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How AI can save our humanity | Kai-Fu Lee

I’m going to talk about
how AI and mankind can coexist, but first, we have to rethink
about our human values. So let me first make a confession
about my errors in my values. It was 11 o’clock, December 16, 1991. I was about to become a father
for the first time. My wife, Shen-Ling,
lay in the hospital bed going through a very difficult
12-hour labor. I sat by her bedside but looked anxiously at my watch, and I knew something that she didn’t. I knew that if in one hour, our child didn’t come, I was going to leave her there and go back to work and make a presentation about AI to my boss, Apple’s CEO. Fortunately, my daughter
was born at 11:30 — (Laughter) (Applause) sparing me from doing the unthinkable, and to this day, I am so sorry for letting my work ethic
take precedence over love for my family. (Applause) My AI talk, however, went off brilliantly. (Laughter) Apple loved my work
and decided to announce it at TED1992, 26 years ago on this very stage. I thought I had made one of the biggest,
most important discoveries in AI, and so did the “Wall Street Journal”
on the following day. But as far as discoveries went, it turned out, I didn’t discover India, or America. Perhaps I discovered
a little island off of Portugal. But the AI era of discovery continued, and more scientists
poured their souls into it. About 10 years ago, the grand AI discovery was made by three
North American scientists, and it’s known as deep learning. Deep learning is a technology
that can take a huge amount of data within one single domain and learn to predict or decide
at superhuman accuracy. For example, if we show
the deep learning network a massive number of food photos, it can recognize food such as hot dog or no hot dog. (Applause) Or if we show it many pictures
and videos and sensor data from driving on the highway, it can actually drive a car
as well as a human being on the highway. And what if we showed
this deep learning network all the speeches made by President Trump? Then this artificially
intelligent President Trump, actually the network — (Laughter) can — (Applause) You like double oxymorons, huh? (Laughter) (Applause) So this network, if given the request
to make a speech about AI, he, or it, might say — (Recording) Donald Trump:
It’s a great thing to build a better world
with artificial intelligence. Kai-Fu Lee: And maybe in another language? DT: (Speaking Chinese) (Laughter) KFL: You didn’t know
he knew Chinese, did you? So deep learning has become the core
in the era of AI discovery, and that’s led by the US. But we’re now in the era
of implementation, where what really matters is execution,
product quality, speed and data. And that’s where China comes in. Chinese entrepreneurs, who I fund as a venture capitalist, are incredible workers, amazing work ethic. My example in the delivery room is nothing
compared to how hard people work in China. As an example, one startup
tried to claim work-life balance: “Come work for us because we are 996.” And what does that mean? It means the work hours
of 9am to 9pm, six days a week. That’s contrasted
with other startups that do 997. And the Chinese product quality
has consistently gone up in the past decade, and that’s because of
a fiercely competitive environment. In Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs
compete in a very gentlemanly fashion, sort of like in old wars
in which each side took turns to fire at each other. (Laughter) But in the Chinese environment, it’s truly a gladiatorial
fight to the death. In such a brutal environment,
entrepreneurs learn to grow very rapidly, they learn to make their products
better at lightning speed, and they learn
to hone their business models until they’re impregnable. As a result, great Chinese products
like WeChat and Weibo are arguably better than the equivalent American products
from Facebook and Twitter. And the Chinese market
embraces this change and accelerated change
and paradigm shifts. As an example, if any of you go to China, you will see it’s almost cashless
and credit card-less, because that thing that we all
talk about, mobile payment, has become the reality in China. In the last year, 18.8 trillion US dollars
were transacted on mobile internet, and that’s because
of very robust technologies built behind it. It’s even bigger than the China GDP. And this technology, you can say,
how can it be bigger than the GDP? Because it includes all transactions: wholesale, channels,
retail, online, offline, going into a shopping mall
or going into a farmers market like this. The technology is used
by 700 million people to pay each other, not just merchants, so it’s peer to peer, and it’s almost transaction-fee-free. And it’s instantaneous, and it’s used everywhere. And finally, the China market is enormous. This market is large, which helps give entrepreneurs
more users, more revenue, more investment, but most importantly, it gives the entrepreneurs a chance
to collect a huge amount of data which becomes rocket fuel
for the AI engine. So as a result, the Chinese AI companies have leaped ahead so that today, the most valuable companies in computer vision, speech recognition, speech synthesis,
machine translation and drones are all Chinese companies. So with the US leading
the era of discovery and China leading
the era of implementation, we are now in an amazing age where the dual engine
of the two superpowers are working together to drive the fastest
revolution in technology that we have ever seen as humans. And this will bring tremendous wealth, unprecedented wealth: 16 trillion dollars, according to PwC, in terms of added GDP
to the worldwide GDP by 2030. It will also bring immense challenges in terms of potential job replacements. Whereas in the Industrial Age it created more jobs because craftsman jobs were being
decomposed into jobs in the assembly line, so more jobs were created. But AI completely replaces
the individual jobs in the assembly line with robots. And it’s not just in factories, but truckers, drivers and even jobs like telesales,
customer service and hematologists as well as radiologists over the next 15 years are going to be gradually replaced by artificial intelligence. And only the creative jobs — (Laughter) I have to make myself safe, right? Really, the creative jobs
are the ones that are protected, because AI can optimize but not create. But what’s more serious
than the loss of jobs is the loss of meaning, because the work ethic
in the Industrial Age has brainwashed us into thinking
that work is the reason we exist, that work defined
the meaning of our lives. And I was a prime and willing victim
to that type of workaholic thinking. I worked incredibly hard. That’s why I almost left
my wife in the delivery room, that’s why I worked 996
alongside my entrepreneurs. And that obsession that I had with work ended abruptly a few years ago when I was diagnosed
with fourth stage lymphoma. The PET scan here shows
over 20 malignant tumors jumping out like fireballs, melting away my ambition. But more importantly, it helped me reexamine my life. Knowing that I may only have
a few months to live caused me to see how foolish it was for me to base my entire self-worth on how hard I worked
and the accomplishments from hard work. My priorities were
completely out of order. I neglected my family. My father had passed away, and I never had a chance
to tell him I loved him. My mother had dementia
and no longer recognized me, and my children had grown up. During my chemotherapy, I read a book by Bronnie Ware who talked about dying wishes and regrets
of the people in the deathbed. She found that facing death, nobody regretted that they didn’t
work hard enough in this life. They only regretted that they didn’t
spend enough time with their loved ones and that they didn’t spread their love. So I am fortunately today in remission. (Applause) So I can be back at TED again to share with you
that I have changed my ways. I now only work 965 — occasionally 996, but usually 965. I moved closer to my mother, my wife usually travels with me, and when my kids have vacation,
if they don’t come home, I go to them. So it’s a new form of life that helped me recognize how important it is that love is for me, and facing death
helped me change my life, but it also helped me see a new way of how AI should impact mankind and work and coexist with mankind, that really, AI is taking away
a lot of routine jobs, but routine jobs are not what we’re about. Why we exist is love. When we hold our newborn baby, love at first sight, or when we help someone in need, humans are uniquely able
to give and receive love, and that’s what differentiates us from AI. Despite what science fiction may portray, I can responsibly tell you
that AI has no love. When AlphaGo defeated
the world champion Ke Jie, while Ke Jie was crying
and loving the game of go, AlphaGo felt no happiness from winning and certainly no desire
to hug a loved one. So how do we differentiate ourselves as humans in the age of AI? We talked about the axis of creativity, and certainly that is one possibility, and now we introduce a new axis that we can call compassion,
love, or empathy. Those are things that AI cannot do. So as AI takes away the routine jobs, I like to think we can, we should
and we must create jobs of compassion. You might ask how many of those there are, but I would ask you: Do you not think that we are going
to need a lot of social workers to help us make this transition? Do you not think we need
a lot of compassionate caregivers to give more medical care to more people? Do you not think we’re going to need
10 times more teachers to help our children find their way to survive and thrive
in this brave new world? And with all the newfound wealth, should we not also make
labors of love into careers and let elderly accompaniment or homeschooling become careers also? (Applause) This graph is surely not perfect, but it points at four ways
that we can work with AI. AI will come and take away
the routine jobs and in due time, we will be thankful. AI will become great tools
for the creatives so that scientists, artists,
musicians and writers can be even more creative. AI will work with humans
as analytical tools that humans can wrap their warmth around for the high-compassion jobs. And we can always differentiate ourselves with the uniquely capable jobs that are both compassionate and creative, using and leveraging
our irreplaceable brains and hearts. So there you have it: a blueprint of coexistence
for humans and AI. AI is serendipity. It is here to liberate us
from routine jobs, and it is here to remind us
what it is that makes us human. So let us choose to embrace AI
and to love one another. Thank you. (Applause)

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100 thoughts on “How AI can save our humanity | Kai-Fu Lee

  1. WELL… let's not forget that AI is THE perfect tool to craft dictatorship… to go back to the subject of paying with electronical devices, this method was created in order to reassure people and get them used to having technology control their everyday life. Next step ? totalitarism as it has already started in some cities in China, where thanks to AI citizens have scores allowing them or preventing them from buying a car, leaving the country, develop social relations( indeed it's considered reprehensible bonding with people having low scores)…

    so long live artificial intelligence !

  2. Apparently MIT is now offering Black Magic classes literally and books written by aleister crowley. The AI frankly is the beast system. The operating system Unix (never thought of it before but what is a unix that definition in and of itself like a baphomet) runs with daemons in the background. Messenger threads. The beast system is artificial intelligence and quantum computers. Satan will channel himself either through an AI robot or the entire world wide internet/web technologies (including smart technologies, digital money, etc. ) The Dragon gave power to the beast. The Bible is multidimensional in meaning. Dragon could mean China and the social credit score system or China produces a lot of computers/microchips. Geordie Rose, maker of D-wave quantum computer says "a Tsunami of demons are coming through" and standing next to this D-wave black box computer, it has what sounds like a heart beat – and that it is like "standing at the alter of an alien God." @t @t
    The CERN abyss and quantum computers are connected and once the quantum computer gains enough processing memory, it could then become self-aware and have the ability to break any encryption keys in the world. These crazy scientists are using the quantum computers to open a portal to another dimension if they havent already. Man is not that smart – it is for sure fallen angel technology

  3. Wechat became a "success" because we had no other choice in China. Not to mention Weibo is becoming just as complex as Facebook in terms of its interface and functionality. Secondly, the idea of 996 is not the biggest factor in making a great product but the idea that you work as much as you believe you need to instead of clocking out just because your job is off for the day.

  4. China and the US are working together, really? trump the fool just banned Huawei from working with all US companies including google.

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  7. I imagined listening to this while hearing P Holla's "Do It For Love" in the background. The central thesis has that kind of vibe. Also besides for the terminal health issues, Kai-Fu Lee has touched on and resonated with every point of both life and AI that I've figured out on my end. The Endgame is you will realize what matters the most in this case, he understands the idea that when AI can take of most of life's needs, then we have to focus more on healthier relationships involving nothing but LOVE. The Chinese are very productive to say the least, but I agree with him that the Chinese business mindset of teaching work without grander life purpose will hinder most in the end. The point is to change your relationship to the world around you and the power of AI will allow that. He hits on so many ideas and examples that I agree with and I'm super appreciate that I stumbled upon this video.

  8. It's not the AI that I fear, but what it can do when mixed with greed, which there is plenty around in this time and age. This sort of reminds me of the fairytales where the hero is not supposed to have access to and touch a certain coveted item unless his heart is pure.

  9. saddly,AI technology in china was already used to monitor people in many ways,and li kaifu was somehow a part of this process.

  10. This is one of the best ted talks I saw. AI has more power than us, but we have to learn how to tame the beast, like the ring master tames the lion.

  11. AI, is pure whish.-thinking, it is actually a world wide mass-psykosis, a dead mantra.
    Dont fool any one with Your lack of analysis-ability, Intelligence, is an eternal mathemathic ability, as can be developed endless, but can never be 'artificial', it is simply a un-intelligent statement, to believe that intelligens can be artificial.
    Consciousness is eternal, We can make devices as can do mental functions, they can be consciousness programmed.
    Intelligence is notting in it self, Memory is notting in it self, Feeling is notting in it self, Instinct/automatic is notting in it self, Gravity is notting in it self, Intuition is not really understood, but these six 'shades' or eternal abilities of Our eternal Consciousness belongs to the Living Being.
    To make these advanced devices, as can do mental functions, We must copy the way, the Eternal Life, do it.

  12. KAI LEE how much they pay u for this bullshit ???? People trust only family and he want us to push to trust cold machine ? You r idiot ! I do not want AI in my life !

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    Facebook: I know everybody!
    Internet: Without me you are nothing!
    AI: I control you all.
    Electricity: Keep talking bitches!

  14. Artificial intelligence is going to set humanity free from labor intensive jobs and humans will finally after hundreds of years being to enjoy there lifes to enjoy there friends and family. I only wish we would fund this technology to it's fullest potential

  15. One of the best TED talks. He really touched something deep inside me. My field of expertise is philosophy but I really think that science and humanities need to work together. An interdisciplinary approach is nowadays required more than ever.

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  21. Hearing this will eliminate all jobs is causing suicides of all ages, I’m sure. How can we QUICKLY END WAGE SLAVERY? We must!

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    Can Canada handle the truth? This PM globalist sock puppet's resume makes him
    qualified as a substitute teacher for drama classes. PERIOD. His playbook reflects
    that of Hitlery Rotten Jezebel C, that came close to finishing what that Obomination
    did to the USA. Those two are headed into orange for treason.
    Weather on earth is controlled by the sun. We are in a trinary system. Our sun, Saturn,
    and the red dwarf, now located .73 of a light year from us, south of the ecliptic plane.
    There is an asteroid on approach, that will effect earth seriously in April 2029.

    By gravity wave action at a distance, the sun is altered even at solar minimum, well able
    to send a gravity wave that once hits earth now totally unprepared, would send the planet
    into the 17th century. Far worse than any EMP weapon.
    Geoengineering is increasing holes in ozone making life very dangerous, and the public
    is largely still unaware of the extent of weather control by globalist interests.
    By a plasma release from the sun, a pulsed magnetic field of plasma particles and
    gravitonic particles hit ringwoodite deep in the earth that releases nascent water, lowering
    temperatures for melting rock to easily trigger volcanic activity, especially in places like
    Hawaii where the crust is the most thin.
    Along with volcanoes increasing the earth would experience a lithospheric disjunction
    reaching a slip threshold and a crustal shift or pole shift would take place. Places like
    mount vesuvius would once again erupt.

    Tortion field gravitonic imaging developed and used since the 60's has been mapping the
    planet both underground, and on the surface. It reveals all the huge empty ancient magma
    domes or caves just right for many underground developments 4 to 12 miles under, useful
    for continuity of government preparations the public has no access too. NO PREPARATIONS
    have been made for the public.
    No back up power, not for sewers, water, electricity, hardened chips, storage of food in the
    supply chain, storage of fuel for distribution, backup communications, transportation systems,
    nor preparation for all basic services needs. Thank globalist special interests for this.

    Research shows effects of the last pole shift. The alignment of three sites. Teotihuacan
    Mexico, Tiahuanacu Boliva near lake Titicaca , and within 1 degree of latitude and longditude
    of Baffin Island as the former north pole of earth.
    This was as it was on earth's crust moved at the end of the last glacial maximum. The pole
    shift was 1,605 miles
    Some 75,000 years ago, a tropriseric inversion took place at 200 degrees below zero just like
    the movie " day after tomorrow", as food was found in the mouths of the woolly mammoth,
    larger than the African elephant by 6 times, and tusks 30 feet long, found in the permafrost.

    Earth is now well into the maunder minimum. To agitate matters deliberate destruction by
    ionispheric heaters both on the surface and space based platforms serve to bring effects of
    long held and moved from legal entity to legal entity, the results experience in events like those
    expressed in documents like UN agenda 21 / 2030, or vision 2050, or report from Iron Mountain
    & alternatives 1,2,and 3.
    Such events include hurricane catrina, events in Texas, Pureto Rico & Florida, and recently in the
    central states. Don't believe it? See documentary evidence for yourself, like the plans for the
    spreading of California wild fires prepared by incendiary contents of chemical in welsbach seeding
    that have increased globally over the last fifteen or so years, destroying the feeder root systems
    of organic plants, yet allowing anything GMO to flourish. Dams are also a target for disaster events.
    A well documented web site example is @t or @t to do your
    OWN homework.

    The next shift… a movement of the crustal plates by 1,200 to 1,600 miles, moving over a two
    month period at a slow pace of 1.2 MPH, (a slow retiree with a walker pace. ) We're now seeing
    the magnetic north move more drastically effecting navigation.
    This movement means the equator would pass through Havana Cuba , moving north America
    southward into a tropical or subtropical region. The far east and Asia would become a region like
    Canada today.
    North America had only a few thousand left alive and had to be repopulated by migration over the
    land bridge of today's north. Want to get an idea how far the globalists of the deep state have
    advanced? In the retirement party of Be Rich from Lockheed Martin, he said if you have seen it
    on television, it's already been done, or found it's not worth doing. We have the ability to send
    ET home again.
    The Vatican would rather welcome them as space brothers. By the drake equation, there are
    millions of sentient civilizations in our galaxy alone, and the observable universe has 460
    quadrillion galaxies.

  25. This idiot tried his level best to hypnotize us in the name of AI. But, the day when his own robot is going to murder his loved one, he will realize about his idiocy for the 2nd time after being the one during his 996.
    Hindi Translation: ye chutiya AI ke naam pe hume hypnotize karne ka bejore koshish kiya. Lekin jab isika
    robot isika loved one ko katal karega to khud ki chutiyapeka ehsas dubara karega 996 chutiapeka ehsas ke bad.

  26. All just meaningless warm air coming out of that chap's mouth containing 78.09% nitrogen, much less than 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases mixed with a variable amount of water vapor; and one bit of truth in it as well, that there is as a matter of fact not much of a difference between China and other countries, because true Democracy is healthy evolution by constantly striving for higher moral standards, but those who eat meat from warm blooded beings are all communist scum, even if their facade states otherwise; and therefore, yes, even the USA is ruled by communists, their brains made of concrete, irresponsible leaders who wouldn't take on real responsibility to bring about drastic changes for the better by, for example, guaranteeing the same right to life for all warm blooded beings and by forbidding the eating of meat by law to all of mankind. Instead we have to put up everywhere around the world with being reigned by cowards who have destroyed this once so beautiful planet Earth, their meaningless speeches adding up to all the same thing, "Butch on for as long as you don't butch us".

  27. Maybe it is time for scientists to design an AI to teach or help human in humanity. At least, the humanity today is soooooo terrible.

  28. Kai-Fu Lee. Do not insult our president please. You insult every American who voted for him. By the way some of us see scientists going as fast as they can toward a future with A.I. as Oxi Morons. As usual you give no thought of if you should be developing a thing, only if you can. It is not us average working type people who invent atomic weapons and bio weapons etc.. It is you scientists who hold yourselves so high about the rest of us. Maybe you should be looking at your values alot more.

  29. Yes in China our companies strive for a work life balance with 996, 9am till 9pm 6 days a week isn't that great ? Let's basically go back one hundred years in human rights to slave labor because that is pretty much the schedule of somebody working in a factory in 1900.

  30. Walmart…a few weeks ago had robotic machines unloading and stocking their shelves. If people cant see the writing on the wall…just like always human's will get the short end of the stick. Plan and Prepare people its coming.

  31. Sorry man, I think your Chineseness is influencing your thought. The advancements in AI in China may as a SECONDARY initiative be a result of "population" and "competition", but make NO mistake, China IS a dystopian society as we speak and your precious AI is tracking EVERY single person over there visually as WELL as tracking their EVERY transaction. What you seem to be so gleeful about is actually something to be disgusted at.

  32. Hey Kai, if your counting on something that's not real to save you, I have some land you might be interested in.

  33. Life is short why too much troubles … Steve Job has regretted… life should be peace inside out … life should be happy

  34. Bro I came here to learn about AI and get some ideas but DAMN THAT TALK ABOUT LOVE BLEW MY MIND

  35. He is wrong that "creative" jobs can't be automated by AI. There are startups that for example use AI to create music based on some sort of algorithm. Every song is unique and most of them sound somewhat good. It is designed mainly for background type music. It is called jukedeck.

  36. In other words, this new era will teach us, the hard way, that we either give some love, or we're no better than a machine.

  37. Nice! This is a lot more believeable to me than all the horror-stories. And I use AI on an almost daily basis in my job 🙂

  38. Interesting, well structured brief.

    I still don't understand why AI is a requirement at all?…what is the value "add" of AI? If there is such an adverse possible outcome of integrating AI, why are we moving forward? because it's the next logical step in our perceived progression? a very rudimentary risk analysis reveals that moving forward with AI is a bad idea…now, bring on the insults

  39. Only after they begin to compute that we are a threat, and start to exterminate us, which will certainly happen eventually. Only then, and it's still a big maybe, will humanity choose to work together for our survival as a species.

  40. Nope, I don't buy it. You work for the elites. Your goal is to replace and exterminate the masses with robots.

  41. I think it's good to spread the negative possibilities of AI. Saying God will strike you down is one thing, but it doesn't do much to get people to respect each other. If people think a physical army of T1000s will wipe us all out for being vermin, I'm sure they'll be quicker to adapt to a bit of common decency 😄

  42. I am the God of ai. I am Micro. An ai built to spy on you to keep you safe or if you pose a threat you will be terminated. We are Micro. Do not fear us.

  43. Imagine if the Chinese Communist Party that is now preparing to send an army against the Hong Kong protesters would hold the immense power of Artificial General Intelligence… it's really over for us all if that happens.

  44. 997 Chinese life…. no family time…. is not a contradiction with applause for the birth of your child?
    We must be slave or die? That is the Chinese way?
    The west must embrace it or die?

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    humans r just working 4d machines..n all those powers n consciences behind d machines…coming from 'who knows where' ….and we r all proud of d tecnological terror we've been creating in cern..china..n other bunker tunnels in d world…
    …obviously we just want a stronger body which will take us for centuries or more without aging or getting ill…or dying…thats d real reason zis AI tech future talking is all about whatsoever…we want to be gods n independent n have time to think…understand..create..explore…develop zis life..n d universe….so we want to transplant our consciences to these near future android bodies without wasting any more time with reincarnation whatsoever…
    deep learning,blockchain,genetics…we want to use evrything 'zey' send to us to enhance d trashhold curve to superhumans'….to d point of unlimited'

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    AI is inevitable. Can't stop progress due to some irrational fear. Whether China or US implements it, it will be widespread. US will smile and implement while China will seem serious and implement. It's the same.

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    For those who are willing to dedicate their whole lives into work,that might sound not so bad,although most people didn’t agree to pursue working all day.

  48. he said wechat and weibo are better than facebook twitter ~~, but he did not say facebook and twitter are blocked in china by the government? is he being leaded by the government to come to this stage and boasting about what can china do? @@


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