How I Got A Job At BuzzFeed
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How I Got A Job At BuzzFeed

– September 22, three years ago. My future is in LA at BuzzFeed. I honestly feel my future there. That’s where I fit
professionally, like my skills and interest and personality. I am dedicating my time
and thought to being there. (melancholy music) – I started here at
BuzzFeed very interestingly. – Before I was working
here, I was a morning show reporter. – I actually went to
culinary school and while I was in college I made,
like, dumb little, You Tube videos and as I started
to kind of play with that, I really started to enjoy
the process of editing and filming. – So I started as a small You Tuber. I used to make cause play
videos, animated videos, and actually two years
ago, I applied to BuzzFeed but I didn’t get it. – I moved to Montana to do
the news which was sort of what I thought I wanted to do but I was really unhappy there. I hated doing the news; I hated the cold; I was always alone. – I had just lost my job; I
got fired to be more precise. – I was at Sephora working
and what I really loved to do was helping people find
confidence in themselves no matter what. So I was doing my little makeup at Sephora and then I started seeing a few videos on body-positive stuff coming
from this BuzzFeed thing and I was like “What the (bleep) is that”? – And I remember when I was
still in Montana wishing I could move back to LA but
wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I eventually
realized I want to make videos that make people forget
what their going through. – A friend of mine that was
working here gave me the suggestion to start writing
just on He was like “You want to work at BuzzFeed? They hire people from the
post that, you know, anybody posts.” – There was a point in my
life where it was really hard to find a job. I would apply to all these
places and for some reason I would never get hired
and I wondered if there was something wrong with me, like,
if I’m not doing it right. – When I looked into it and
I applied for a position that I wasn’t even qualified for. – I was sitting up watching
a lot of late night tv and I watched this episode
of the Jimmy Fallon Show with Christina Aguilera. I was watching and she
did this impersonation of Brittany Spears. – This little piggy went to the market. – So I was quickly, like,
“Oh (bleep), let me write this article real quick”
and next thing I know, like, it was on the homepage
the next day and it got a million views. – Two weeks later I got an audition. And, my audition, sure
enough, was here for BuzzFeed. And I didn’t get it but
the person signing me in at the desk asked me
my name and he was like “Wow there’s something
about you; you have a look, you have the sounds”. So, I give him my head shot;
he tells me that I should meet someone so right after
my audition he introduces me to the team lead for Better Like. – I was writing a lot of
these and a lot of my posts were getting, like, a million
hits before I was even here. – Two years passed and I
remember BuzzFeed again and I just had this random thought,
like, oh BuzzFeed, that’s something I really wanted
to do; might as well try it. – And then within two weeks,
I heard back and they were really interested in all the
cooking competitions I had done, my professional
experience in restaurants. – A few weeks later they
call me in from my head shot to film a video. (foreign language) And, I did an amazing job,
I guess because they called me again and they called me
again and then they called me again. – I was going into an
interview actually that morning and I get a phone call from
this number and I answer my phone at that point and
now I don’t answer any phone calls but if its a 310 number,
I’m answering it because I don’t have a job. – Well it turns out they took
me for an interview to be a fellow which here that
means you have to have actual like, technical skills and
I had zero technical skills. So, I came in for an interview
with Eugene of all people. I was just like yeah I love
fashion; look at me; I’m fashionable; I love fashion. And, then they’re like “What
about your technical skills”. And, I was like technically
I love fashion and then I just moved on. – So Dave from HR was on the
other line and he was like “Is this Nick Gillery and I
was like yes, this is Nick and he was just like so
we saw your community post and Macie who runs the
curation team would love to have you in for an interview. Are you available to
come in this afternoon?” I said yes so fast before my
life, I was like absolutely yes. – And that was that! – After I was graduated I
got a call like two or three days later and they offered
me the job officially. – They gave me a shot and
three months in after that they offered me a BuzzFeed producer role. – It was really funny coming
across that journal entry because that’s exactly what
I did; I moved home with the intent of working at BuzzFeed;
I interviewed; I didn’t get it and I was devastated. But I knew it just a matter
of time and so I applied again and I interviewed
again and I got it. – The day that I got the phone
call from BuzzFeed telling me that I was hired was the
most amazing feeling that I have ever had. That day, I remember checking
my bank account and I only had like six dollars in my
account and it didn’t matter because I was just so happy. – I didn’t book the job that
I initially came to audition for; I don’t remember what
it even was but I ended up where I needed to be. – Regardless of whatever road
blocks lie in your way, if you feel in your heart that
you belong somewhere, you belong doing something
then keep chasing it. – You should keep fighting
for, keep doing the things you love. – Whether you want to be a
doctor, whether you want to be a lawyer, an athlete,
anything you want to do, you can do. You are the God of your
own universe and you can create the path that you
want to be on so put you mind to it and you can do
whatever you want to do. Trust me because it worked for me. (melancholy music)

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100 thoughts on “How I Got A Job At BuzzFeed

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  2. looking to get a job like the one at buzzfeed? sing up here and get a job at a startup!

  3. step 0: if you are a WOC, skip the other steps; you are hired
    step 1: don't be a white male
    step 2: be a SJW

  4. How to get a job at Buzzfeed.

    Be anything but White.
    Be Trans.
    Be Gay.
    Be 600 lbs.
    Hate Men.
    Hate Whites.
    Hate Fit People.
    Hate National Sovereignty.
    Hate truth.
    Hate those that tell it.
    Love Marxism.
    Love Defiance.
    Call them raycissss.
    ….Then blame other races.
    To get a job a buzzfeed.

  5. I love all the times they say " I applied, but didn't get it." on these videos and are clearly working at Buzzfeed. Keep trying and you'll get it eventually, girl !!!

  6. I kinda want to work in buzzfeed because it seems like fun but i don't share some of their "points of view" so i guess i have no chance to begin with XD

  7. Im 17 and i wanna study british literature and i’d LOOOOVE to work at Buzzfeed. My vision is wide and im a workaholic (whether it be school etc.) i think im pretty qualified to work here

  8. My dream is to work at buzzfeed but I'm too young 🙁 when i get older, I'm going to do everything in my power to make people smile as much as buzzfeed makes me smile. its such an amazing group of people that just spread happiness. Its a family that id love to one day be apart of. 😀

  9. I have a Baking and Patessiere Culinary Degree, my specialty is chocolate sculptures and cake decorating. Applied to Buzzfeed/ Tasty twice and no word back in 4 months. 😭🍰

  10. It's my dream to write and entertain like Megan said 'to help people forget things for a little bit' and just hearing about people working so hard to get here or even just finding their place at Buzzfeed makes me so warm and happy inside…like YES! THIS! crosses fingers one day please let this be me!

  11. honestly, i would love to work at buzzfeed but i have NO IDEA what you have to do to get there, the qualifications to work there, or what to say during the interview. i've always wanted to be a part of buzzfeed but i'm just so clueless of what it takes ://

  12. I’m currently a psychologist but out of no where I want to work at buzzfeed !! Why are people saying that a lot of people leave this job ? Doesn’t it make you famous?

  13. I’m 13 year old and I like you edit videos and film and I also like to take Pictures this video that you made. Made me what to work at buzzfeed so I hope someday I’ll be able to work there is the future 😄

  14. working at buzzfeed is my actual dream job! I have had everything planned out since 2017. My friends and i are moving to LA I am going to apply at buzzfeed and work with a singing career my friend is thinking about dermatology! I really am hoping buzzfeed will accept me because if not i am not sure what to do with my life

  15. Today at school we were talking about careers and I said "I wanna work at buzzfeed" and my teacher told me I need to pick a REAL job that will get me money

  16. Nice Video. Your video is currently ranking #2 for the keyword: 'what will my job be buzzfeed'. You are almost there.

  17. I have 2 dream jobs. Going into the airforce or working at buzzfeed. Hm…I'm taking a class that will make me Microsoft certified. Wonder if that will help XD

  18. My dream is to work at buzz feed I would love to have a job that is fun I think I would try my hardest and ya so I’m just saying what I would love to do

  19. Just got fired this week and I am so happy because I can go after my dreams in the health care we all have a story love thanks so much

  20. By walking into the office and looking like a LGBT freakshow of nonEuropean descent will guarantee you a hired promotion.

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