How LBC’s Communication Program Prepped This Grad for a Career
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How LBC’s Communication Program Prepped This Grad for a Career

Through my time at LBC I learned that I was
gifted as a communicator and that I can use that in so many different ways. Even if you’re looking to become a missionary
or a pastor or you’re looking to work in a business setting and do marketing or any sort
of business platform. LBC has been instrumental in preparing me
for my career. One of the areas they really excel in is internship
and practicum opportunities made available to students. I had professors and advisers who truly helped
me pursue my career goals and helped me get placed in specific job settings and that’s
ultimately why I did so many internships even beyond my required hours because I loved to
see what I was good at, I loved to see what areas within communication, within my field,
that were available, what where opportunities and options for me to take and you also see
what you don’t like which is equally important. You truly are going to find an atmosphere
and an environment where people push you to do more and people are walking beside you
hand in hand to get you to where you need to be. It’s truly a community where people care about
your future and they want to help get you there. My name is Hannah Brown and I am an account
manager at YDOP Internet Marketing.

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