How Brafton creates a content marketing strategy
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How Brafton creates a content marketing strategy

Creating website content is an essential way
to build audience engagement and make your site discoverable on the web. But the difference
between publishing content and practicing content marketing is creating a strategy that
positions your content to support business goals. Brafton’s editorial brief is a custom guidebook
developed by our content marketing strategists in conjunction with clients that ensures their
Brafton-provided content achieves content marketing objectives. Think of the world of
online content as a wide terrain. Brafton’s editorial brief is a roadmap for your custom
content marketing strategy. The editorial brief starts with a definition
of your unique online conversions so Brafton’s writers, designers, social teams and content
strategists understand what actions you want content to inspire. This is your exclusive
content marketing destination. It’s important to determine what will attract
your prospects along your content to conversion pathway. Brafton’s content marketing strategists
work with you to develop audience profiles that outline which relevant product or service
information and industry issues your writers and designers should be covering to attract
your prospects and customers. The brief also highlights the content style and tone likely
to engage your audience. You and your strategist determine the content
types – from industry news and landing pages to infographics and videos – that will drive
your business goals and engage your prospects and customers. The brief also outlines strategies to make
your content easily discovered across the web. It covers the relevant keywords writers
will use to guide their writing and build the SEO-appeal of your content. You want to influence audiences beyond search,
and the brief details the social promotion of your Brafton content for our social teams
to encourage sharing on the platforms that matter most for your brands. Finally, the brief sets the conversion optimization
strategies that will support your content on the site so you can convert readers into
leads and sales. It oulines the CTAs, or sign posts you’ll give readers around individual
pieces of content to encourage the clicks you want the most. But the road to successful content marketing
is always changing as new platforms and formats evolve, and you may find some of your strategies
are getting jammed where others are producing converting traffic flows. Brafton’s regular
reporting and analytics are used to help you find the most successful paths, and your editorial
brief will be updated to fuel your best-performing strategies. Brafton’s editorial brief puts your results
in the driver’s seat.

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