How I Trade on the Stock Market
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How I Trade on the Stock Market

hey guys good morning from Costa Rica I recently made a video about how I afford to travel the world oiler the answer is the stock market after I made that video I had a lot of you guys that were super interested I just really want to caution you guys not to just jump into the stock market please don't take anything that anybody says about the stock market for granted even what I'm saying here don't just follow exactly what I say don't go to another website and follow exactly what they say no one is completely a hundred percent right about the stock market no one knows the perfect way it doesn't exist always kind of be doubtful about any advice you receive about the stock market even for me don't take what I'm saying it's just the absolute truth go under your own research I am going to show you exactly how I would trade a stock pretty volatile looking stock we have here which is great for us we are starting out our graph with a hundred shares so the stock goes up here we would be thinking well is this not going to go up more or is it just at its highest and it's going to go back down we wouldn't know but stock has gone up a lot so we could sell all the hundred shares that wouldn't be the worst decision or we could only sell fifty shares half which is what we're gonna do the stock goes down we decide not to buy anymore because we're just not sure what it's going to do goes up a little but not really anything significant so again we wait goes down again now we're thinking it might be a good time to buy already off fifty shares but here we're going to decide to buy fifty more shares in here we don't really do anything because it's not moving that much what we need is a big move that is what happens so this is great for how many shares do we have right now we have a hundred this is a great price we can see that based on the graph it's such a good price we're going to sell our shares now we are out of this stock and we are looking for another steep decline in order to buy more that's just what happened right here so we decide to be aggressive we buy a hundred shares at a time we have a hundred shares now that goes up our not sure if it'll go up more but if you look at that compared to the highest it's been it's really not that much lower so we just decide to sell all of our hundred shares again I'm going to go back and add like plus and minus signs bara and I added the plus and minus signs for you guys to make it more comprehensive all right so we have sold all of our shares again now we're looking for the stock to go down it does things are working out for us we get aggressive we decide to buy a hundred and fifty shares the stock goes up we don't want to sell all of our shares because we have a lot and we don't know if the stock is going to go up again we decide to sell a hundred shares you could have sold 50 but a hundred is just a little more safe we're making money nothing wrong with taking that up/down now it's just going up a lot we decide to sell all the rest of our shares 50 shares so we don't have any more of the stock at this point what we would be hoping is for the stock to go down from there so that we could buy it again but this happens the stock goes up so much in these times you know it can get frustrating because you're thinking well look at all the money I could have made you really can't think that way because it's just gonna happen goes down again so we have no more shares we want to get some more we're not really sure what's happening so we're buying 50 win-win situation here for us because we don't have that much stock in the company right now we could afford to buy more definitely but also if it goes up we're going to sell and make money on those 50 shares so if it goes up we sell we make money if it goes down we buy more just a good place for us to be in the stock goes down we're going to get aggressive again and buy a hundred shares now we have a total of 150 shares stock goes up again we sell 100 shop goes down again by 50 that is what I do on the stock market you can screenshot this chart if it helped you I hope it does this is literally what I do on the stock market it's my thinking it's my strategy that's what I do these are real scenarios of mine so I hope that this helped you this little graph of mine a common question that you guys seem to ask what was your initial investment in the stock market as I said I have been getting ready to go on a trip to travel the world for a few months and then I decided not to go and that is where the money for my initial investment came from I had saved up um ten thousand dollars I don't want this number to like immediately scare people off like oh I could never save up ten thousand dollars because I just did that working at pretty normal jobs I worked at a cafe it was on the management team there I also was always doing things on the side to try and make extra money was doing freelance jobs a lot I was writing I was modeling on the side I was doing Airbnb renting out my apartments I was always just doing all these things on the side to try and make money when I first found out about the stock market I did not immediately invest all of my ten thousand dollars the initial investment that I made was of two thousand dollars so I put in two thousand dollars and it went well as I said in my other video the more money you have on the stock market the easier it is to make money once I realized that I just decided that I wanted to put in the rest of the money so I put in ten thousand total but I didn't do it all right away to start on the stock market I would recommend having one thousand two two thousand the more that you have the more you make but at the same time I don't recommend that you put in this enormous sum of money for you all at once I would say two thousand is a solid amount to start another popular question has been what trading platform do I use the trading platform that i use is TD Ameritrade okay what type of stocks do i buy some stocks that I have and that maybe you can look into because again do not just hear one person saying oh I have this stock and then go immediately buy it just nobody don't ever do that some stocks that I have in my portfolio right now one of them is Apple I like having a set number of apples shares in my portfolio because they give good dividends I have recently started trading in Tesla it went down a ton lately but I do believe in the company I sometimes trade in Bank of America I like to have a variety of stocks in different sectors and Bank of America is obviously a stock in the banking sector another thing on the stock market that I really like to do and that really helped to take my account to the next level when I first started on the stock market is that I do trade in stocks called triple leveraged ETFs if you buy Apple stock you're literally buying a piece of that one company on the other hand triple leveraged ETFs are not one company herbal leveraged ETF is a group of companies put together into one stock so when you invest in an ETF you are not investing in a single company like you are with most stocks you are investing in an entire sector and that could be either very broad or very narrow focus ETF depending on the ETF you select let's say that you've decided to invest in oil so you go and look up well what companies are involved in oil a company that is involved in oil is for example Exxon they are one company so you know exactly what company you're buying you're buying into Exxon if Exxon does bad the stock does bad if excellent is well stocked as well however if you decide to buy an oil ETF here's one you could look up that I invest in a lot it is called ERX ERX is a stock that is invested in the entire oil and actually energy sector as well so it's a pretty broad market ERX is going to be tracking how oil is doing how energy is doing and it's not just based on one company so let's say that Exxon has something really bad happen to it that doesn't necessarily mean that ERX the ETF is going to also do that it'll definitely affect it because Exxon is a big part of that market but it's not going to completely sink your stock triple leveraged ETFs are kind of the the ETF's on steroids triple leveraged etfs are going to move three times as fast as the normal stock would so that makes them pretty risky pretty intense and nerve-wracking to follow and invest in sometimes when they're going up it's great but when they're going down it's pretty awful because they're moving three times faster I am NOT saying that this is the right where you go because triple leveraged etfs are risky however it is how I built up my account to a higher level and if I had not been investing in triple leveraged etfs then I don't think that my account would be at the level that it is today yet oh here are some triple leveraged ETFs I follow and that I have traded in be careful with them though because as I said they're moving three times faster than other stocks so when they go down it can be pretty bad I highly recommend going on a trading platform where you don't actually trade with real money it is a simulated stock market and all of the stocks behave exactly like they do in the real world but you don't actually put any money in it's just basically a test it really gives you a very accurate picture of what it's like to trade on the stock market okay guys I hope that this has helped I hope that it is encouraged you I hope that you are not going to be listening to all of my advice remember what I said don't just take everything I said for granted go out and do your research look for people that disagree with me there's no right way to do the stock market you just need to find a way that works for you and I have that doesn't mean that way is for you and that is fine if you like the video then please press like down below and it would be even more awesome if you could subscribe if you've already subscribed then thanks as always more adventures are coming soon here in Costa Rica and beyond I will be visiting some more really exciting places soon thanks for watching bye

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28 thoughts on “How I Trade on the Stock Market

  1. I hadn't checked the comments on this video in awhile, and was disappointed by the extreme negativity here.
    To all of you that seem to need proof that I trade, here you go.
    As you can see, I had a 16.17% gain in 2016 on my positions.

    I say many times in the video that no one knows highs and lows.
    This video is not meant to teach anyone about the stock market, or be a tutorial. That is why my explanations are extremely basic. I understand that they do not fully convey the nuances of the stock market. "Buy low, sell high," sounds exaggeratedly simplistic, but that is what I was going for.
    This wasn't a video to share a secret strategy. This wasn't a video to educate.
    It was an answer to an often-asked question, that being – "How do you afford to travel?"
    This was the answer – and that's all the purpose that there was to making this video.

    I am highly disappointed to see countless videos being uploaded by men that are, frankly, lies and attempts to swindle viewers into handing over money. Buy their book and you'll be successful on the stock market. Buy their tutorials and you'll get rich. Some of them even go so far as to use lines such as "Let's make these people millionaires," or "You will not fail with my strategy, 100% guaranteed."
    They are met with applause and little skepticism. Even those that are not convinced into handing over money to them still comment with appreciation and respect.
    There are far fewer women on Wall Street than men – and this is not due to men being any more predisposed to success on the stock market than women. It is due to a pervading inequality that colors impressions before a woman even enters a board meeting, or says a word on CNBC. Already, viewers are forming their first impression of her with unconscious (or, in varying degrees, perhaps quite conscious) thoughts along the lines of "SHE trades? Let's see what she says before I'll believe that…" or "She's too young / pretty / blonde / girly to be on the stock market."
    In actuality, the stock market is made up of – to strip it down to its essence – numbers. Numbers in green, or red. These numbers do not come accompanied by white men in suits and cigars and scotch. They are not ushered in by a Harvard graduate as an uneducated man looks on. They are not concerned with age, or how blonde a woman's hair is, or where someone went to college, or sharp suits or Manhattan penthouses.
    They are numbers and numbers only. They have absolutely no correlation to gender, social class, education, age, or appearance.

  2. You’re not often going to get trades happening in the perfect peaks and troughs though like you showed would happen in an ideal world

  3. she is not an expert at all and trust me,being a day trader and looking at this makes you wanna pull your hair out lol. How ever , if you are only looking to make a few hundred bucks for extra expenses like traveling and food ect this does work . i know people that do it and can easily make a few hundred bucks monthly by traiding from their bank account . my boss made 1400 the other day .

  4. Brilliant! If the stock thingy goes up, sell! If the stock thingy does down, buy! Someone get Warren Buffett on the phone!

  5. The vlog is such a very very helpful bcos I also dreaming for travelling the world but now I think I can make it possible thanku soo much Ur a very helping person

  6. Click here to start your passive income journey by Trading, with a little investment of 10$

  7. You are so beautiful that my eyes went bullish on yours. Keep trading, Travellight…

  8. I don't care if she isn't an expert. She was at least kind enough to teach beginners her strategies. Thank you, Jordan @travellight

  9. After 1 year of learning how to trade , I came back to this video to understand how stupid this video was 😂😂😂 !!!

  10. dont mind the negative comments, those are coming from the over thinkers. what works for you will not work for them.

  11. I’m trying to find the nicest way of saying this but that explanation drawn on the notepad is the greatest oversimplification of trading I’ve seen. You can wipe out your account very easily if you don’t have proper knowledge of the stock market as 90% of people lose money on the stock market. I feel you’re doing your viewers a bit of a disservice by not explaining the steep learning curve involved in becoming a profitable trader, especially with triple leverage ETF which are some of the most volatile securities to trade even for an experienced trader.

    But that’s just my two cents 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. i just clicked on the video to see how beautiful and attractive you are ,my godness , knowing that i'm a pro trader , welcome to the community beautiful

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