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Alright! Hey how are you today? This is Jeremiah and if you want more direct bookings at your hotel… go to more direct booking dot com. All right, once you’re there you’re going to see my hotel marketing plan. Now this is a 30-day hotel marketing plan and it’s called 300 percent more direct bookings in 30 days, so and this really is a day-by-day plan. You’ll see on the third day you need to collect photographs and recommendations. On the ninth day you need to think of special packages to meet the niche needs of certain travelers and so on. So we have the booking auto pilot and we have the fast funnel… and the cool thing about this if you don’t need anything else. You don’t need extra resources. You’ll go to day eight, this is exactly what you need to do, and then these are the steps. It’s kind of a dummy’s guide for hotel marketing. So a little bit about this approach.. you know what makes it different than other plans… well, first of all, it’s a trackable ROI approach. I’m a direct response marker so I know that I need to be able to a/b test every single thing I do. That’s especially important if you have, you know, 20 pay-per-click ads out there… you need to know which is which one is the winner which one’s the loser, and in this winner let’s test the messaging there and let’s find out which messaging is better, you know a or b.. in that direction. So everything here is an ROI trackable approach. This is also a kind of an automated system and we build one system on top of another system on top of another system with the goal that at the end of these 30 days you’re able to do all the marketing for your hotel for the entire week in just five hours. That’s important and also like i just mentioned this this is a dummy’s guide. You don’t have to read my advice and then look up how to do it. No, I’ll show you exactly how to do it push this button, do this, look for this, click on that – that’s exactly what this this plan is. So what makes this approach so effective? well, a lot of hotel they don’t actually have lead generation on their websites… it’s only there to collect orders, right? It’s only there’s a take orders. Well, if you’re a hunter and not a cooker , you know you need to go out and hunt for leads you need to go out and hunt for new business, and your website should be hunting. So a lot of the systems that we build in this plan are to get new leads, even if they’re not ready to book… you know, even if they’re 30, 60, 90 days out, we want to get their names so then we can go to the second step, which is following up in a quality way… in a way that nobody else is doing, which is striking up a conversation with useful information for those travelers and then we also create a PR buzz this is very very different than most hotels think about their marketing for us we’re going to look at your empty ballroom as an opportunity to create a PR buzz which then you can consolidate into PR materials that you can use to reach out to group business, reach out to different associations… all that stuff. And this all goes round and round, because once we have good PR material well, then we can call a lot of associations… we can put that material in the hand, they become leads, we continue to follow up and build a relationship so this is all very nice synergistic system. here now why should you do this system now I mean compressions doing all the work right where we’re having the best year since 1988 e.71st are start recording it well this graph is actually something that we got when s your is it is with you send a gracious in my last year and this plot occupancy and average daily rate here and starting 2006 they saw that average daily rate went straight up that’s all of the thing until well we all know what happened 2008 and occupancy in AVR plunge you know a lot of people say that this growth right here is amazing and a lot of it has happened because the OTA came in and they got really really sophisticated market and that’s the great thing until we love it but we picked out occupancy last September’s and since then we have some really wild variations now i’m not going to say this graph is no thousand percent correct because I you’re not working here and I do not know exactly how they got the data point but every one of these data points are from str8 national gallery now it seems like you see in the stock market when there is resistance you see more volatility well-received volatility in the market out that’s why you need a solid plan in place to protect you from this you don’t always want to be reliant on third parties right so another reason why now is because this system like i mentioned is trackable so you can show your bosses look this is how much is coming in from our website this is how much coming from looking at how much coming weeks to get this is by far our most valuable channel and that’s because what I’ve done so you can show them over two months three months a year you can show them in the increase and decrease leave expensive challenge to the increase in the more grip are producing child you can show that that’s great for your career also want to mention 25 hour work week once we build all of these feeders systems and they’re in place we don’t really have to touch them anymore you know you don’t have to do all the heavy-lifting you might just see that everything here there are just sending one free easy no a weekend-long to wear but the only thing they’re doing is its 1-click but pulling in traffic from all of these sources whether it’s paid whether a tree doesn’t matter because you’re not really paying commissions on and then that becomes people that have state with you and then we also have followed systems so they stay with you again but the point is I want to templates it’s a lot easier lot less stress in your daily routine now for example this is one of the freezing that we send out for clients and you know we want to put a face to a name great hotel and you know a couple fun story so we are engaging we’re showing up in a playful interesting kind of readers digest and away and you’ll get that some details about that in the system in this companion program you will also get the third eight-step optimization guys for your hotel website so you can look at your your website right now you can say oh well its sale if we’re doing these things but it passes through anything and you can go to that tick tick tick tick find out what you’re doing wrong and you know because your website is your highest value channel make sure it’s doing most work also can you also get with this plant we have forums on the more direct website so there you can ask lots of different kinds of questions from booking engine 2 GS to affiliates local affiliate pay-per-click whatever you want to ask is there so i think that’s really important asset for you and then you also have my team this is the hospitality copywriting team we have a lot of experts here we have hoteliers we have you know digital marketers we have graphic designers we have published travel writers we have people from all different walks of life that can give you some really nice insight into what you’re just thinking and how you can reach them in other ways so you get the form you know you can take the range you also get six hours of online training to go to go along with book we specifically guide you through how to make social media marketing calendar how to collect the right assets so you tell me the stories we show you the often make pieces that you need to automate your distribution remember we talked about this as being a lead generation machine well you need a baby you need to give somebody something of value whether it’s a newsletter or we also use something really cool and stay for longer widget that we click on it the newsletter and it lets people explore all the cool events sightseeing spots entertainment plus 64 kids and they can see their itinerary on the newsletter that’s pretty cool so people are happy to give you their email address for that will also show you how to do a media blitz and we do a media blitz you don’t want to just you know put out a big party you want to be able to monetize it measure it and then propel it to the next level right we’re talking about creating assets so that you can continue the cycle that’s what that is there how and then we talked about how to get group business how to use prospect team to get additional business problem in this system we actually give you call strips hey now these are using the call scripts that you need to reach out for business-to-business this is the soft email system these are some templates for emails that you could write to drum up business to business driver didn’t so all that there and then we’ll also give you a receipt of how you’ve done so the end of the program you know that it’s up to park and doing that needs to do to get you more direct looking as I mentioned we do have visual markers actually Lauren gray from the hsm a podcast he wrote the book for the certified marketing executive degree through HS ma he’s got a weekly pop else you know you leave a message on the four we leave a question and you can get answers by lon great while the top marketers in the industry you also get one of my be bold book direct t-shirt you know hey if you’re bold and if you’re trying to increase the revenue of your hotel wear this shirt to tell management that’s exactly what you’re all about like I said this is about advancing your hotel reviews but also advancing your career so on off the three hundred percent more direct looking hotel marketing plan will give you more direct bookings that’s the name of the game more control so you’re not relying on people greater lifetime guess you know if you keep creating relationships with people and you followed up with them over months and after they leave and invite them back your you’re just really easily increasing like I guess value and like I said all that will help you advance your hotel your creation next level alright this also comes with the satisfaction guarantee you have 90 days to participate in our weekly training session you get access to all of our videos form and workshops we can give you the t-shirt and if it doesn’t work just show us what you did it doesn’t live up to your expectations to show us the things that you put together to show me that you give it an honest try and i’ll give you a full completely fun right just go to Morecambe sauce course introduction to learn more it is a instant digital download and again here it is please remember it’s time to take your hotel in your career to the next level get more direct bookings rolling marketing costs and have a plan because that’s what it’s all about right thanks for listening

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