How Soon Should I See Results From My Marketing Efforts?
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How Soon Should I See Results From My Marketing Efforts?

you’re watching duct tape and popsicle
sticks with Mike and Maria Keiser because sometimes you feel like your
business is being held together by duct tape and popsicle sticks on this show
you’re not gonna hear the latest business bag you’re gonna get useful
information that you can apply to your own business right now hello thanks
we’re watching another unbelievable episode of duct tape and popsicle sticks
on Mike Kaiser along with a woman who once stared at an orange juice container
for two hours because the label said concentrate
Maria Keiser oh how are you today and focus you did like you were just on it
but we can talk about that another time folks as usual everything I don’t know
what’s gonna happen until you actually press play on the camera little inside
information folks wherever that comes from as usual everything you need to
know is in the show notes below the video here how to get to our new website
how to get to our other videos how to get to our old podcast all that jazz so
we love your interaction we love your viewership so thank you very much but I
want to get to a question today because we’ve been bringing on a lot of new
clients and we get this question inevitably from everybody but especially
new clients of how soon should I see results from my marketing efforts it’s a
totally understandable question you’re either spending your time your resources
or your money to do your marketing so your marketing efforts might be
networking social media website paid search whatever all those might be so I
guess the quick answer if somebody was just in a hurry wanted an answer wanted
to shut off the video and be done you’ve often tell people that if everything’s
being done properly in three months or so you’ll start to see an uptick and
within six months or so would you say it’s fair to know if what you’re doing
is working but there’s a bunch of other things that more especially for
do-it-yourselfers but right right so so three two
in three months you should start to see something and then in six months it
should be it should be doing it should be doing something and you can measure
and you can measure you can see what is the response and and really let’s face
it is your phone ringing or are you getting more business really at the end
of the day that’s the only thing that truly matters like a thousand followers
on Facebook but if nobody calls me who cares on the side note one of our
clients recently referred to us as a blue-collar marketing agency and I think
it kind of means what you just said like everything else is great but are you
getting new customers right anyway go on right so when you say you know it
depends on whether you’re doing things correctly you know essentially marketing
is letting somebody know about the problem that you solve and how you can
fix it that’s really all margaret is but and there are some factors in place
right so you know do you have a message that resonates with your audience are
you are you conveying that that solution to the end user and are they
understanding why they could use it do you have trust you know are you are
you showing that they can trust you because if they’re looking at you only
on the internet or only through your marketing pieces you have to show them
that you can actually do this job exactly do you have a strategy that you
that you follow and that you’re consistent and you’re looking at it and
tweaking it and measuring it and making sure you know this is conveying the
right message to your audience mm-hmm I’m probably consistency is that is a
big one too so I think where you’re going with that is before we can say
well you should see results in three months or six months I want you to take
a step back a little bit and say first are all these things in place are we
doing them over and over is it consistent whether we’re doing them
ourselves where an agency is doing them for us but we really the that rule of
thumb is fine but with the caveat that if all these things are happening
effectively on a regular basis so if you sell let’s say cleaning services and you
make posts about your volunteer work and trips to visiting places to visit in
Connecticut people might follow what you’re doing but they don’t know any
more about your cleaning service that’s a third and and you know so making sure
that what you’re posting is relevant to what you’re doing if you want to get the
phone ringing there you go so I know gosh I I don’t like to be big so that’s
why we started with the like the hard and fast and the concentration on the
orange juice but the truth of the matter it depends it depends on how well your
business is marketing overall got anything else to throw excellent so I
hope everybody got a nugget of wisdom or two that you can take away and apply to
your own marketing in your business in the meantime you’ve been watching duct
tape and popsicle sticks where we make your business better three minutes at a
time for now you’re watching duct tape and popsicle sticks with Mike and Maria

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