How one financial professional uses video in his marketing plan
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How one financial professional uses video in his marketing plan

[Ben Jones] You have chosen the medium of video, and specifically YouTube. And so, I want to talk a lot about just how the idea
came about because, to your point, it seems like you took a lot of the creativity you
had in your previous career and brought that into, you know, the world of finance.  But, tell me a little bit about the moment when you thought up this idea. [J.D. Carlson] Yeah, kind of the genesis of
it all.  Well, we had been doing normal types of marketing, like any financial services company. [Ben Jones] People in white linen, on the beach. [J.D.Carlson] Seminars, webinars, you know, that type of
stuff, right?  Lunch and learns at the steakhouse, all that type of jazz, and webinars
were a big part of it too. And I just felt like we needed to do something more,
and I really thought that video seemed like something I’d seen out there and was a great
medium, okay.  I wasn’t sure how we were going to do it, but I was always kicking it
around in the back of my head.  Well, as I mentioned earlier, I have a sales team, and back in the day,
at the end of the week, I would spend time with my sales team, say, in our conference
room.  And yeah, we might have opened a cold beer, but we would talk about the week
before.  We would talk about a prospect.  We would talk about an advisor we were working
with.  We’d talk about this new tool from a record keeper that had come out.  And
we’d have these great conversations.  Sometimes we’d debate, sometimes we’d argue, sometimes
we jump up on the white board to prove our point.  And it was just this great unscripted,
you know, very authentic conversations we were having.  And that’s when it dawned
on me.  If an advisor or a client, a plan sponsor, was a fly on the wall to this, they
would eat this up.  They would love this.  Not only would they learn from it, they would
see how passionate we were.  They would see that we knew our stuff, that we were experts
in our field.  And that’s when I was like we need to put this on video.
That was the genesis.

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