High Paying Jobs Without a Degree and How to Make $60k per Year Within One Year
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High Paying Jobs Without a Degree and How to Make $60k per Year Within One Year

HIGH PAYING JOBS WITHOUT A DEGREE What’s up guys? My name is will um today. I actually just got my first job as a Digital ad specialist and it’s all because of Seth’s course when I took sus course which was about I want to say about two months ago, so It’s only been two months And I’ve already gotten a job um I was probably in the worst position that I’ve ever been in um [I] had just decided to drop out of school because my degree was going to cost me 60 thousand dollars and There was nothing in me that said [that] I should continue doing that um I had an appendicitis I was also in the hospital for a solid five days um basically Stuck in my bed um and I had also had another business venture Just completely fall from under me so I was Needless to say looking for something else that I can do the next step That wasn’t as expensive as going to college Forever and take as long as going to college so I got into digital marketing. I found test scores and It has by far been one of the best decisions. I’ve ever made um the only bit of advice that I could give you guys especially if you’re my age of 21 years old And I just got you know a job doing exactly what you know you guys are interested in is Just to take a leap of Faith just do it Hey, this is secured heinz with digital marketing career blueprint and in this presentation I want to share with you my story of how I went from being an unemployed art school graduate. There’s no idea how I was going to support myself to Making sixty thousand dollars a year within just a year of acquiring new skills, and then making over a hundred thousand dollars a year Just two years later this is a feel of where there’s actually much more demand for skilled workers than there is supply and Most people have no idea to even think this I certainly didn’t before I got into it And that’s what I want to tell you about it now who is this for if you are a job seeker if you’re out there? On Linkedin you’re looking for new job opportunities. You’re not satisfied with your current job You’re not being paid enough and this presentation is for you if you’re a college student and You’re starting to stress out about how you’re going to pay back those loans what you’re going to do for your career Then this is for you, and if you’re a recent graduate We’re starting to see how tough it is to find meaningful and high-paying work You definitely want to watch this presentation? and finally if you’re the parent of a college student And you’re concerned about their financial future you [should] definitely listen to everything. I have to stay in this presentation It will make it soon huge difference in your life it has in mind oh HIGH PAYING JOBS WITHOUT A DEGREE 2017

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