Here’s how to create an organized marketing plan for your dental office!
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Here’s how to create an organized marketing plan for your dental office!

I need, I live, I love organization, so
here’s another reason your marketing fails there is no organization to
implement your marketing ideas. It’s like you hear a marketing idea and a
conference or a study group, you come back and you’re like, Great! We’re going
to do this this idea, you know, Laura, Laura talked about insurance and talking
on the phone we’re going to go to this idea but there is no organization on
who’s going to implement it, how is it going to be implemented, how are we going
to track it, how do we know if this is going to be successful? Did this work for
us, did this not for work for us? Why did it not work for us? There are so many great
systems now which are free, like Trello, Asana, these are online apps available to
you and your team and you can create to-do lists, you can create completed
lists, you can create a list where everybody else is sharing it with you, so
even when you’re working at 6 p.m. people can see what you’re doing and
this is a great way for you to say organized because if you are not
organized you will not know what needs to be done, who’s doing what, if this was
a successful and should we do this again. So use those apps, implement it correctly.
Awesome and I don’t know if you realize but we’re over halfway I’m on tip number
22 now. Alright we could do this. Okay so mine is not being easily accessible
meaning you know if your hours are very limited, if it’s hard to make an
appointment with you, if you’re booked out for weeks because you can’t make a
new patient appointment or your hours are only Monday through Thursday, 9:00 to
2:00, if you’re not available and I’m not saying that you have to be available
till 7 8 9 10 o’clock at night or on Saturdays, but it really does depend on
your area and you need to make sure that you’re offering the hours and the
accessibility to get a new patient appointment easily for your, for your
patients that are calling in. I don’t know if you guys can hear that but the
dog behind me agrees, so just make sure that you are blocking your schedule so
new patients can get in, you have spots to put emergencies, you have hours that
relate to your patient base. Like Minal said, you know, you might have people who
work late hours or need Saturday hours, maybe you consider it but make sure that
your office is accessible to the new patients so they can get in and get
taken care of and see your practice. Awesome and my next tip is going to, it’s
your messaging again. Most times people don’t know
why should a patient come to your dental practice so when I ask this question you
know patients don’t know what kind of dentist you are what kind of dentistry
you provide, they don’t know the difference between a good crown in a bad
crown, they didn’t go to dental school so they’re not looking at a messaging, just
showing you the $69 special or you know talking about this beautiful machinery
or stuff right but your messaging when you’re talking about it choose highlight
your wow factors, why are people coming to you and a great way of doing this is
going online and looking at your reviews. If you were to go online and look at
your reviews, patients will tell you why they come to you and I guarantee you
that not all of that is going to be dental, in fact about 20% of those
reviews mentioned dentistry everything else is going to be about how your team
made them feel, the fact that you saw them on time, that you answered your
phone, that you had, you know people going over their financials, everything else
but dentistry. So, make sure you include that. There we go
and mine goes right along with that, so mine is not standing out not being
individual from everyone else. One of the biggest things I see here in California
is if you drive down the street, there’s all these retail spaces and this there’s
word it says dentist dentist dentist I’m like great, there’s a dentist!
There’s the Vaun’s dentist, the Safeway dentist, who are you? Right! If your logo
is a tooth, a toothbrush, an apple dancing floss, you’re not standing out, you need
to do things you need to know your brand which I know Minal talks about, you
need to know what people are saying about you, you need to do things to stand
out and I know we, in our office, we were a CEREC office we were you know same-day
dentistry and patients would call our office all the time and say, are you the
office with Elvis in it, are you the ones with music notes on the wall and I know
that was frustrating to the dentist because they’re like I got advanced CE
and all of this other stuff but what people are talking about is the
office, the things, so find some ways to stand out, it’s okay not to be like
everybody else really make yourself independent and outstanding, because people
are gonna talk about that. Like Minal said it’s not the dentistry, it’s what
you do above and beyond. Yes, alright number 25, alright. Again you’re gonna
go back to planning one more time because this is again so very important
for me, having monthly and a yearly marketing plan. So this goes along with
the being, you know the proactive, reactive thing but sit down look at
the trends and understand what months are gonna be slow, which ones are going
to be great for us and then create a monthly and a yearly plan. So every month
you should know what are you doing inside your practice internally for your
patients, what are you doing online, did you there’s something going
on what are you doing in the community? Perhaps you’re doing meet-and-greets for
meeting physicians or other dentists and creating some kind of a promotional
program or sharing information about a product or service you provide, whatever
it is you need to have a monthly and yearly plan. So right now, you should be
planning for the rest of this year and for next year so this way you know
exactly what’s happening every month, every year, and imagine how great that
would be when you don’t have to stress about it the last minute and you can
always add on things but if you have a plan you know what to do. I’m watching it
Minal, I can see you’ve got like five seconds left you’re like I can get one more
point in, I love it. Okay, so mine is not having a culture that’s welcoming.
I’m starting to work a lot with offices on this because people, we have problems
in our offices of drama and this team not getting along with that team
and this assistant not getting along with that assistant or everyone’s mad at
the doctor or whatever the case may be and it doesn’t matter how great your
marketing is, it doesn’t matter how great you are at answering the phones, when a
patient comes in they can feel that energy, they can feel if this environment
is not welcoming and people aren’t getting along.
Patients are not going to come back patients are gonna cancel their
appointments, they’re not going to refer, so you want to make sure that you’re
doing everything that you can do to build a culture and an environment that
not only patients want to come to and experience and pay and get dentistry
done but also that your team likes to come to you. I mean honestly, beyond
marketing, we spend more time with our dental families and we do our own
families so why not have a culture that people enjoy being in and that’s going
to help increase your marketing. I love it because my next point goes right with this!
Good, alright what do you got? Only focusing on acquiring new patienta and not appreciating your
current patients. Yeah. You know so yeah so many times this becomes a numbers
game right like people calling like, well I am
having you know sixteen new patients and I want to increase it to eighty new
patients, what do I do? And that’s great, we can totally work on that but here’s
the thing, like I mentioned earlier your current patients are your number one
source of new patients, they write you the reviews, they refer you to their family
and friends, they’re already bought into you. They already come to your practice,
they keep their appointments, you have to show appreciation to your patients and
if you’ve, the more you show appreciation the more welcoming culture that you have,
the more that they are happy with you, the more that they are just amazed by
who you are, who your team is, the more you’re going to succeed in your
marketing because they are and they will continue to be and they will always been
the number one source for more new patients. So, instead of focusing so much
on the new patient numbers, focus on appreciating your current patients. I
love it. Which leads into my next one, marketing isn’t gonna work if your
online reviews are bad. I had a dental friend who here in San Diego, said you
know my marketing is not working can you look at it and I looked at their
marketing and it was completely fine but I stumbled onto the reviews online and
they were terrible and the number one thing I told him to do with stop
marketing because all you’re doing is advertising that you guys aren’t any
good right, you’re wasting money on that. So, you have to make sure that you’re
monitoring your online, monitoring your online reviews and I know I’m not saying
that every review is gonna be perfect, there are gonna be some reviews out
there, we all have them, but overall if your reviews online aren’t great that,
needs to be your focus. Don’t go doing marketing until you’ve cleaned up what
people are saying about you online because think about it, when when we get
a piece of marketing for, I don’t know, a local restaurant or a new store, you go
online and you find the reviews about it. So people are getting your marketing
or seeing you on Facebook or hearing about you as a referral and they’re
going online and they’re going one or two places either your website or your
reviews, so your reviews need to be good so that it makes them want to call your
office. I love it. I’m going to, I’m gonna jump on your reviews and I’m gonna make
this I’m gonna make this, here are the reasons your marketing is not working. It’s
because you are not replying to all the reviews, negative and positive. You know
use and you have a whole system of email and text messages and you train your
team members to ask for reviews and everybody’s asked
for reviews, reviews, reviews, and then somebody takes a timeout to write a
review and you don’t even say thank you or give them a high-five.
You know the whole point of reviews is so that other people see that and say
hey this is where I want to be and it also helps with your online SEO, imagine
the power when you’re actually replying to those reviews, positive and negative,
when you refer to new reviews people get an alert saying that they got a reply so
now the patient who already loves you and raves about you, feels appreciated
and is sending more people your way and now when a potential patient sees it and
says they really care about their patients, they’re looking at all these
reviews, all of them, negative and positive ones, and they’re taking the
time out to reply to them. Imagine the power you have that it’s a hidden
treasure go ahead and utilize it. Okay, so one more about reviews, so mine is not
having recent reviews, not having regular reviews. I had a client of mine who said
you know we have great reviews, we have great reviews on mine and I went and
looked at their reviews their last review was eight months ago. So for me,
that either says you’ve closed or you suck, now like you’re just not good because
nobody’s writing reviews about you. Your reviews have to be regular and they have
to be relevant and they have to be done you have to have reviews and how
often I’m not going to say it needs to be I don’t know Minal? Reach out to
Minal, she’ll help you but you need to make sure that a few times a week
somebody’s saying something about your practice and then it’s, it’s a regular
thing which means you need to be talking about reviews all the time with your
patients, using technology, whatever you need to get people out there talking
about you because your reviews can make or break your marketing and you’ve got
to make sure that, you know, five good reviews is not enough, you need to have
regular reviews so patients feel like somebody’s been in your office recently
and the service that they got was amazing!

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  1. How do get the dentist that you work for to get up to date with a website and using social media to bring in new patients??!! Iā€™m managing a front desk at a dental office and just started.

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