Herbalife Marketing Plan worldwide 2017
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Herbalife Marketing Plan worldwide 2017

hi my name is John and what I want to show you now is how the plan works how do we earn the money I mean you might have already heard some stories of some of our our distributors some part-time some more full-time and wondering well how exactly does it work so I want to give you an overview and there’s two main ways that we make money we retail product to customers and we develop a distributor base so right now I want to talk about the customer base okay and you know our products they range in value and in price even in currency because we’re all over the world we’re in over 90 countries so what what we have we have we call volume points which were assigned to each product so as people move up our marketing plan because as you sell more product get more more clients that’s going to develop more volume points and that pushes you up the plan for example you start out at 25% okay profit and then you can work yourself up to a thirty five percent profit 42 percent and finally 50 percent and I’ll describe that in a second so as you sell more product as your team sells mark more product for example when they sell a five hundred over a month a month or two you’re at thirty five percent you know a thousand forty to two percent and then finally when four thousand volume points and the average sale could be boy could be anywhere from fifty to a hundred fifty dollars but let’s take 100 just for this example of the marketing let’s keep it easy Matt okay hundred dollars so that’s about Quast about what thirty five forty clients or so alright once you do that in a month or two months or a year you’re now a supervisor we call you at fifty percent so for example let’s just say you get a client and you sell a program and we have something called earn base because and you know we’ll get into more depth in the marketing on trying to keep it simple right now but let’s say the product that you sell is about a hundred dollars ermm base worth of product so if you’re a twenty five percent profit you know you’re gonna make approximately about twenty five dollars as you move up you know and remember the results aren’t always typical there’s no guarantees here but as you’re more consistent you move up the plan when you get up and sell a hundred dollar program and you’re a supervisor at 50% you’re now going to make $50 on that earn base approximately and you say well how the heck do you find the clients well you find the clients by people that that you know they’re gonna specific us you know one of the things we always want to impress upon people is use the product you have to believe in the product you have to feel the product and you know as you get results you know personally I lost 12 pounds but as as you get get results people gonna say what are you doing okay and then you’re gonna get referrals from them and we have a whole menu that will show you where we have trainings on bootcamp fit camps we have nutrition clubs we have wellness profiles we have sampling that goes on there’s many a house parties so many ways that we find clients introduce the product and develop a client base so now again just for easy Matt so you’ve worked up to getting you know that 30 to 40 clients or so you’re at a hunt you know at a 50% profit so again on that hundred dollars that would be approximately a $50 profit so you find ten clients in a month that’s five hundred dollars in income find 20 that that’s a thousand and again there’s no guarantees on what what you’re going to do because I know what when I got started they said look you know they showed us you know the plan we said you know what you have to do you have to be willing to work okay you have to be you have to really want to make a change and you have to be teachable okay and as you learn you you develop a skill set you’re gonna find that you will find clients as long as you work consistently you know you have that passion that energy and and again it works is pretty simple 25 to 50 percent profit on your client at that hundred dollars you see what would happen so here’s the first area of income retail profit okay we’ll show you all these specifics shortly

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