How I Made $300,000 by Giving Everything Away For FREE
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How I Made $300,000 by Giving Everything Away For FREE

[Content Strategy] How I made $300,000 by
Giving Everything away for FREE In Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, ‘Jab, Jab,
Jab, Right Hook’, he suggests that the only way that you can build credibility or trust
with an audience is by showing them authority and your experience or your expertise in your
niche, through value, an extreme value. He even says, “Giving away my best content
for free was my gateway drug to building all of these amazing opportunities and relationships
around him”. In today’s video, I am going to show you
how to giveaway all of your best tips and tricks related to your industry and how to
give them away for free then to take that and turn it around and make a ton of money
doing it. So, stay tuned, let’s go. [MUSIC 00:40 – 00:52]
Alright, welcome back everybody, my name is Jordan Steen aka Cereal Entrepreneur, thank
you for joining me today. So for those of you that are just starting
out in your entrepreneurial journey, you have to understand that if you want someone to
trust you and believe you and start to actually follow your content or the information that
you are releasing, you have to be able to build trust and credibility. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest challenge
that most business owners have because they try to go out and they try to celebrate product
or service before they ever shown an audience that they know, what they are talking about. So the best way that you can actually do that
is by giving away your best content or information related to your industry, for free. So, before we get into all of these really
cool information, make sure you do one thing beneficial to you and hit the subscribe button
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everything like that. So, for a lot of you, starting your marketing
agency or if you are starting a personal brand, a lot of the time, people ask me, well Jordan,
if I give it all away for free, then what value can I sell them? Like what product am I actually going to sell
them if I teach them how to do it all for free? And here’s the trick, usually if it is a
personal brand and you are trying to give away the information, you just giveaway just
enough to get them going, just enough that’s going to get them maybe a result that they
are looking for but it doesn’t solve the whole piece of the pie. Right and so let’s talk about how we broke
this strategy down. So, for Facebook marketing, let’s say that’s
our example, right? If we wanted to talk about Facebook marketing
and show people that I was a Facebook marketing expert, how would I do this without giving
everything away? Well, it is pretty simple actually. We will go to the board and we will say, okay,
so what are all of the Facebook marketing topics? We could talk about audiences, right and targeting. I can talk about the pixel, I can talk about
ad adjectives, talk about business manager and so, here’s the thing. I can create all of these different videos
and even just if I wanted to focus on business manager alone, I could focus on 1 specific
tab in business manager, maybe create a quick video on that. Maybe it is the business settings tab where
you are able to setup multiple accounts and multiple ad accounts right? I could focus on that tab and just that one
topic specifically and create a video on it. I guess the issue breaks down for those people. Everything is put out there, right? On YouTube and we are giving away all of these
value for free. But it is all pieced out there separately. Everything, it is in 150, 250 different pieces
with no structure, right? Even if you create playlist on your channel,
that’s fine but here is the thing, it is still difficult to know where do I start and
where do I end? How do I know I get a starting place and then
an end point? And that’s where putting together a product
or something like that helps them get to that, you know, end result that they are ultimately
looking for which is start here as a beginner, work your way down to here and know what you
are doing, right? Become an expert, right? And so that’s what this does, by giving
away your content for free and basically promoting a product or service for free and giving that
information out to your audience, you are able to build a relationship. Show them that you know what you are talking
about, not only that you can show them that you know what you are talking about and you
are going to be able to help them get the same desired result as well, right? And this relates to anything whether it’s
a personal brand or whether it is an actual business in a local area. The next tip, I want to talk to you guys about
and it is one of the most difficult ones to really stick to is Consistency. Okay and here’s what happens, it is either,
you are too busy already to create consisting content and you have promised to do 2 videos
a week or a video a week, right? That’s very hard to do, to produce, to shoot
to come up with ideas and topics to cover every single time, provide the research and
really put together a quality product, right? So if you plan to do it on a daily basis,
you need to have a team behind you to help facilitate all of the other aspects, the creative
side, the design side, the copy side, the publishing all of that stuff needs to be taken
care of, so that way you can focus on creating the actual content. But people usually get stuck and that’s
where they have an issue because they can’t hold to that consistency. So they either try to do too much and then
they can’t get consistence sort of [Inaudible 04:56] they stop or they are consistent in
general, they will post, you know, a video a week or 2 videos a week and then they’ll
start to fall off and then it will get like one video every week sometimes and then you
know, sometimes two videos a week, so their consistency drops off. And what happens is the audience starts to
say well we don’t know when the hell you are going to upload videos, right? But if I can expect to upload those videos
then you can expect your audience to stay tuned and to stay into what you are actually
doing. If you do it consistently, your audience will
love you for it and they will keep coming back over and over again. If they know when and where to find you, they
are going to come back, as long as the content is quality. So, creating a consistent you know, content
marketing plan can be you know, challenging. So if you are looking for a video on that
kind of training, check out this link up here in the top right hand corner. It will show you a little bit about consistent
marketing and planning and how to setup that content calendar. One of the next steps that you are actually
going to want to take in your you know, free content journey is actually have a plan for
what happens after they consume your free stuff because ultimately yes, you are trying
to give value and giveaway free information but you need to make money to run your business
right? You can’t just give everything for free
for ever because you know, how are you going to survive, right? How are you going to pay the bills? So when you create a plan to giveaway free
content, so for, in this example, we are going to give an eBook on how to make 6 figures
online, you know, say that was our content or our value piece that we are trying giveaway
to our audience, right? We know that we want to follow up with these
people in an email automation, right? So we are going to send them a welcome email
and then we are going to send them that guide that we referred to here. Then we are going to continue them through
a, you know, more value content. We are not going to try to sell them in the
next two emails, we might wait till the 3rd, 5th email something like that. Actually well, 4th or 5th email to try and
sell them anything or introduce them to a product, right? Because it is a cold lead. What we also know is that when someone reads
this email right here, we want to send them through Facebook remarketing audience, right? We will add them to a remarketing audience
on Facebook and we do that by knowing that they open this email and then that’s it. Now we are remarketing to them on Facebook
and Instagram. So we have a plan to actually monetize. We say that okay, you know, we are driving
this value content and then ultimately this value content, this would be the last from
right here, you know, it would go through another series of other you know, value content
here, right? And then there would be other ads coming off
over here to remarket to them and you know, show them the opportunity, testimonial, stuff
like that, whatever your product is and then ultimately you are driving them to this sales
page, right? Sales page here, is where you are actually
going to try and get them to buy the product. And so you have to work them through some
content provide value and show them your authority in your, your value to them. Why your product or your service is important
to them and why they can use it and that’s what this content flow, this sales funnel
really, ad funnel does to land clients and land you know, more customers for whatever
you know, personal brand or client that you are trying to work this campaign for. And my final piece of advice to you guys and
this is something we think we do a really great job at, is following up with the people
who actually purchased your product and keeping them involved with your brand. So you want to actually create some remarketing
campaigns or onboarding tight campaigns for the people who actually sign on or purchase
whatever product or service it is that you offer. And again this is going to build that trust
and credibility with them and make them more willing to go out and talk about and promote
your product or service to other people. Oh and if you need help creating content for
any type of brand or business out there and you struggle with coming up with ideas, check
out this video we put together appear in the top right hand corner and we will show you
how we come up with our really cool content ideas, every single week. Really quickly guys, have you tried to giveaway
value before for either a business or for a client or something like that and it hasn’t
worked out well for you as far as getting new leads or people interested in that content
you are creating? If so, leave a comment below saying that yeah,
that’s happened to me, I would like to discuss why and figure out what is it maybe about
that experience that your audience didn’t enjoy or figure out why they didn’t download
whatever template or you know, sign on for whatever value that you are trying to give
away. That’s it for me everybody. I am going to get out of here for today. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and
the notification bell at the bottom right hand corner of these videos that way you get
all of our training and our free content and free giveaways that we do here at Cereal Entrepreneur. Oh and do me a favor, hit the Thumbs up right
below this video if you found value in today’s lesson. But until next time guys, Cereal Entrepreneur
out, see you! [Music 09:23 – 09:31]
Ready to start living the 6 figure, work wherever, be your own boss lifestyle? Well, at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy, we will
teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital
marketing agency. Get started with our free Facebook ads training. Links in the description below guys. See you in the course. Cereal Entrepreneur out. [Music 09:47 – 09:56]
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