How Data Should Impact Your Marketing Strategy
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How Data Should Impact Your Marketing Strategy

Data is really critically
important for a marketer today in all of what
we do, in our approach to how we take to the market. For us, we really
make sure first and foremost that we’re
rooting our marketing strategy in consumer data. So we do a tremendous
amount of work really looking at what’s
meaningful to the customer. Where are the
biggest opportunities for targeting customer groups? When we’re developing
new products, we really think
about new segments that we want to go
after, where there’s a white space in
the market for us to develop a product
offering, so whether it’s a hotel or an on-property
experience that might capture new guests. When we’re thinking about
marketing messaging, we test with
consumers to make sure before we produce the
marketing, is this message going to resonate? And then we test after to see,
how is the message resonating? And then I think today’s
modern marketer is absolutely required to be as much at
the forefront of the C-suite as the rest to show what
the return on the marketing is back to the organization. So all CMOs, I
think, are growing in terms of their pressures
to show that return. And it’s both an art and
science so putting data around that can be
very challenging. But we work very hard to ensure
that every dollar that we’re spending is a return back to our
owners and to our organization. So we use marketing
attribution, for example, to really look at marketing mix. Are we spending our
marketing dollars in the right channels
and the right messages at the right time? We also use things
like ad technology to think about retargeting
and prospecting consumers in digital
channels so that we’re getting the most efficiency
out of those digital buys. And we use behavioral
data from our customers to do more personalized
messaging– so again, right message, right
time, right place based on your
behavior as a customer and what we know about you. So data’s hugely influential. It’s growing more and
more in our field. It’s not a lack of data
that’s really the problem. It’s what you do with it. And it can be
overwhelming, but it also can be incredibly powerful in
pushing forward your marketing strategies.

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