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High Net Worth Digital Marketing

Welcome to our video series on how to
engage high net-worth individuals online My name is Euan Mackenzie and I’m the
CEO and co-founder of Alpha Skies as a business we designed bespoke digital
marketing campaigns for companies who look to generate leads from high net
worth individuals now the reason I felt the need to put together a video series
is because the more clients I meet with the more I realize that high net worth
divisions are stuck using antiquated in efficient analog marketing techniques
when their digital equivalent is far more effective let me give you an
example so over 60% of high net worth individuals use social media on a weekly
basis say you’re the type of company who likes to attend high net-worth events
say the moniker Boat Show or the Monaco GP which is coming up in a few weeks
you’re likely spending tens of thousands of pounds sending your sales reps there
when you’re only reaching a fraction of the potential audiences that you can be
engaging online not only that you can be using digital marketing to engage with
these event attendees on the run-up to the event so when they arrive they’re
actively seeking out your business because they know your product they know
your value proposition meaning your sales reps are engaging with warm
qualified prospects now how would you go about targeting in this way well that
leads me to my first video and strategy number one on geolocation and habitual

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