How Ampliz SalesBuddy works? | Product Explainer Video
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How Ampliz SalesBuddy works? | Product Explainer Video

sales and marketing folks waste their
time with unqualified prospects which is the core reason why we introduced Ampliz
sales buddy now sales buddy is here to help you in three different ways number
one and we’ll help you increase your pipeline number two it will help you
save a lot lot lot of time and number three it’s going to help you maximize
your conversions let’s just take a quick look of how sales buddy works now let’s
say you visit one of your prospects’ website once a website is fully loaded
click on Ampliz sales buddy just log into your account or if you are a new
user you can create a new account once you have logged into your account you
will see the onboarding screen where you will have three different options to
understand how sales buddy works now if you are familiar with this you can
simply go to your dashboard let me come to the dashboard later on and let’s look
at the extension now if I just click on this extension it is first going to give
me a prospect fit score now the prospect fit score is actually determined by the
persona I have set I can set my ideal target persona based on the industry
location revenue employees seniority level Department once I set this persona
and save it sales buddy automatically calculates the company’s potential to my
target persona and gives me a target score now if one of these targets persona is not met for example if I just change the location from US to UK
then the prospect fit score will automatically reduce to 75% this is
because one of the target criteria is not met and it is displayed here
straight in the front screen the next part gives me the contacts and the
company intelligence about the prospect website if I click on the company tab I
will get to know all the revenue details the number of employees their industries
and their headquarters if I click on the contacts I will be getting their name
their designation their phone number and their LinkedIn ID now in some cases if
the email is visible I can see a small email icon here which means I’ll also
get the email ID of that particular person once I click on this it is
automatically updated to my personal dashboard which is here and whatever
contacts I have favorited it is automatically stored to my personal
dashboard on any occasion I can just click on this button to export it into a
CSV and share it with my teammates the third interesting part which
differentiates am please sales body from the rest of its competitors is a concept
of adding contextual intelligence now let’s say someone visited this prospect
website and they want to sell a different thing for which they say there
is a CRM provider or there is a tech stock provider who wants to understand
the extract details of the website they have listed to append those additional
data set they can simply type in whatever the request is and then they
can just send us a message by clicking this button once they do this an email
is put the ticket number is triggered both to the vendor and to Ampliz
backend office like this we would manually source the data and we
would again submit them for the number of credits they would lose for getting
this particular data if the client approves the credit approval then we
would go ahead source the data and appended to the existing data set and
deliver it to them well that is how sales body works and I hope this demo
was useful to you Cheers!

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