Hollywood’s favorite marketing strategy: Video, calls or email?
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Hollywood’s favorite marketing strategy: Video, calls or email?

– We’re asking people what is
the best marketing strategy. Video, phone calls, or email? Let’s see what they say. – Video.
– Video. – Video.
– Email. – My (beep) don’t check emails. You know it’s too many. – Phone calls too long for people. – Definitely social media, because no one reads their
emails if they’re spam. (playful trumpet) – Video or social media. – Video or social media. – What everyone else said. (laughter) – Video is taking over, man. A shift in the culture. First it was the streets,
then it was the paper, then it was online. Now video is just content
that people need, man. – Word of mouth or social media marketing. – Like, I just ignore the call
if I don’t know who calls. So might not be the best option. – If you don’t have any ad
money, what would you do? – Flood everything, man. Be annoying. Whatever, bro. Don’t even matter man,
as long as people see it. They’re gonna love it,
hate it, unfollow you man, but somebody’s gonna love it bro. – I think video, because
people will ignore phone calls they don’t know.
– Yeah. – Oh, I never answer phone calls. – If you’re talking millennials
down, it’s definitely peers, like friend’s social influence. – How would you make those videos and where would you share them? – YouTube. – Emails?
– Okay. Why email?
– I don’t know. I mean when you’re bored,
you check your phone a lot. You feel me, you be on your email. – ‘Cause you gotta target your market. You feel me? Just wherever the young kids are at, or whatever age group you going for. – I don’t even touch Instagram. – [Interviewer] Oh, you’re not on it? Oh, interesting.
– Nope. What’s your dog’s name? – Cheyenne. – [Interviewer] Cheyenne. – For older people, I’m
thinking more of Facebook, emails, calls. You know, because they
pick up the phone more. – If you didn’t have any ad budget? – It would be YouTube. It would be YouTube. Yeah, actually. – YouTube? Okay. – Yeah. – Why do you like
Instagram versus YouTube? – Because Instagram gives the followers a more personal approach. – I’d probably do YouTube
though for the platform itself. – I feel like Instagram is
more accessible for people. YouTube, you have to go search something. – I also think YouTube. – Put this on your story (laughs) and they’re like you’ll
get a free swimsuit. – Instagram, and it’s like, sale! I click on it and then I
find myself buying stuff. – Hello, can we ask you a quick question? What is the best marketing strategy? I’m over here. There you go. Well, thank you so much. Good doggo. Some people liked video more. Some people liked email more. Not many people liked phone calls. Here from the Walk of Fame
in Hollywood, California. Be sure to subscribe. Comment down below what your
favorite social platform is to share videos. We’ll see you next time. (playful trumpet) – Hey! (playful trumpet)

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