How Fried Chicken Is Made At Grand Central Market • Tasty
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How Fried Chicken Is Made At Grand Central Market • Tasty

hey I’m Jenn Harris senior food writer at the Los Angeles Times I’m also obsessed with fried chicken and I call myself the unofficial fried chicken queen of Los Angeles today we’re in downtown LA at Grand Central Market to check out lucky bird he’s one of the best new fried chicken spots in the city will be meeting with Chef Chris Dane who’s gonna tell us exactly why the chicken here is so crispy and delicious bonus points he’s going to be sharing three recipes with us let’s do this I’m Christine chef/owner of lucky bird Grand Central Market we wanted to kind of showcase a Los Angeles type fried chicken today we’re gonna show you three of our most popular dishes here so first up we have the chicken sandwich so we get a boneless skin-on chicken thigh we put it in a chicken Brian it’s got lemon juice salt sugar it’s got water aromatics like garlic and thyme and bay leaf and some lemon peels and we submerge our chicken in it for up to eight hours pull it out let the chicken dry overnight what’s chickens been dried we bring it into a dredge of AP flour paprika salt and garlic powder we use a flower called Wondra flour and it does not absorb grease like a normal AP flour will so it’ll keep your chicken a little bit lighter and a little bit crispier and it won’t have that kind of heavy feeling and way down feeling when you’re eating it into buttermilk after that with our homemade hot sauce and then into our Wondra flour which is the instant flour and then we’ll drop it into our pressure fryers and that helps retain a lot of moisture it helps cook our chicken to the appropriate levels as we need it they fry for about eight minutes and with resting they’re completely cooked all the way through we’ll take our buns that we get from a local bakery and we’ll slather them with some chicken fat or some schmaltz and toast them on the griddle once they’re toasted we’ll schmear some paprika aioli on them and we have house-made pickles and some lettuce that we put on there as well and that’s how you make our chicken sandwich so excited eat this fried chicken right now I have to do anything all day this is our fried chicken sandwich enjoy right away look at this big monster a nice squishy bun this is dark meat dark meat is key to a good juicy chicken sandwich it’s fried amazingly you see how the skin and the breading are not separated from the chicken this coating is so crisp it basically shatters there’s a wholly-owned here is nuts lots of nice acid for the pickles to kill our sandwich so next up we’re doing our chicken and waffles we went on the more savory route when it comes to the waffles we’ll get our AP flour we’ll get our hot sauce powder yeast baking soda we’ll get our salt and then we’ll get our wet ingredients which are eggs buttermilk a little bit of water a little bit of chicken fat and some butter and we’ll mix everything together and it’s important to let this batter rise we’ll add it to our waffle maker about 3 and 1/2 minute cook time so every chicken waffle comes with a chicken breast and then one dark piece either leg or thigh and it’s served with a habanero honey and that’s our chicken and waffle recipe look at the crunch on this and I love that he added to it with that little bit of lemon zest and rolled in sea salt on top girls get into his waffles because he uses they used to do– such a savoury super fluffy waffles seems like a doughnut waffle this is the perfect bite every time and finally our buffalo bird this is our version of a spicy chicken sandwich we make our own hot sauce here with Fresno chilies habaneros garlic salt and vinegar we let that ferment for about a week then we’ll blend that up and once the hot sauce is made we’re able to turn that into a buffalo sauce so I’ll fry our boneless skin-on thigh pieces and once it comes out of the fryer we’ll dip it directly into this buffalo sauce and completely coat the entire thing with this nice saucy spicy and caution that we made we slather a little bit of buttermilk dressing on there some pickled jalapenos and our homemade coleslaw goes on top just kind of cool you off just a little bit and that’s the Buffalo bird toaster sandwiches here whoa heat level is good everyone is into hot chicken right now I’m an OG buffalo fan ever since I discovered Frank’s redhot this is like the best buffalo chicken wing you’ve ever had smashed into a fantastic sandwich and then he has this fantastic slaw on here so farm up ranch dressing it’s like you’re dipping her wings and eating them Christ thank you so much for showing us how to make those incredible recipes the chicken was so so good thank you so much and you’re welcome back any time if you guys want to try Chris’s fried chicken sandwich and more fried chicken be sure to head to our fried chicken party it’s happening as part of the Los Angeles Times football in LA on May 10th and if you want more information you can check out the link in description I’ll see you guys there [Music]

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  1. Basic video technique: When the presenter is pointing towards something in the dish, it would do good to just zoom in on the dish.

  2. Youtube pls stop recommending me this stuff, I'm in hostel and these cravings are absolutely killing me!

  3. FUCK I wish we had fried chicken here, there are barely any kfc places here and really uncommon to see at any restaurant

  4. Fresno chili peppers, habaneros and pickled jalapenos! How the hell can one handle that much heat. Wouldn't all this burn a hole through your stomach walls right away? I wonder!

  5. When I come to la this summer I’m gonna try that spicy chicken sandwich. It looks like it slaps 😋

  6. Oh wow the chef looks very fit 💪 I guess he doesn't eat much fried chicken like his costumers do 😁

  7. I'm sure the chicken there tastes great but why not highlight the businesses that were there before hipsters took over Grand Central Market? There are plenty of old school Asian restaurants and Hispanic restaurants that were there when the floor was covered in hay. And the food is still bomb. Those places are still there despite being overshadowed by places like the health shot place .

  8. "You see the skin isn't separated from the chicken…?" No I don't see, because you guys didn't show me.

  9. 50% of the comments are _____ would like to know your location
    40% are normal comments
    10% are complaining

  10. There's a way to make the fried chicken spicy, but still crispy. Mix spicy peppers with the brine and spicy pepper powder with the batter/flour.

  11. When the girl comes in:

    ”So good hmm the best! I really love it! Tasty!”

    The kitchen is clean as well

    When chief Ramsey comes in:

    “Dreadful! Disgusting! ITS BLAND! AND ITS FUCKING RAW!!”

    the whole kitchen looking like a mess and dirty

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