the main will watch a video like this right and they will
practice it maybe for three four days and then light will happen to them okay
happen to them right well my mentor said something one of my mentors told me
something long time ago said there are three types of people right people that
think the light happens – right right people that make things happen okay
right so you don’t want to be the people that life happens to the average human
being that you know in your family in my family and our friends in our circle
everywhere there are people that life happens to so if something takes over
something that it committed to you know the commitment will be gone and
that’s not the definition of commitment commitment means you continue to do it
long after the the thing you already left you the feeling or the mood that
you set that goal in already left you that’s what commitment means so you have
to learn how to be committed to something especially if you make sense
with what I’m sure is if you make sense right now all you have to do is store
this video keep it safe somewhere and just watch it again and that keeps you
motivated in doing what you need to do for the next 90 days once you get the
kind of traction you’re looking for okay so you may be saying well how does this
connect with clients yet just wait okay just wait relax okay
so the third kind of person in people that ask what happens all right and you
don’t want to be one or three okay what you want to be is – all right – is where
to be okay you want to make things happen and people that make things
happen they understand this green line they
understand that listen this is gonna be me putting my heads down and doing this
work because it may not show results or visibly to show result actually show
visible results in your bottom line for another 90 days but once it starts
showing up in 90 days from now you can expect that you have a business that
would cry for the rest of your life and then you can expect that you have a
formula that you can use to build any business you want and sports in the
future so this is what the graph looks like the green light it’s going to look
like flat like that in beginning and it’s gonna take off okay so that’s it
right there so you learn master we learn on traumatically okay okay
matter of fact remain a student of the game never stop learning
okay remain a student of the game never stop learning see successful people they
never stop learning period they just don’t okay now the the third one here is
doing like I said you already do this okay chances are you already do this
okay well you’re a plumber already you are a stylist already you already have a
few clients in one day it’s just that you have ups and downs you have month
that they’re a client and you have month that there are no clients right and
things like that okay um this right here will solve the problem okay this way he
will solve the problem so you’re doing it right
but you’re investing your learning into mastery so you’re not just so all I know
how to do is just down one in style and you get no you’re learning the game okay
you can specialize in one but you gotta learn the whole game as a whole okay
because you’re trying to build a business
alright so most here’s what I’m gonna tell you right now okay before I get
into last on the way most sound on business off pretty much people owning
up are pretty are people or any job okay on any job okay so unless you work for
yourself with your only job okay in other words this is silly over your head
okay but there’s only so much you can do by yourself okay so you gotta stop
thinking I only got 24 hours in a day if you are the hardest-working person that
you probably know maybe you work it’s in hours of that day right if you are very
hardworking person chances are you’re not worth working eating 18 hours per
day if you are making if you are making $100 per hour right per hour right you
are making $1 per hour that will result in a cut of let’s see a cap of 1000 each
on the dollars you can making it in alright I know you’re saying oh me
that’s a lot of money that you know that that’s good enough I can make that but
think about it you’re not gonna have a life you spending 18 hours to be working
by yourself right or sometimes you only have two three if
you don’t have a system my point here is there you need a system that multiplies
your hours okay that you get paid on that multiplies the hours that you get
paid on alright so you need a system that multiplies the hours that you get
paid on I didn’t say you have to be the one doing the work
I’m just saying you need a system that has in place that multiplies the hours
okay so because of that you absolutely need to have this be a form of teaching
okay teaching so you’re doing you got that on lock well you probably know I
can guarantee I can bet right now that you’re not investing a lot of time and
money into learning more about the game and how it
affecting what you do and what new gadgets is coming out you I can
guarantee right now that your fabulous subscribe to the newest gadgets whatever
that you can use your business on on YouTube right well now you know what to
do right and it’s go do some research and find out how you can be subscribed
to do this kind of different channels where you learn more about the game I
should go then obviously you invest time and
possibly money and then you’re learning all the way onto mastery and then you
make sure you remain a student that means you never stop learning okay
you never stop learning about the game you’re already doing so we don’t have to
worry about that what we’re trying to explode is Regina explode this Regina
10x you’re doing but now you’re gonna be teaching okay
it’ll be teaching people now teaching it you may say but I don’t have student to
teach well here’s where online marketing comes to play okay there’s something
called Facebook today but something called YouTube today alright alright and
there’s something called Instagram okay which is well lean found me okay and you
can literally teach for free okay you teach this stuff of week yes
another thing that teaching does for you it allows you to remain in mastery when
you teach something you learn more about it by nature just generally okay so on
so you can see you can say hey I’m gonna shoot one video one video per week okay
one video per week you don’t need a professional video for this kind of
things you don’t okay so if you if you have favorite gurus or online go check
out the first second third video is probably not as professionals what
you’re seeing right now I should continue to make more money you may have
more money and you may you may desire the side eventually you may decide
eventually to invest into professional video but you don’t have to just your
iPhone your smartphone the video comes out of that it’s perfect enough and the
video hat does it doesn’t have to be long all you have to do is a daily or
weekly tip okay something like that okay so so it could
for you to be on air care tip so answer I said a stylist or a salon owner you
definitely should have home care tips and if you don’t then we’ll go back to
step one here I okay and you spend some time and then you take some notes as you
continue to learn as you’re learning you’re sharing with the world okay on
your free youtube channel and things like that you share with your friends
here is where most people feel this okay and I’m going to repeat like this okay
commitment and consistency okay commitment and consistency all right so
it’s hard to be consistent at anything okay it’s just hard for us humans to be
consistent that’s why very high achievers
they are always particular about commitment and consistency especially
okay now if I were to add to that I’ll be persistent okay I’ll be persistent
okay in other words persistent means or even work let me ask my mentor let me
see what you have to say instead of quitting on yourself you ask
okay that’s persistent right there but commitment commitment means you said
you’re gonna do something and you’re excited about it but tomorrow you woke
up a different person it happens to all of us okay
happens to all of us alright you woke up a different person and you said I don’t
feel like doing it anymore okay you all of you sorry don’t feel like doing it
any longer right what commitment says you still do what you said you would do
longer after the mood that you said it in already left you that’s commitment
okay it’s not feeling so great any longer instead of asking questions you
just quit okay then you lack commitment we’ve all
done it before okay so in this in this ng bored you don’t want to do that
because this is about building a big business in your salon and stylist
business okay and by the way the same formula work for anything so you’re
giving a daily tip right you’re answering questions okay how do you come
up with topics you may say hey well I don’t know if topics well that’s how you
that’s why you in and you learn you constantly invest and
you consent to learn okay you come up with topics you answer questions
questions and what that does it gives you it gives you the expert celebrity and authority status all right to the
point that you can’t even turn it off even if you try to turn it off you can’t
turn it off okay if you do this consistently for 90 days okay 90 days
first for what would happen is it become a second nature to you all right it
becomes a second nature for you if you can go through 90 days so in other words
you would need less of being determined about consistent about commitment and
consistency because you’ve been doing it for 90 days now right so it becomes a
second nature to you right and you just keep going okay and let’s let’s say for
some weird reason you don’t keep going but now you would have 90 pieces of
content out there okay so if you if you’re doing it once a week you want to
do for 90 weeks Uniting which would be for the next few years
imagine having 90 pieces of content of you teaching people about your business
out there now if you if you have a competitor that doesn’t have anything if
they have to choose between the two of you to hire what do you think they’re
gonna hire now imagine a position imagine for a second imagine people that
want to hire you for them to do their air right that you have to charge them
two thousand dollars because the demand for you is just that high just imagine
that for a second that the demand for you and your expertise is just that high
and you have to charge two thousand dollars it happens all the time but it’s
all about positioning is how you position yourself and investing or
learning and doing and teaching is the formula to positioning and is branding
you know people get into this branding thing always brand brand brand
but a lot of time is just mobiles look nobody’s just not good enough and Logan
is not good enough as a brand you gotta also bring some value to the
marketplace the more value you bring to a marketplace the moment he gets a make
okay very simple all right so all this youtube profile phase before where
Instagram all the things are free so how come everyone is not doing it
well it comes back down to the commitment consistency and the invest in
and learning parts some people are just not educated about it that’s why I said
share this with your friends they may find value in it okay you can do this
okay you can do it okay however if you want accountability and you want you
know like setting up the YouTube channel and things like that and then they also
says budget is you to you know you can you can you can shoot video right you
share with your friend could get some people watching it okay but let’s say
you want people to stop watching it’s heavy in your local area we can help you
with that we can get a lot more people in your local targeted geo area watching
those videos and then you can advertise your business by that okay if somebody
is watching a YouTube right oh excuse me one second here sure about
that so so like I was saying so it comes down to who is it that your clients are
seen as have no value what I’m saying it’s not something to just say out of
their mouth is in your psychology okay they see one brand and to see another
brand essentially they see one stylist and they see the other stylist and for
some reason they are more comfortable working with this person because they
get some kind of body for that okay and you doing the il GT is reverse
engineering it and making it happen as opposed to waiting for it to happen or
being approached and say what happened ten years from now and you’re still not
getting clients right you make it happen right and and then you also make sure
that life doesn’t happen to you like a lot of other people here just in case
you don’t know I did check some data and the average stylist is making twenty six
thousand laws year but you know what there are
scientists out there making a million dollars two million dollars per year
okay so these are the kind of thing that set them apart being able to go the
extra mile and doing something a little bit extra okay so if you reverse
engineer this and become the expert is celebri-tea the authority people will
pay you top dollars and tell you to do their air
if they can’t you will hire some of the people you are teaching to do the work
and you just manage your business and then not only are you managing a
business you manage a quality business that everybody just want to work with
your brand and even some of the best students and best apprentice in town who
wanna work with you because you have that brand that everybody just gonna be
hot hot right so that’s essentially what you need to do to get your business off
the ground and the Internet’s available for you to use for free right so the
only thing is you have any question I’ll answer your question if you need help in
executing did help you no you want a done-for-you solution and set them up
your brand setting up your social media profiles and then training you on how to
go to the top then I would say you could go to my Empire slash apply yeah
slash apply let me make sure of that actually this is the form right here so
let’s apply alright so yeah this is this form right here interesting so it’s a
different type of scheduler yeah so don’t never mind
if you’re a stylist never mind this video or whatever I said you can watch
it but all I need you to do I just need you to fill out this form that’s about
to load right now and schedule a time with me okay my empire procom slash
though that’s what you go to apply if you want me to set up a dump for you or
customize the solution for you then we’ll take it from there okay but
hopefully this has been very helpful hopefully this makes sense to you again
let me just do a quick review you give more value than your
competitors very simple okay you have to give more value that your competitors or
you have to make it happen by yourself in other words you’re not waiting from
some very thing to come and do it for you you have to do it okay and then you
build a business that attracts this is attraction marketing okay there are
tracks all the best clients high paying high paying clients to you okay you
would not have time for no paying clients okay
you can assign them to somebody else okay this is how you get paid or for
much more hours than 24 hours in a day okay this is how I get paid from more
than 20 hours in a day okay because I have all kind of videos
out there I have all kind of tools out they have partners out there that are
still working and make money that make sense you can set up any business like
that it’s just a matter of willing the willingness to learn it okay so invest
time and possibly money into your education and learn it on your mastery
you remain a student okay and then teach first of all you’re a doing okay which
is this is what’s going on 10x this is exactly how you’re gonna check 10x that
means x 10 your production right now okay ready doing but that’s right there
as a matter of fact there are people out there that are investing learning and
just teaching without you in India making money you know what they are
they’re professors university professors a lot of them are teaching Business
Administration’s but you don’t want a business that’s essentially invest
learning and teaching okay well you you’re in a better place because you get
to make money from doing as well right and you get top play paying clients
paying you for that okay because you’ve positioned yourself like a celebrity and
a spot and an authority in the subject at hand that make sense okay so and
again this stuff right here is easy no it’s not easy it’s simpler okay the part
that’s not easy is the commitment and the consistency part that’s the part
that makes it hard okay because I can literally lay down step by step for you
right now on how to do it as Malachi’s already there on YouTube on Facebook
they have step by step out to self your things
you can google you can YouTube and information right it’s just that if
you’re watching me or you boah because I’ve done this so many
times I’ll get everything streamlined for you so you because there’s a ton of
other information that are not necessarily correct or outdated out
there right right and it’s very simple all right so now you own a business and
you don’t own a job you’re not just somebody working 18 hours standing up
and try to make money and then and then you wonder why clients are not coming
because you don’t have any activities in your business that’s designed to attract
clients to you all you’re doing is just doing so there’s only when a client
falls in your lap like you take you as opposed to making it happen does that
make sense all right so and you set this up into a
system and you have a protocol you follow every day and guess what you
don’t have to work more than four hours a day if you don’t want how’s that how
does that sound and I mean that in terms of three to five days and if you want to
and you can design your business that way so that’s what I have for you on
this video hopefully it’s enlightening to you hopefully you’re thinking about
what you can do with your business the possibilities are ridiculous if you have
any questions drop in for me in the comment below the message me private
message me I’m always down to answer your questions and thank you so much for
giving me your attention I will see you on the next one please get my friend
did you like that video I just need a help from you I just need help from you
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valuable video like this I will see you on the next one and please

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