How Does Content Marketing Drive Your Business?
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How Does Content Marketing Drive Your Business?

– It’s amazing, it works,
you need to have a strategy, you need to have a game plan, and you just need to start now. – Welcome to The Journey, I’m Nealey. And I’m Morgan. – And today we are talking about what is content marketing and how it can drive your business? All right Morgan. What is content marketing? – So the best definition I’ve ever heard of content marketing is it’s
the art of persuading people to buy through education, so basically you’re creating
content on your website, that your users want to engage with, it’s helpful, it’s
informative, it’s educational, maybe it’s pretty looking, but it’s just information
that they’re going to go to and they’re going to learn something, so the reason it’s so important to have all of this
content at the ready is because people research before they buy, – Right. – 88% of people before
they make a purchase, they do some sort of research, they go on google, they look at reviews, they compare, they price shop, they do everything. – Go on YouTube. – Yes, so whether it’s small potato’s, I just need to buy like hand fan because I’m going outside, or it’s a big ticket item like a car, people are going to see and there going to go online, and if your content
provides them information about to help make that purchase decision, eventually they might just go to you and buy it directly from you, cause you’ve provided them
such great information in their research. – Right, you’ve added just a
tremendous amount of value, helping them out and they are going to help you out, so give us some examples of
content marketing in the wild. – Yep, so my favorite example of content marketing that I’ve ever heard, I went to a conference and content marketing
guru Jade Baer was talking about this company called
River Pools & Spa’s, so what River Pools &
Spa’s does is they do in ground fiber glass pools. – Pretty specific. – Very, very specific niche and in 2008, okay people
can’t pay their mortgage, the last thing they want
to do is build a new pool. – Right. – So you know their business
obviously was in the tank. And so what did they do? They said okay, well we’re
going to providing content and writing all these articles about questions that our
customers constantly ask us, so they wrote three hundred articles about every single question that probably they’ve ever
been asked in their lifetime, so the really cool thing about this is that their very first post that they ever did was. How much does a fiberglass pool cost? That has generated two point
five million dollars in sales. – Wow. – People go, they search that, they find all the information,
it’s a great article, and then they say hey I’m
just gonna buy from you, so as a result by 2009
just one year later, they were the number one
fiberglass pool company in the United States and today they are the number
one pool website in the world, they just get so much traffic from these articles, it’s gold. – That is crazy and not only did, was that super beneficial, but now they’re not answering
the same questions over and over, and over, via support, their website, or email, that’s all taken care of. – Especially since they found that on average their pool
buyers read 150 articles. – What? – Before they make a purchase, so these people, they are, they want to have all the information before making a decision and River Pools & Spa’s
they have all the info. – That is absolutely crazy. So how do you really decide what type of content
that you want to create? – So first and foremost you need to focus on stuff that you’re good at, so if I’m a pool company, I should probably stick to that and just write about pools and questions that my customers have. – Right, not like doing
Elsa hair tutorials, you want to keep on topic. – No, no, definitely stick to the pools. The second thing is,
you should do something that you can be consistent at, you can’t just do one article or one post, one piece of content and assume that’s enough, you have to stick with it, and lastly it has to be something that you enjoy doing, so if you hate writing, maybe blogs, and that sort of content is not for you, maybe if you’re more of a photographer and you want to share and create content that way, you should do that, but stick with something
that is your focus that you can be consistent at and that you’re good at. – Awesome. So how often should a business
owner be creating this type of content? – It really depends on
you and your business and where you can focus, but it’s just something like I said before that you can consistently do whether that’s one post a week, two post a week, you find the calendar that works for you and start pumping that
content out on that schedule. – Right, and it really
helps to, be consistent, so if you do a new post, the first Tuesday of every month your
reader start to expect, cool, it’s the first
Tuesday of every month, I’m going to your website and I’m checking it out, and it’s just creates that
consistency and that loyalty. – Yep. – All right, so other than a blog, we talked about that a lot here. What are some other ways
we can create content or a different platform? – You can create content
on your YouTube channel, you can create eBooks for your audience, you can start a podcast, anything there’s a podcast
for everything now a days, so if you have information and that you know people
are looking for it, maybe just do podcast episode once a week, once every two weeks, about questions that your
audience is asking you. – Right, and I think it’s
important to really remember that it’s about your audience and what they potentially like, so if you’re audience likes podcast, like you should possibility
look in to podcast, they hate podcast, maybe a
video, maybe blog content. – Don’t put your time there. Yep. – Right, it’s got to matter,
and it’s got to matter to them. – Yep. – All right Morgan, so
that sounds awesome, but I can also understand that it can be pretty
overwhelming especially to a small business owner, or even a solopreneur that’s doing just twenty
different jobs already, adding content creator just
might put it over the top. – Exactly, so what you said
is some business owners their time is worth more doing what they do best, if you’re a plumber doing that, if you’re a carpenter doing that, if you’re a lawyer definitely doing that. Right? So if you really want to build that content marketing library, you might have to hire someone or you might have to do it at night and just do one post a week, it’s really up to you, you
want to balance, you know. Is my time worth this? Pay someone or do it yourself. – Perfect, and what a lot of people can do too is batch content, so like we keep bouncing back and forth on all the different things we do, sometimes it’s better to
spend a couple of hours to knock out a few post, but you don’t post them all at once, you do your scheduling,
you keep it consistent, so you have three or four posts lined up, get your first post out and then you still have all your others, and you can focus on running your business or if you can’t do that, hire a pro, there’s lots of sites out there, again Google is your friend. – All right, so that’s content marketing, it’s amazing, it’s works, you need to have a strategy, you need to have game plan, and you just need to start now, so figure out what your audience likes, what sort of content, what medium it should be, and then start producing content, find a schedule, just start small, you don’t need 300 hundred articles. – No. – You will get there over time, but just start answering questions that your audience, that your potential buyers
are asking you already, so that way when there
searching on Google, they’ll find you and eventually
they’ll buy from you. – Perfect, now we’d love to see some of your best content you’ve created, comment below, one of your
links to your articles, videos, blog post, podcast, whatever medium is that
chose, give a little shout out down below, make sure you
like, subscribe to our channel, but that’s all I have for you today, this has been The Journey, signing off.

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  1. Sharing is caring! Simply create content that provides your readers with the answers to the questions they are already searching for. It not only establishes you as a trusted authority, but they also are more like to purchase from you when the time comes to make a purchase.

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