Here’s Why Thousands of Businesses are Using Drift
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Here’s Why Thousands of Businesses are Using Drift

– Our initial results in our first quarter of using Drift saw that we were seeing the conversion rate associated
with that pack of leads that was seeing those, those buttons, the little chat button
at the bottom of the page was going from six percent
up to almost 10 percent. As we move forward, we’ve
also increased our web traffic by about seven percent so
those few things together are creating more leads. We’re seeing more leads at less cost. It’s driving our cost per lead down, it’s driving our target cost per lead down and finally our MQL’s. – Drift enables us to connect with people as it’s most relevant, right They’re on our website they’re
asking about pricing and they’re about demos. We can start talking to them
while it’s most relevant. I know we’re not perfect
yet, we’re not at that, you know, under five minute mark but Drift is really helping
us move the needle on that. – We use Drift every day on the sales team to chat with potential
clients who have come to our website. One reason we really
liked using Drift is that we can chat with people
quickly rather than playing phone tag,
usually book a demo within 10 to 15 minutes on a chat rather than maybe days of going
back and forth with someone. – So we’re using the Drift
bot, I could not have been more excited when I first
heard of it, it’s existence. Bot isn’t about replacing a human. The bot for us is about
augmenting and taking the user down a journey so then we can jump in at the right moment. But when somebody needs
more than we can provide via a bot, our team is there
monitoring the conversation and when they do have that conversation, they’re able to have so
much more context around it because the bot has pulled
out all these really useful nuggets in the conversation so now it’s really relevant. – It’s funny, today I was
in a meeting with our CEO and he went to the website
to try and prove a point about the web chat and he can’t see it. Why? We don’t qualify. We’re not big enough. So it’s working, we’re
able to target exactly who we wanna talk to and only use the valuable time
associated with our SDR’s for target leads.

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