Have you sorted your cash flow goals for 2020?
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Have you sorted your cash flow goals for 2020?

Hello there Phil Robison and what a
beautiful afternoon here in Melbourne today. I just wanted to talk to you
about intention and thinking about your goals this year and where cashflow fits
cash flow’s critical for all of us and for me that’s why I’ve actually taken on
one of the key reasons I took on starting an online business because I
wanted additional revenue streams and I’ve spoken about it before in fact
recently in some of the ads I’ve been running about the importance that when
we get to retirement we’re all gonna need cash and cash flow as I’ve said
previously when I was a mortgage broker I used to say to people “you know what
you can’t sell the lounge room in retirement when you need cash”… you can’t just say well I’ll take those bricks and I’ll sell them so it’s really really
important to really start thinking about that I think one of the things that
happens here in Australia is we’re always yeah I know I’ll get around to it
and you know we just don’t we just don’t get around to it because other stuff
gets in the way and that’s where it becomes really really important to make
it a priority because if we don’t make it a priority no one else is going to
for us so to think that things are going to be different without taking action is
just or unfortunately it’s just it’s it’s ignorance and it’s actually kidding
ourselves I’m no different so when I refuse to take action when I’m not
focused well you know that ultimately costs me so my message for you today is
really about getting you to think about what actions are you going to take be it
baby steps but at least make some commitments to yourself not just a
wishy-washy wishlist but actually making that solid commitment to start right for
things to change I must change so it starts with our mindset and it starts
with having that that intention and actually then okay what are the what’s
the end goal in mind and what are the steps that I need to take in order to
achieve that around cash flow like a lot of people aren’t looking to start an
online business but it’s a way when you actually plug in and you go through the
modules and you actually learn wow this is not a difficult thing it’s just about
priorities and making some time to get stuck in an action and actually doing the modules and then getting the support from the community which we
provide on how to actually build this online business and again as I’ve always
said don’t worry if you haven’t got a product or service I didn’t either we’ll
help you with that so have a wonderful afternoon
it’s a beautiful Thursday here in Melbourne take care and look forward to
connecting with you again very soon bye for now.

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