Highlights of How to Write a Marketing Plan in 2 + Hours Workshop
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Highlights of How to Write a Marketing Plan in 2 + Hours Workshop

Well let me start by doing a little bit more
of an intro of myself and then we will go around the room and find out who is here. So I think of myself as a Marketing Strategist. We all learn better when we see examples. I know enough about each of you now to be
very dangerous, so I may even call on you for an example. Um so does this, can you relate to this. Is this how you feel like you are running
your day? So for those of you that are marketers or
those of you that don’t have a marketing plan, one of the values of having a marketing plan
is it can help you get off that treadmill. But the value of a marketing plan is it gets
you on track to do the right thing for a year. And it keep you focused. Now I also want you to take some risks in
doing that. Now you have got to know how much risk you
can take. Well we are going to talk about marketing
planning, but marketing planning is always built on what? The strategy. So how many of your organizations have a strategic
plan? Okay. If you do not have a strategic plan, and again
this does not have to be hard, but I want you to write down what you would. So you can start that by what is your mission. Why do you exist. Okay when you think about your mission. People will say to me, Kay, this doesn’t relate
to writing a marketing plan. But you can’t do a marketing plan unless you
start with what your mission is and what your strategy is. The strategic plan should not be volumes. It is pretty hard to do a marketing plan if
you don’t know where you are going. And that is why it is so important to do it. Because it is one of the puzzle pieces. It is one of the basic things that you need
to be putting together. You can take a minute right now, one or two
minutes, and write down for 2017 to be successful, what are the three things you want to achieve. It is really important to think broader, when
you think about who your target is and who you want to be messaging. And especially if you are trying to create
change. And you are not here because your marketing
plan is working, your marketing is perfect, you are here because you are trying to think
differently. So I want you to start by thinking about who
is it you want that will be different in 2017 than you have today. We are not abandoning the base you are on,
because if you are you are starting a completely new business and that is not what we are talking
about. Who would have ever thought that brown could
be a competitive advantage, right? I mean Brown? And yet, everything you think about UPS. And I’m sorry to our former FedEx. But you know their uniforms are brown, but
I must admit, when I see a UPS person male or female. Tall, fat, short, wide, no matter what color,
they always look great. I think to myself, I know my package will
arrive safely. I have no idea what they do. They are probably still throwing things. I don’t want to know. But they have created this image. They have got a competitive advantage in brown
trucks. Well except they don’t call them trucks. They call them cars. So what is your competitive advantage? What makes your business truly unique? When they hear your name what do they want
to do. So I want you to write down, where are you
marketing? What is your place? Did anybody struggle with what your place
is? You probably did. Are you national? International? So customer focus and standards. Some people say to me, it’s not marketing. In a small business it is. Um, but pricing is so important. It is the tetter totter. It is what makes you roll differently. So what you want to do is make this come alive
by the tactics that you are going to do. And when it is 6 minutes to midnight, you
are not going to get this done. So how do you move this to a finished marketing
plan? You do a couple of things. You have to block time away from the action. You are going to move it from a hand written
document to a more professional looking version. You need to refer to it and you need to test. If its not working, you need to be willing
to change.

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