How PGA Tour Job Teaches Event Marketing Strategy – Randall Metting
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How PGA Tour Job Teaches Event Marketing Strategy – Randall Metting

Erik: What did working on a PGA tour teach
you about the importance of events in marketing strategy? I was with the PGA tour, the Champion’s
Tour to be specific which formally was the Senior Tour, had an opportunity to manage
and direct an event down in Dorado, Puerto Rico about forty five minutes outside of San
Juan. This is an island community who has no idea
how an event could be utilized to benefit their own community, the island itself. So having been down there a couple of years,
what we developed was a relationship with a charity any event is even that much better
once it’s tied to a charity, so there was a charity down on the south side of the island
called Sister Sor Isolina Ferre, Sister Sor Isolina Ferre was Puerto Rico’s equivalent
to Mother Theresa, a saintly woman who did wonderful things for the entire island of
Puerto Rico over the years, she passed away but they developed a school and an entire
foundation behind her. So in working with the PGA tour having seen
through the years how many of the tournaments in the United States were making a ton of
money for charities like Saint Jude for example we tied our plan to a similar model that FedEx
and the Saint Jude event in Memphis was using and so we were bringing in not a ton of sponsors
but the right sponsors who wanted to be tied to charity, so whenever we would approach
up and coming companies at that time like Maui Jim Sunglasses, Tommy Bahama, established
companies such as Hyatt and Chrysler, Delta, Pepsi, those were our heavy hitters, each
of them wanted to be involved with a tournament like ours because of that community and charity
involvement and the ability to raise funds that would then help the impoverished and
the lesser than fortunate down in Puerto Rico. Our event was called the Chrysler Senior Match
Play Challenge what we did was we took the top sixteen money winners on the Champion’s
Tour and put them in a match play format so that it wasn’t a standard four day weekend
tournament on national TV, we put each of those matches, sixteen total matches, in two
hour episodes on ESPN in and around the time between Thanksgiving and the Christmas and
winter holidays so then whenever you would approach a potential sponsor to offer them
value you’re talking thirty two total hours of coverage on ESPN during primetime when
you’re sitting around eating turkey and celebrating the holidays with your family
if you so chose to watch golf and realizing that senior golf wasn’t necessarily the
most appealing but with a backdrop like the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, you’re talking
pretty neat situation. So that being said it was easy to go to the
likes of Hyatt and Chrysler and Tommy Bahama and have them contribute the wonderful monies
that they did that ultimately trickled down to Sister Sor Isolina Ferre and various charities
we were working with in Puerto Rico.

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