High Paying Jobs NO DEGREE Needed Because We Don’t Need NO Stinkin’ Degree in 2017
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High Paying Jobs NO DEGREE Needed Because We Don’t Need NO Stinkin’ Degree in 2017

High Paying Jobs NO Degree You know drug use and peer pressure continue to be a big problem in American High school, but today There’s an even greater scourge that has an even bigger grip on American you take a look What is that college dorm? One hit of this baby, and you’ll feel like king of the world more smarter more accomplished than people who didn’t work out Everybody’s doing good. Oh I want it So bad yeah, I’m not so fast kid you got the cheddar. How much is it to 150 g’s? 150 thousand dollars have that kind of money. Oh, well kit looks like you don’t have a future oh Wait, please don’t go. I’ll do anything Okay, I’ll tell [you] what since I’m in a good mood. I’m gonna cut you a deal Financial aid I’m going to lunch in the 90,000 house that we will. Thank you so much But you better come up with the other 60 g’s you understand the big is going to be sentient the sense of the first jet And seventeen percent for the next 25 years, but you’re better pay me my money I will totally pay that come back to get the rest of the Java right? Yes, diploma addiction for riding the ivory tower as it’s known on the streets has become an epidemic in America The number of Bachelor’s degrees awarded [in] Led by the Ten Years has exploded Even as the cost of college has risen four times faster than inflation Until the student debt has surpassed 1 trillion dollars. That’s even [more] than 100 billion Dollars Which is why George leaf of the John William polk center for higher education? Policy says many cogs debride Americans today are working a job to call for no academic preparation that Includes flight attendants Thirty percent of whom have a bachelors disease along with twenty one percent of customer service reps and 24 points five percent of retail workers studies [also] show that of the 51 percent of recent college grads that actually can find a job the average starting wage is now a whopping TWenty-Five thousand Dollars a year that’s almost 1.3. Million Indian Rupees or Twelve Dollars an hour in Layman’s terms the classic Oz was up up up But the new benefits are coming back down down down Crowded but what do parents think of all this alarming recent data, and how are they affected by? Diploma addiction Excuse me, sir. I believe that you approached my daughter the other day and solicited her with an item of ill repute Bude isn’t it a hundred sixty thousand dollars. That’s not that much money ah How could you put a price tag on an education anyway? Well clear out her bank account will just clear out the saving Crime investment crime Yeah, I don’t even care if she was back home after she graduates she needs it She needs this she doesn’t need sixty thousand dollars in a retirement account know the price just right so tragic and More importantly many successful College kids would have been successful whether they went to college or not you could take the pool of college bound Students, and you could lock them in a closet for four years And they’re going to earn more money because those are the kids who already? Tend to be harder working more persistent and smarter in a culture where everyone is pressured to go to college Seventy percent of students do go to college to earn Expanse reflect the value of Degree or how Unexceptional the Thirty percent who don’t go are I don’t [mean] to rag on the thirty percent It’s the culture we go out there now look at the parent parents a parent Who’s really biased Toward Ecology has examined current job marketing statistics beliefs about college are based on experience They had in the 70s in the 80 parents cry if their kid doesn’t go to college. Thank you. All right said balloon You can end up in a dumpster As a person with the higher attitude entire attitude that they go on and skip college Which is not ignoring these days does everybody is told to have to go to college if they skip college Parents think that their kid is suddenly become going to become unexceptional without any aptitude parents and teachers continue to perpetuate this fantasy that it leads to a life of luxury and Dissing employers you’re going to say I don’t care that you’re smart and a hard worker you are less than garbage because you do not Have a college degree You didn’t study the early works of Milton you have shaved your family. Leave my sight on your knees as it That’s not what happens. We skipped [college]. You actually get a four-year a head start on your peers We could travel skills your resume network get skills online Avoid crippling debt you can still read make friends get drunk get laid Join the Workforce soon as you begin acquiring Experience, and when people think of high school graduates is what they think of they think of high school only grads who are more inclined Towards like labor jobs with low attitude and not as sophisticated or as driven again I didn’t mean to judge these [peoples] [about] [it], but when a gifted high school grads gifts college they demonstrate drive to employers They aren’t suddenly forced as a low-paying manual job because it didn’t get a philosophy degree I’m the flip side because everybody is now pressured to go to college people who really shouldn’t go are going and then they come out Working two jobs that don’t require a degree So the person who thinks the degree is going to give them advance an advantage still ends up working in A job that doesn’t require a degree. It’s called underemployment, and you can see under employment Among college graduates is at about Forty-five percent almost half of people that can find work are working jobs that have nothing to do with Anything academic this isn’t a completely new phenomenon. You can see back in nineteen ninety It was also very high but what you can [see] is that the number of non college jobs keeps going up and up and up? Even if the cost of college goes up the pressure to college goes up It’s not like the number of college related jobs going up as well. You can see here by major the chances of Underemployment is forty four point six percent overall but by major it varies Criminal Justice performing arts leisure and hospitality Even business Management fine arts and history are all well over the average fifteen sixty percent chance of working at a job Has nothing to do with what you studies in school, and this is why you have situations like this [college] yeah When did you graduate? Does is it what was your major? History English and now you’re driving a bike yep. What was your major? It was robotic When’s your graduate graduated 2003 and what are you doing now? I’m working for a strip club if you happen to go to prom What did you major in? Communication radios perhaps of us Psychology science is you going to call yes, and what did you major it visit administration general studies? economic vision an American Asian studies to take a brat Look at the facts look at this petition to look at the numbers and look at this like The biggest purchase you’re ever going to make a groove young life. This is as big as buying a house Before you buy the house But you’re going to check out the neighborhood and the plumbing and everything like that do a real thorough inspection Don’t Just buy the house while your friends are buying houses because your teacher say for buyouts I’ll just buy the first house that I see or the first out that accepts my offer. No, this is a big investment It’s very serious don’t take it lightly look at the statistics Take a deep breath and remember You don’t need a degree to be a worthwhile to the game who has an amazing life and freedom High Paying Jobs NO Degree

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