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How Tesla Kills It With Branding

– [Sven] This video is
brought to you by Skillshare. Get two months free by clicking the link in the video description. (garage door creaking) (birds chirping) (light electric guitar) – My dad used to work for VW. My brother still is and we
all never drove anything else but VWs. Actually, this car was the first car that I bought with my own money and I owned it for almost 20 years. I wanted to sell it
earlier but I was waiting for the right car. VW promised a plugin and it never came. Instead they brought the
TDI, which is a diesel and supposedly, a super green car. – [Reporter] 11 million Volkswagen diesel vehicles worldwide. That’s how many the car company admitted to illegally adding a software cheat to make the engines appear
more environmentally friendly. – Nitrogen dioxide causes asthma. It causes strokes. It causes birth abnormalities. It causes people to die
earlier than they should die. And Volkswagen fit
technology into their vehicle knowing that their cars will
produce 40 times more pollution on the road than they were allowed to. – That’s when I decided that I
needed to look somewhere else and that’s when I made a big mistake. ♪ And here everything
doesn’t seem all right ♪ – [Elon Musk] The point of doing this is to just give a hardcore
smack down to gasoline cars. (audience cheering) – [Sven] I don’t wanna
talk about the halo effect to convince the masses to go electric. – [Elon Musk] The new Tesla
Roadster will be the fastest production car ever made, period. (audience cheers) – [Sven] Or first principle thinking that asks the fundamental question, “Is there a better way?” – [Elon Musk] It became obvious to me that in the future, any car
that does not have autonomy, would be about as useful as a horse. (light rock music) – I’m in an Audi RS4. Next to me is a Tesla Model 3 Performance, and next to that is a BMW M3. (engine revs) – [Sven] I don’t wanna talk about how Tesla cars are vastly faster. – Oh, neck and neck start. This is gonna be close. This is bullet now. What the heck is happening? (engines rev) – [Sven] I don’t wanna talk about how Tesla cars are vastly smarter. – What we are seeing here is a stream of videos from across the vehicle. These are eight cameras
that send us videos, and then these neural networks are looking at these videos and
making predictions about what they’re seeing. So why is Tesla in such a unique and interesting position? And the answer to that,
of course, is the fleet. – [Elon Musk] Those waits
Are constantly being updated and improved based on
billions of miles driven. – [Sven] I don’t wanna talk about how Tesla cars are vastly — (beeping) safer. – [Audience Member] What data
can you share with us today, how safe this technology is? – Well, we publish the accidents
per mile every quarter, and what we see right now is that autopilot is about twice
as safe as a normal driver. (beeping) – [Driver] Woo hoo hoo, baby! – We ask the fleet to please send us data whenever they see a car transition from a right lane to the center lane. And then we can use that for training the neural net. And so if you’ve noticed
the car is much better at detecting cut-ins, that’s fleet learning operating at scale. – [Sven] I also don’t wanna talk about how Tesla cars are greener. – Even the worst electric car on the market has half the emissions of the average gasoline vehicle, and we’re not even considering that gasoline vehicles are also going to have sulfur emissions,
carbon monoxide — – [Sven] And Cooler. (rock music and racing cars) (bassy techno music) – It’s basically crazy to buy
any other car than a Tesla. – Oh my fucking god. (bassy techno music) – [Sven] Instead, I’m
going to look at Tesla’s seven primal brand elements
that split the world into converted superfans and equally passionate nonbelievers. – [Driver] One day, I’m buying one. One day. – Get the Model 3. – [Driver] Model 3? – Model 3, yeah. It’s worth it. Starting 35. – [Sven] Tesla is so
irresistible in its promise of an experience that it
convinces a growing number of loyal Toyota, Honda, BMW
owners, and even a guy like me who was happy driving a
base-model Jetta to stretch their budget and get in on the fun. (bassy electronic music) – [Sven] So, I’m completely
not driving right now. It’s all the Tesla doing the driving. If I want to go on the left lane, I’ll just put the blinker on. It’ll do it by itself. Hey man, how’s it going? – Hey. How you doing? – [Sven] Good. Thank you so much for taking
care of this little baby. – Yeah, no problem. – [Sven] So you already
told me you’ve done a bunch of these right?. – I kind of lost count but
I would say for the Tesla Model 3 I’ve done somewhere
around 15 or 16 of them. Tesla Model S’s I’ve done over
30 and the Tesla Model X’s I honestly I don’t, I’ve done
a lot of Tesla Model X’s, so. – Yeah, and was it that they were doing? But you might ask how this
relates to this channel. Well I’m an editor. – (person on screen) keep the
original paint intact. – [Sven] But my job, doesn’t
consist of the mere physical act of cutting, but to
actually have a relationship with my clients, my directors
and my producers while I’m representing my personal
brand as an editor. And it stands for story
telling, character and emotion. These are the things I focus
on when I’m editing and these are the values that I
communicate to my clients. There’s a book I’d like to
recommend Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon, and it
looks at seven core traits that work on a primal level
and how we can transform our own personal brand
to stretch our potential. – So what we’re doing to this
vehicle is we’re going to do SunTech PPF matte film. Which is a film that’s meant
for changing the appearance on the car while also
giving that protection, that extra layer of
protection that you need. – [Sven] This is Benjamin by
the way, and he specializes in transforming regular
cars into something unique. – It will keep your original paint intact while giving the car a
whole different look. – [Sven] You recommended
it, I really like the idea to make it look different
because there are more and more of these. Like in my street there are
20 houses, three of these. Same color. – [Benjamin] And by the way
if you put a light scratch or light marring on it, with the heat those scratches go away. The major difference is
obviously the appearance, it’ll take away the gloss and it’ll give it a matte look. What I like about it best, is that like, the car is beautiful as it is, right? And it has all these body line
that you can appreciate now, but when you’re outside and you have a lot of things in the
background, trees, cars. So as soon a you put the film
on there, the light diffuses on the film and you can appreciate the car and not the reflection on the car. – [Sven] That’s interesting
that you pointed it out because the very first picture that I took of it, to send to my Dad, there
were reflections everywhere. – With that film you
could take pictures of pretty much any angle and you’re going to appreciate the car and nothing else. The chrome delete consists
of pretty much all of the exterior chrome
which in this case includes the door handles, you
have the side markers, and then you have the emblem
on the front and rear. – [Sven] Okay, I’ll come
back in a couple of days and we’ll see what happens
to the car, thanks so much. – Yeah, sounds good. (upbeat music) – [Sven] I didn’t know too much
about Tesla’s creation story but as I became interested in the brand, I quickly learned about the master plan. – We needed to figure out how
could we as a tiny company with very few resources
actually make a difference. – [Sven] The idea was to make a few thousand electric roadsters. An expensive sports car
with outstanding performance to change the image of
the electric vehicle. (tires squealing) And, make enough money
to make high end cars, the Model S and the X that
take on luxury car segments. – So I just took delivery of this car, so this is the first P 100 D. – [Sven] Get early adopters
to embrace the technology and take that high margin
revenue and use it to create a relatively affordable car, the Model 3. To enter the mass market
and force the legacy in the street into taking
electric cars seriously. All ideologies begin with
a set of core principals. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. Success is not necessarily
measured by profit but how fast the company
can move it’s competition to change. Which is why Tesla chose to
put it’s electric car patents into public domain and make it easier for other car manufacturers to catch up. Also, Tesla is not just a car company. Creating sustainable energy through solar and storing it through batteries, the vital part to reduce
our carbon footprint. Iconic images and sounds can trigger spontaneous brand identity and communicate a value that resonates. (tires squealing) Tesla and it’s meme lord Elon Musk are masters at creating reactions and actions. ♪ Starman waiting in the sky ♪ Without spending a single dime
on traditional advertising. Rituals are key to the brand experience. Home charging or super
charging using the Tesla App to control their vehicle,
following Tesla events and content religiously. Joining an online or local
community of Tesla fans a highly ritualized task. – Thank you so much for joining us, I’m just, I’m super excited. (crowd cheering) (techo music) – [Sven] Hey man, how’s it going? – [Benjamin] I’m running behind. – [Sven] That’s okay. – How are you? – [Sven] Good man, how are you? – Good. – [Sven] I hope you don’t
feel rushed, take your time. (Techo music) – [Sven] Yeah, I didn’t realize you don’t use any pre cuts at all, huh? – [Benjamin] No,
everything is done by hand. (Techo music) – Joining us now to battle
it out is our bull for today Galileo Russell and Mark
Spiegel Managing member of Stanphyl Capital. – [Sven] As a brand, you
must stand for something so that others can stand
with you, but that also means that there will bed plenty
of non believers or pagans. And Tesla faces plenty of adversity. – It’s a seven figure dollar amount of stock that we’re short. – All right and Galileo. – So I’m a Tesla
shareholder, I own 60 shares. – All right, good stuff, okay. – [Sven] Often called a
fraud and Ponzi scheme, more investors were betting against it than any other U.S. stock. – Year end price target
is 84 dollars on Tesla? – Year end 19 we think
the stock will 84 dollars. – Wow. – Tip, I believe that ultimately
Tesla will go to zero. – [Sven] Studies also
reveal that the media has had a negative bias towards it. But it is actually working in Teslas favor as the competition for a long period, disregarded the company. – It’s like Elon Musk has been beamed down from another planet to show us
mortals how to run a company. – [Sven] While it had
the chance to crash it. And those Tesla short investors have lost billions on their bets so far. Sacred words are crucial so that people can communicate that they belong. – Hey everybody we are at the
Vaughn Mills Super Charger here in Toronto at the first
Model 3 Owners Club gathering of hundreds and hundreds of cars. – [Sven] Terms like ROBO TAXI,
little to the outsider, but they signal membership
to a sub culture that considers itself to be at the forefront of a revolution. For my brand happy editing is not just a slogan on my channel but its become a greeting among subscribers,
students and patrons. Finally nothing is more
Tesla than Elon Musk. (dance music) The companies image and fate
is closely tied to it’s CEO even though Elon only came to the company months after it was founded. He is still considered to be a co-founder and the one and only figure head. What Elon says and does moves the needle. (dance music) And he’s adored by his
Tesla fan boys and girls and equally despised by an
active community of Tesla cues. All right Benjamin, you just finished, after how many days did you work on this? – About four and a half, since we were about a half day today. – Nice, do you what to give us a little tour of what you did? – Yeah sure, alright,
starting off the first thing that I did was the chrome
delete, that’s the first day. Typically I do the chrome delete first because that’s the dry application. We did all the moldings
around the windows, we did the door handles,
the mirrors were also done, they’re fully wrapped even when it folds, side markers were also done, I went ahead and left the Tesla logos covered up, I went ahead and did the
front and rear logos as well. What really makes it pop is
the slight chrome around it. – Yeah. – I’ve always been a fan of that. A lot of people try and
black them out completely or ask me if I can, but
after they see this, they like this better. Right after I did the chrome delete, we went around and did
the matte paint protection on the whole vehicle. And yes all the edges were fully wrapped so it’s really hard to see
where the edge ends but, about an eighth of an inch in. – [Sven] And this is durable? – [Benjamin] Yeah this holds up, this is guaranteed of ten
years so any bubbling, any peeling, any fading, any
discoloration is guaranteed. The warranty covers labor and materials so nothing comes out of pocket
except your initial cost. (tense music) So as you remember the
entire vehicle was gloss and now it’s matte, it’s a stealth look. It’s not completely matte
it has a sheen to it so in my opinion it’s like a semi-gloss also know as a satin finish. – [Sven] Yeah. (tense music) I really love the look,
like I have to tell you I’m so happy that we went
with this style because it is clearly different
but it’s not in your face. – Exactly, and as I was
explaining to you before maybe you could take a
picture of the car and you’d see shadow effects,
see how you can see all the body lines and the gradient, you can tell the shape of the car. – [Sven] Well thank you again, I love, like I spent the last
two hours with you here and you just kept doing your thing and making sure that’s its really perfect quality is so important. – [Benjamin] Yeah, exactly. – [Sven] And I really appreciate that. – [Benjamin] Exactly, yeah, no problem. – [Sven] Awesome, thank you so much. – Thank you. – [Sven] Take care. (techno music) – I want to break down how much I actually spent on my Tesla, and how I was able to get it at a price close to what In would have paid for a Jetta plug in hybrid that
ever would have come to market. But, first I’d like to thank Skillshare. It’s an online learning
community for creatives where millions come together
to take the next step in their creative journey. It offers thousands of
classes on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, free lancing, and more. I’d like to recommend a
class on personal branding by Kate Arends. – When I first brought up
the word personal branding and my first job, my first agency job, a couple people laughed
at me cause they thought, you know, what does that even mean? It really isn’t about
becoming internet famous, that’s sort of a
misconception when you hear the word personal brand. What’s so important about it
is, it’s replaced the resume. – [Sven] She already
had over 20,000 members take her 68 minute class and she does a great job of breaking down the steps to develop your own branding strategy including work sheets and exercises. So, take advantage of the
two month free membership to Skillshare by clicking the
link in the video description. Now, back to Tesla and how I was able to make my model 3 actually quite affordable. So, did you get anything good? – Oh I hope so. I hit a couple power lines. – [Sven] You did? – I did yeah. It kept
up like a champ though. (drone buzzing) Yep, aw shit. – [Sven] So, here’s the deal. Not including tax I paid
$51,000 for my long range rear wheel drive with full self driving. But through federal and state tax credits, I brought that down to $42,750. I researched and found the
Replace My Ride program that offered another $7,000 to take
my old Jetta off the road. Depending on your situation, you can get up to $9,500 from them. So now, I’m at $35,750. My city offered another $500 off, plus I easily save $1000 a
year in gas and maintenance. So do the math. Tesla’s start at $39,900 and there are plenty of ways to bring that price down. New Jersey just introduced the highest state tax rebate program in the country. If you are interested in getting a Tesla, use my refferal code to get 1000 miles of free super charging. – Yeah, like frozen. – I’m so close. – My story with Tesla is
not done, don’t worry, on this channel I won’t put
up another video like this. (garage door closing) But unless things change, I expect to drive a Tesla
for the next 20 years. And I’m also going to take the next step which really is only logical. – So this is just the
glass, that’s how it looks. – [Sven] So I’m in the fortunate position that I will install a
solar tile roof this year, and I’m going to document that journey on a new channel I’m,
officially starting today. There’ll be a link in
the video description to This Guys Tesla and
I will show the process of what it took to go solar. We’re right in the middle of it. – It’s normal glass and this
is the ones with the cell. – [Sven] This is the panel itself? – Yeah. – [Sven] And I’m going to show whether it’s actually going to work out, because so many people think that the Tesla solar roof is just another hoax. But I’ve become a Tesla fan boy and I’m willing to find out for myself. So click the link and hop
on over to my new channel, and I hope you’ll subscribe there too. And here on This Guy Edits, we keep it all about film
editing and story telling. Thanks for watching and happy editing. (medium tempo music)

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