How do I quit my job if I’m scared – The Real Secret – J.R. Fisher
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How do I quit my job if I’m scared – The Real Secret – J.R. Fisher

How do I quit my job if I’m scared? The real secret. Hey, have you wanted to quit your job? But you’re scared. You’re worried. I mean, leaving the security of that place
to go to work. That paycheck of knowing the rent’s going
to be paid. That’s pretty frightening. And in this video, I’m going to share with
you how I quit my job and how you can quit years and put you on the road to working for
yourself. And we’re starting right now. I’m J.R. Fisher. Welcome to my channel if you’re brand new
and if you’re already a subscriber, welcome back. If you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure you
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that. Really? Try. You’ll see. And then turn on all notifications. That way, when I make a new video, I can tell
you all about it. Now, I’ve been selling online since 2009. I was faced with quitting my job. And I actually did quit my job, obviously,
but it took a lot of strength to do so. But now, you know, I’ve sold millions of dollars
worth of both digital and physical products online. And it’s supported me for many, many years. And I’d like to share with you that process
and what I went through and which you could go through. I also want to give you a free gift down in
the description. There’s a ninety seven dollar e-commerce course. You can get absolutely free. All you have to do is click the link and it
will take you to a page where you can start getting that training. So go ahead. Take advantage of that. And don’t forget, subscribe notifications. Let’s do that. All right. So let’s get into selling online now. I was afraid to quit my job today. We actually have my branded products and thousands
of Web sites, including Wal-Mart. I have courses I’ve been coaching. You know, I’ve done speaking. And it all came from quitting my job. But quitting that job. That’s the scary thing. And I will tell you, it’s something that any
entrepreneur is faced with at some point, obviously. I actually started selling online in 2009
and I actually quit my job in 2011. But by that point, I had worked it up to where
my best month so far was. Eighty thousand dollars in a single month. So that was pretty good. I thought 80 grand a month. Now, why did I want to quit my job? Because everybody’s got their own motivation
for this. So the reason I didn’t want to work there
anymore was not because of the pay. The pay wasn’t what I wanted. I mean, it wasn’t enough, but it was because
my boss. So you like my boss. And it’s been proven that probably 80 to 90
percent of the dissatisfaction with people’s jobs is because of their boss. And, you know, he actually did me a favor
because, you know, I did finally quit and I did finally start my own business and did
finally make money. But that is a big motivator, guys. You know, if you don’t like your boss now,
you can have other motivations. You know, he could be you’re not making enough
money. You know, maybe you don’t have enough time
with your family. That was another when I hit on because I was
a single dad at the time with my family. But I also wanted to travel. And I couldn’t travel because I had to work
all the time. And they gave me short vacations. And then when I did have a vacation and worry
about losing your job while you were gone, you would replace you with somebody else. So you know that that was another tough situation. So without enough money and with not liking
my job and wanting more time, you know, I was kind of overwhelmed. I didn’t I didn’t like being in that position
anymore. But I had some other good benefits, too. I mean, I had a company car. You know, my pay wasn’t bad. It was better than the average person at the
time. If you kind of fall into this situation where
you want to quit, you have one of these things bothering you. Put in the comments below, put in there what
it is that’s going to motivate you to quit your job. The more you talk about it, the more you discuss
that, the better the odds are that you’re going to do it and you’re going to succeed. So, you know, put that in the comments below. Don’t forget to do that. I’m going to tell you that the first thing
you need to do is change your thought patterns. That is the number one biggest thing you can
do if you want to quit your job and be successful in your own business. Now, there is a process and I know Tony Robbins
uses it to it’s called a Dickens process and it’s basically an in EL-P technique used by
a lot of people to actually change the way they think. The essence is really based on Scrooge. OK. Where it shows the future doesn’t have to
be what you think it’s going to be. Now, if you’ve ever watched the movie Scrooge,
you know that, you know, it’s a Charles Dickens thing. And that’s why it’s called the Dickens principle. But when you fast forward think to where you’re
going to be, you know, in the future and you model that and you figure out what that’s
going to feel like, and then you fast forward, if you’ve made some changes, which your future
is going to be like. You can actually change your thought process
and will actually change your actions. It will get you different results, too. So this process actually uses your conscience
to visualize both paths. OK. You have to really sit down and visualize
both past. It’s better if you do this with your eyes
closed. I know they do that at the Tony Robbins events. You can actually pick which route you want
to go down. So I’m going to walk you through it in just
a second so you can kind of get this in your brain. But I kind of want to give you an example. So let’s let’s pick something like smoking. OK. Before we work on yours, let’s pick on something
like smoking. Now, if you’re a smoker now and you know,
I know a lot of people in the country or are smokers right now, it’s a shame, but they
actually are. You probably want to quit. That’s probably something you’d like to do. You’d probably like to quit smoking. But it’s a very hard thing to do. So what we do is we sit down, they say, OK,
well. Let’s say I didn’t quit smoking. OK. Let’s say for a year from now I didn’t quit
smoking. What would my life look like? Well, you know, I may I may get sick. You know, I could maybe get cancer or something
like that or, you know, I may just not feel as good or I may cough a lot. You know, a year is not that long, but it’s
going to take its toll on my body and putting go the weaker. I won’t breathe as well. You know what? About five years now would take five years
if you continue to smoke for five years from now. You know, maybe you’ll quit going to the gym
if you’re already going to the gym because it’s too much effort. The breathing is becoming more and more difficult. You’ve spent a lot of money on cigarettes
at this point. I don’t know what they sell for any. I was blown away last time I looked, but I
think they’re close to a hundred bucks a carton. I have no idea if that could be totally wrong. But the point is, you spent a lot of money,
too, so maybe maybe you’re going through a couple of cartons a month. Maybe it’s a couple hundred dollars a month. And that’s something that you could have used
for utility bill. That’s something you could have socked away
for savings. That’s something you could have put towards
a car payment. You know, there’s so many things you could
have done with that money. I mean, after five years of that, all that
money’s gone and your health is worse. OK. So let’s go out 10 years from now and let’s
say 10 years from now. You do contract the disease. Let’s say you get lung cancer. OK. If you get lung cancer, they’re going to give
you six months to live. So what does that mean to you? Well, you’ve shorten your life, obviously. But how does it affect everything around you? What does it do to the people around you? Well, now you’ve got to tell your kids, hey,
I’m not going to be around for my grandkids. I’m not going to be able to see you get married. I’m not going to be able to see you graduate
college. I’m not going to be there because I’ve got
lung cancer now and I’m going to die. So that is the bad rule. OK. That’s the route that you take me to go. Well, if I don’t change the situation, that’s
where it’s going to end up. Then you take the other rally, you say, OK,
I’m a smoker, but I’m going to quit. What will my life be like a year from now? And you say, well, a year from now, I don’t
know. Maybe some bad out. Maybe that game will go away because I quit
smoking. But I do feel better now and I can breathe
better. And I didn’t get a cold all year long. Normally, I’ll get two or three colds a year,
but since I quit smoking, I didn’t get a call. All right. Let’s take it out. Five years, five years from now, let’s say. Well, you know what? I did drop that weight and I got to where
I was going to the gym more and I started working out more. And I was physically in shape more than I
had been before because I wasn’t smoking. My health didn’t seem to improve. And I noticed that I didn’t have the stains
on my fingers the way I used to, and I didn’t smell bad. And I actually had some extra money left over
every single month. And, you know, I started a business on the
side. Let’s say you did that with your money. OK, that was able to invest in that business
every month because I had that extra money left over from those cigarettes and then take
it out. Ten years now. It’s been ten years from now. Well, actually, my business grew from that
cigarette money I had. And now I was able to quit my job and I was
able to do what I want and travel. But it will see several countries and it looks
like I got a pretty bright future. So that is that Dickens process looking at
what’s going to happen if you don’t change it. What’s going to happen if you do change it? Now, what we want to do is we want to actually
model that for your job. OK. So let’s say you’re in a job now. Let’s say you’re making fifty thousand a year. And you know, some of the desires and the
ones you have are, too. I want to travel. I want to spend more time with my family. I would have a nicer car when I have a nicer
house. I would have nicer clothes. And I’m in this job making fifty thousand
a year. Right now, it’s not going to happen. You know, maybe I’ll get a raise. Maybe I can make some more money. But let’s say I don’t quit my job. Look, I don’t quit my job a year from now. They don’t fire me. But they don’t give me a raise. And I’m still making fifty thousand a year. So I can’t do a lot of things I want. I don’t really have time to exercise. I don’t have time with my family. A lot of things I want to see and do I can’t
do because I’m only making this 50 grand. My wife actually had to pick up another job
to help supplement. You know, one of my kids is now going to paper
rallied and you know, he’s paying for some of his own clothes and stuff because I just
don’t have enough money. So that’s what can happen in that period of
time. Now, let’s take it out to 10 years, 10 years
from now, let’s say. Well, you know, I didn’t quite make it to
10 years because a year 7, they actually fired me from my job and I had to go look for another
job and I found another job. But he was even making less money than I had
made before. Things are tighter now. We actually had to downsize. I had to sell my nicer car and I had to get
a cheaper one. Can we now live in an apartment? So that’s what happens if you don’t quit your
job. OK. Now, you may have gotten a raise along the
way. Maybe you did. Maybe. Maybe you got a little bit more money. Maybe, you know, bad things didn’t happen. But bottom line, if you’d like. Didn’t exactly skyrocket. Now, let’s say you did quit your job and you
started the business. This is where people get scared. If I quit my job and I start a business, it
could fail. And that’s all you think about. So get that out of your mind first on this. First thing we would do is get out of your
mind. We want to think about the good things that
could happen. OK. So if I quit my job and I start this business
and this is what I was faced with, if I quit my job and started this business, what can
what can happen is good. Well, maybe I can build up. This business, you know, in a year from now,
maybe I can actually replace my income from my job and maybe I’m making sixty or seventy
thousand years, my income goes up a little bit. You know that a tremendous amount, but more. But I feel better because I’m now more relaxed. I don’t have to listen to somebody else. Tell me what to do anymore. I can actually go to work when I want. Sometimes I work and even sometimes we’re
going to weekends. You know, if my kids have an event at school,
I’m able to attend it almost anytime because whatever time I take for that event, I didn’t
take that time. I didn’t work and I put into work later on. So therefore, all the events now, which is
kind of nice. And that was the first year, year five. What happens at year five? Your business actually grows. OK. You’re able to pay off all your debts. You’re able to get a nice car. You’re able to travel a bit and have made
maybe you even went overseas. Maybe you saw a foreign country that you’ve
never seen before. That’s what happened in five years, then 10
years. What happened? Well, business went up and down. Business does go up and down. But maybe you got it to go up again. Maybe you learn some new talents. Maybe you were able to teach some people some
new things and you found out that you could do courses online. You can make money doing that because the
other business didn’t go as well. And I know that happened with us with survival
food. It went down a little bit. So we started doing training and teaching
people how to make money online. So if you take that Dickens principle and
you apply it to quitting your job and you look at some of the positive things, then
you may be able to do that. Specked I know you can do it because I did
it. OK. I did it. I’m not speaking from a position of I have
no idea what would happen if you quit your job. I quit my job. OK. And what I figured out is I will work a lot
harder for me than I’ll ever work for anybody else. And I wasn’t a lazy employee. I worked hard for my employer. I always did and did my best and did all those
things. But the bottom line is, when I’m working for
me, it’s a whole different story. And when things get a little edgier, I don’t
have enough money for me. I’m going to work all the time. I’m going to work seven days a week. I’m going to work in the evening. You know, it’s been said an entrepreneur. The definition of an entrepreneur is somebody
who work 80 hours a week for themselves to keep from having to work 40 hours a week for
somebody else. There’s something to be said for that. But yeah, we put in a lot of hours on line. That’s very true. However, we have a lot of freedoms. We have a lot of liberties. We have a lot of chances to meet new people
and see new things. And that’s basically what life is about. It’s about experiences. It’s not really about money, though. You know, we’ve generated millions of dollars
online, and that’s great. It’s not just about that, though. It’s about all the new people I’ve met, all
the places I’ve been able to go to, the time I’ve been able to spend with my kids and now
my grandkids. I’m getting older. But bottom line is my life is different. If I want to go out and have dinner with friends. I go out and have dinner with friends. I don’t have to ask anybody if it’s OK. I know that I’m allowed to do that because
I set my own schedule. If I decide I want to go to work at 6 o’clock
in the morning, I get a bunch of stuff done and take off in the afternoon. I can do that if I decide on tired in the
morning one day and I don’t want to get up, I can start work at 10:00 or 11:00. I rarely do that. But if I want to do it, it’s nice knowing
that I have the freedom to do that. And that’s what you’re gonna gain if you quit
your job. Now, I read an interview not too long ago
about Jeff Bezos. And the interesting thing about Jeff Bezos
is that he used one criteria for every single decision he made. And I thought it was a pretty interesting
criteria and I thought it was basically the Dickens process. But he didn’t know it was then. His process was what will this what will happen
when I make this decision by the time I’m 80 years old? So he based everything on being 80 years old. So if I if I go down this route, what’s going
to happen by the time I’m 80, if I go down this rail, what’s going to happen by the time
I’m 80? So I guess you could apply it. I’m not going to go to the gym if I don’t
go to the gym today and I don’t do it until I’m 80, maybe I’ll die at 70, OK? And I won’t I won’t be in shape. Or maybe I’ll go to the gym today because
I keep doing this every day at the age of 80. I want to feel good. You know, I’ll be in shape and I’ll be, you
know, looking good. So it’s that 80 year thing that I thought
was really important that he makes that decision based on everything. And as you know, Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, which
I think Amazon owns the world at this point. I don’t know what it will be by the time you
see this video. So basically, I want you to run yourself through
these questions. What would be the cost of limiting beliefs
to you right now? What are those? What are they? What are those things costing you? What are those bad habits costing you right
now? What would you do to change those things? Also, how could your your bad habits or your
lack of decision hurt people who are the closest to your family and friends? How will it affect them? Don’t think it won’t. It will. You know, your decisions will affect them. I promise you that once you make these decisions,
what effect will it have in your future business life? OK. What will happen there? What could you earn? What could you do? What could you accomplish? So now I want you to think about all of your
new empowering patterns and beliefs. And what are those things, you know? How will you evolve as a person? You know, if you stay in that same job for
40 years, you’re probably gonna be the same. If you get out of your comfort zone and try
something new, you’re going to learn new things, you’re going to become a different person. And that’s really what life is about is evolving
because we are not born as the person we should become. We grow into the person we become as we work
on ourselves, you know, and you got to really visualize this stuff, you know, when you’re
thinking about what the future is. You know what I think of the future and I’m
thinking about we’ll taken a trip somewhere. I think about, you know, the people around
me, you know, the cars around me, the noises, the smells. What are all these things going on around
me? Because that makes that future pacing a whole
lot more realistic. If I could do that. So that’s really all you need to do. Guys, you can change your life. You can do these things. Grab my course. It’s a free e-commerce course. It’s just below on this video here. Absolutely free. Don’t forget to subscribe. Don’t forget to turn on notifications. Right. Don’t forget to put comments in there. Tell me what you’re gonna do. Tell me what you’ve done. Tell me what part of this is useful to you. Give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the
next video.

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  2. they say living well is the best revenge or the best Karma.

    I was fortunate to finally leave the worst job I ever had in my life.

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