How to ACTUALLY Implement What You Learn // Dan’s Daily Dose #225
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How to ACTUALLY Implement What You Learn // Dan’s Daily Dose #225

– Hey guys, this is the
first is the first day back from being gone for three weeks. Carey and I did a couple weeks in Florida, we did a week in San Diego
teaching at Lab Coat Agents live and we also learned a
ton from all the speakers out there. Take a look at this awesome office view. – What up – So the team is hard at
work, you saw the amazing view they’re building an
amazing condo out there. In the distance you may
not even be able to see it, but the national Cathedral’s out there. So our new office which is
gonna be three floors up is gonna have awesome views of that. Right now I’m going over
things I wanna implement from the conference
and things I’ve learned from other real estate
agents and the people we’ve interviewed for the HyperFast
Agent Digital Summit which kicked off today. We’ve got almost two
thousand real estate agents watching, learning from
amazing real estate marketing business leaders. So I’m psyched about that
and I just wanna give you guys a message today
about the importance of execution you know,
you need to do training, you need to go to
conferences, you need to learn but if you just go there
and take a bunch of notes it doesn’t mean shit right? So you have to go implement whether you’re a solo agent, whether
you’re starting a team, already have a big team. You got to implement right, everything, all the money
is in implementation and execution, now if
your a solo agent don’t come away from one of these conferences or training events with
thirty things because then you’ll do nothing, okay? Go through you know, Take a bunch of awesome
notes, learn a bunch of great stuff. Go through it once, reduce your list down to ten things and then try to categorize and wrack and stack em
and get it down to three and then go do that. Now I’ve got a bigger
list but I’ve got more people, our team is over seventy people and growing so I’ve
already met with our social media coordinator, meeting with our marketing director now and Christa’s getting
Darlene onboarded on with a lot of new stuff for HyperFast Agent. Right, so everyone hopefully
is gonna get a list of three or four, or
maybe more things but then they’ll go give that
to other people, right. Cause you don’t wanna give out too much, you want to keep the list
small but then do it right. A lot of people, the
biggest reason people don’t succeed is cause they don’t take action, they don’t start implementing, they wait for the plan to get too perfect and you wanna just get
things moving in the direction, get meetings scheduled, get things going and then don’t worry if it sucks at first, it
probably will suck at first. Maybe even the first
five, six, ten times but keep moving in the right
direction, keep executing, measure along the way, track
your results along the way and then refine and
make course adjustments but get stuff moving
in the right direction. All right we’re gonna go back to work. If you liked this message please give me a thumbs up, please follow us. Please tell other people about us, we wanna help as many real
estate agents, sales people as we can. I’ll see you guys later. Hey thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video click that like button, click the subscribe button,
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and I hope to see you again.

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