How Should I Run My Ecommerce Team
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How Should I Run My Ecommerce Team

It’s like saying, well, how
should I run an eCommerce department? You know? What should I, how do I run it? You know? How do I know? What’s the structure of it? You know, what should I
be looking on a Monday, every Monday? What should I be looking at on
a monthly basis or a quarterly? How do I set my targets and how do I hold
my staff accountable and what should I be holding accountable for looking on? and how can I get the biggest bang for books for my time if it’s me on my own? And I think it’s so
important and I actually think I know that I’ve been asked that question
a lot over the last 16 years, of actually helping people understand what
the team should look like and what each person should be doing. Cause it’s something where you can,
if you don’t have a structural plan for managing your eCommerce store, and I’m not talking about how you send out your products and your customer service. I’m talking about how you know how to
scale, the numbers the maths behind it. If you don’t know what you should
be looking at, you’re in trouble. But, if you know what you
should be looking at, but you don’t know what those things
are, then you’re in trouble. You don’t know if you’re doing well or bad
and you don’t know which area to focus on. So you need to know what to be looking at. What those things should be when you know
what you should be looking at and then what happens when you change them and what effect that
has on your revenue. And there’ll be things you
need to be looking at on a monthly basis, on a weekly basis, on a daily basis,
and obviously early basis as well. So that’s just little bits of the, you
know, pre introduction just to set the scene cause it’s really, really important. You get it right.

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