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How Anthony realised he needed Digital Marketing | Online Marketing Gurus

Hello, my name is Anthony, and I’m one of the Directors. of Austpek Bathrooms. So basically, when we started in the year 2000, my parents were the ones that started in a very small shop in Ashfield. And we saw an opportunity for that area because there wasn’t many competitors and we had the option to import products directly from China at that time. Now we’ve grown into a much larger store, but, right now we wish to expand into the online space. I launched my online store about let’s say, 8 months ago, and obviously at that time it was getting pretty much zero traffic. Apart from… our own employees and me and myself. Yeah that’s why we decided we needed to change something. So, yeah, I did a bit of research and realised, oh okay, this is how, the online marketing sector works. And then that’s (why) we decided to take on OMG marketing as one of our agencies to help us drive traffic online. Right now, we’re in the 4th month of the campaign and we’re starting to see some very nice results, picking up some very nice— a decent amount of website traffic. I have a very nice Account Manager, Matt, as well and he’s always keep me updated on what get changed or if there is any issues he’s always there, like, in a click.

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