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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

how you doing today is your mancave I’m back again with some amazing information for you today thank you for subscribing to my channel but right now we’re gonna talk about this high ticket offered and I’m actually promoting and I want you to be a part of if you’ve been online you’ve been looking for some way for someone to actually show you step-by-step hold your hand guiding you to the exact process that they did that I did that you can also do to be successful online you need to lock arms today go ahead use the link down below watch this short video presentation from my mentor and see how you too can be a part of the winning team welcome to this training before we go ahead and get into it I want to get you guys motivated and excited so what I want to do is I want to show some quick testimonials from my previous students that have gone through the same exact process you’re about to go through in the top left hand corner we’ve got Jonathan Montoya who within his first day generated over $1000 exactly one thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars we’ve got previous students like Ray damns who said well if you were ever curious on the work it takes to open a retail store I actually went ahead and took the plunge I want to shout out Joshua elder as back in 2014 I told him I am pursuing my online business in order to build up funds to invest into my own grocery store so a special thanks goes out to you buddy thanks ray appreciate that he’s one of my first students that’s followed the same exact process you’re about to go through and his overall goal was to start his own grocery store so this may be the end-all be-all for you it may be a stepping stone to your passion whatever it is we’re going to help you get there we’ve got Tanya Jennings who said 90% of your success is your mindset believe you can and you are already there and you can see all of her transactions along with a payment date between April 15th and April 27th she had roughly $5,000 come through there then we’ve got Marisa Romero who says holy crap Josh I knew this system would convert better but my goodness it’s on fire it hasn’t even been a week yet and I’m over five thousand dollars thanks again for helping me get started I’m setting up my own follow-up series similar to yours as well with the results works so well and then we’ve got one of my most recent success students Karin marrow who said hi my biggest month was eleven thousand dollars and biggest day two thousand dollars oh I actually had two two thousand dollar days so congratulations to you Karen and then we have another one of my clients in the bottom right hand corner who said I actually started binge watching your content after finding the beginner Clickbank product video a while back he’s referring to my YouTube channel and I’ve been following along with your high ticket videos and now your high ticket affiliate program just wanted to say thank you man I hit my first multiple six-figure year this year and I’ve been reaching out to a few of the creators who really helped me get to where I’m at today and that’s Chet there then we’ve got Lauren Alonso who said woke up this morning feeling blessed finally made my first sell as you can see in the screenshot here she made a five hundred dollar Commission had a five hundred dollar notification come through and we’ve got Jon Rubin who received his first thousand dollar Commission he says this one’s from earlier thanks for all the support it’s an honor and we’ve got Eric Ellis who says bro my paypal notifications is blowing the Freak up I made over $8,000 in the last seven days the most money I’ve ever made in my life I can’t thank you enough Josh I love you love you too bro this is life-changing now what I want to do is I want to show you some previous results I got before I implemented this process and then results after I did implement this process so my previous results still pretty dang good this was back in 2015 that year I did over six figures 137 thousand seven hundred and four dollars and then you’ve got in 2016 two hundred and sixty four thousand three hundred and twenty four dollars and then two thousand seventeen hundred and seventy nine thousand eight four dollars and then in two thousand eighteen two hundred and three thousand four hundred and eleven dollars so although I’m still making a six-figure and even a multiple six-figure income this is the paradigm switch that took place that changed everything for me and it allowed me to far exceed my income last year in just a matter of six months you can see here that from one one 2019 as January 1st 2019 to 6:23 June 23rd 2019 my average income month after month has been fifty three thousand three hundred and sixty one dollars and eighty nine cents and over all I’ve done the three hundred and five thousand and fifty dollars and that’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about today here’s what we’ll cover specifically number one the hybrid high ticket affiliate business model I used to double my income number two the simple one-page website that allows me to generate $500 to $2,000 commissions daily and reach the top of the affiliate leaderboards in just a few short months and then number three how you can copy my whole entire business for yourself without any prior knowledge or experience so what is hybrid high ticket affiliate marketing simply put it’s promoting other people’s low ticket mid ticket and high ticket products through a step-by-step systematic process so here’s a screen that will show you the difference between low ticket mid ticket and even high ticket products so usually low to mid ticket products will pay you 50% Commission’s on average and these products range anywhere between twenty seven dollars all the way up to 497 dollars and the average conversion rate on these products are anywhere between one to two percent and that’s really just industry average so if you were to send a hundred visitors to your website then you would predictably get about two cells on a four hundred ninety seven dollar product and that would yield about 497 dollars and then you have high ticket which will pay you about thirty to fifty percent commission on average so on a two thousand dollar product you’re going to get paid if we’re talking about fifty percent commissions right around $1,000 per and here’s the important point right here about high-ticket you’re gonna get that same 1 to 2 percent conversion rate and even a 5 percent conversion rate if you’re offering bonuses which we will talk about in just a second so if you send a hundred visitors to your website you get two cells at 50% Commission’s that’s two thousand dollars with the same amount of work so one of the theories is that you have to put in more work to make more money but if you have a good system in process that will do all the selling and telling for you you can earn those higher ticket commissions those mid tikkun even those low ticket commissions simultaneously without having to do really any extra work whatsoever so let’s go ahead and talk about the hybrid high ticket affiliate marketing business model so step number one you’re gonna send people to what’s called an opt-in form this could be from social media it could be from Facebook it could be from YouTube it can be from Instagram it could be from your email list and what you’re going to do is you’re going to get people to opt-in to an opt-in form so the purpose of this page is to simply accomplish one thing get people to enter their names and email addresses in exchange for value once they enter their names and email addresses or just simply their email addresses they get logged into an autoresponder service this could be a service like get response card draw a Weber MailChimp so on and so forth this will give you the opportunity if they decide to go through step two and step three they decide not to buy then you have the opportunity to follow up with them through an autoresponder series to eventually get them to buy your stuff an autoresponder series is just simply emails that go out on your behalf automatically every single day to build a know like and trust with your audience to eventually get them to buy so after they fill out their information on step one they’re going to go to step two this is called a bridge page and what this does is it bridges people from step one to step three so it gives them what they asked for in step one and it delivers value and through delivering this value you show that you’re an but you show that you know exactly what you’re talking about it builds a bond and a relationship with that consumer that’s watching that video or consuming that content and then what they do is they click the link below that video and they get access to the next step which is step three so step two is to really show sort of a 10,000 foot overview of what you promissed on step one and then if they want the rest of that information in other words you’re kind of giving them an appetizer if they want the rest of that information in its entirety they then go on to step three when they go to step three they complete a form right here and they opt-in once again for what I like to call a hybrid system so the purpose of a hybrid system is to sell multiple products on your behalf in other words what it will do is it will guide people step by step to buy different products that will help them get to their end goal whatever that may be for example if somebody’s going through a weight loss systematic process a hybrid system like this they would probably number one they would need a diet regimen right step number two they might need a diet coach step number three they might need a actual workout plan so on and so forth and so what you can do is you can actually sell individual products that will help them get to their end goal inside of a hybrid system so in this case there is five different income streams that I actually sent people to income stream number one income stream number two income stream number three income stream number four at income stream number five so when people sign up for these five different income streams I actually earn a commission off of each of these income streams so for example income stream number one I was able to earn one hundred and sixty two thousand two hundred fifty dollars income stream number two I’ve been able to earn eleven thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars income stream number three I’ve been able to earn over twenty five thousand dollars if you include the pending balance with the already paid balance income for I was able to earn over $9,000 and income five I was able to earn over $9,000 if you include the already paid with the pending balance so this is sort of what it looked like it was very simple I sent people from step one to step two to step three they would sign up for all the income streams that you just went through and that’s how I would get paid and then there was one little extra caveat to this I included what I like to call a bonus page and so step four was all about sending emails on the back end after they signed up for the hybrid system that would entice them to sign up for a higher level in income stream number one so if we go back here to income stream number one this one hundred and sixty two thousand two hundred fifty dollars was of course a result of plugging them into the hybrid system but what I did is I did something on the back end to improve my conversions within the hybrid system that much more and this is exactly what I did I set up this one-page website that literally 10x to my income and it looked something like this it said the program that has allowed me to earn a hundred thousand dollars in ninety eight days and how you can copy my whole entire business for yourself and I essentially walked him through this specific income stream in this program and then I offered bonuses to entice them to upgrade to certain levels so in this first income stream that I explained there was different levels that people could come in at they could come in at like a twenty five dollar level they could come in at a hundred dollar level two hundred fifty dollar level of 500 a thousand and even a two thousand dollar level so what I did is I put together a special bonus package for people that signed up at least at the five hundred dollar level or above and this bonus package included me walking them step by step how I was able to earn a hundred thousand dollars in 98 days and what I did is I tucked it away nicely in a membership site so I’d shoot a series of videos walking them through this case study of how I was able to create a hundred thousand dollars in 90 days and that obviously resulted in some pretty awesome commissions so again what is a bonus a bonus is a free product or service that incentivizes someone to make a purchase or an upgrade and really why you want to offer bonuses I think the case study speaks for itself but it’s gonna improve your conversions by as much as ten times as a result you can crush leaderboards and win prizes I’m going to show you the result that I got from a recent promotion and the leaderboards that I hit what it also does is it covers gaps that the initial product wouldn’t otherwise cover so if you have a product that teaches people for example in this case how to build a business online and it might show some Facebook strategies on how to get traffic how to get leads in cells but maybe you’re an expert at YouTube and you can teach them some YouTube strategies and that’s essentially what I did is I showed them some YouTube strategies so then they can get to their goals faster and supplement YouTube with the other traffic methods they’re already implementing so that really helped increase those conversions it also allows you to create your own products and get paid in the process so what you can do is you can take these bonuses give them to other people for upgrading at certain levels in a product or program and you can eventually take those same bonuses and turn it into your own membership site and then eventually sell it for a cost so here’s what bonuses have done for me you can see that I’ve only been promoting this now for about the past seven months and you could see that I’m already number three on the leader board for the last year I’m number two for the last six months I’m number two for the last three months and I’m number three for the last thirty days and it’s also helped me and even some of my team members win contests so you can see that this contest was running from the 23rd of January to the 3rd of February and I took number one so I was able to win a markers cruise for two valued at three thousand dollars or two thousand dollars in cash so you guys can see that undoubtedly bonuses work and they work extremely well and have allowed me to earn more in this one income stream alone than just by promoting the hybrid business model by itself so you can see what these bonuses have done for me compared to other people that are promoting the same product the same way so here’s the idea so instead of doing what most people do and simply sending people just from step one to step three I added step four on the back end to literally double my income and reach the top of affiliate leaderboards so my question is how would you like to copy this whole entire process if you’re interested and you want access to my done-for-you emails the hybrid system the bonus page the actual bonus training to pass off as your own and my traffic sources click the link below to learn more about the high ticket affiliate accelerator program

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