Here’s Why Universal Scrapped ‘The Hunt’ | THR News
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Here’s Why Universal Scrapped ‘The Hunt’ | THR News

– Every year, a bunch of elites kidnap normal folk like us. Where’d they get you from? – [Female] Wyoming. – [Female] Mississippi. – Orlando. – [Male] And hunt us for sport. – Universal has shelved its
recent release, The Hunt. The reason? Executives and filmmakers had started to receive death threats. The film, a thriller satire,
directed by Craig Zobel, chronicles a dozen so-called deplorables trying to outlast a group of private, jet-flying elites bent on killing their
anti-choice, gun-loving targets. Following a THR story earlier that day on the altering of the
film’s marketing plan in the wake of a trio of mass shootings, Universal executives and filmmakers began receiving death threats via email and on social media and immediately paused
the campaign altogether. Sources say the studio’s
internal security force became involved but outside law enforcement
was not alerted. It seems Universal didn’t
anticipate the maelstorm to come which included round-the-clock
Fox News segments and tweets by President Trump seemingly directed at the title. In an August 6th test screening at a crowded theater in
the San Fernando Valley, some audience members
again expressed discomfort with the politics of the
Jason Bloom produced film. In the current climate where numerous mass shootings have featured politically
motivated language, the film formally titled
Red State Vs. Blue State seemed to throw a match on gasoline. By August 10th, the studio had scrapped
the release entirely leaving its future in limbo though it may still get
an international release. The studio had kept details of the script by Nick Hughes and David Lindelhof secret and didn’t feature any of
the overt political themes in its marketing materials, even as it advertised the film during democratic debates and on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show. Sources say the studio leadership was reluctant to cave
to the outrage of those who have not seen the finished film but the mass shootings
changed the calculus rendering what studio sources believe was a biting satire
into a project so toxic it wasn’t worth the headaches. Bloom is said to have been on board with the decision to scrap it for now and move forward. For more updates, head to For the Hollywood Reporter
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