How to Add a Branding Intro to Your Old YouTube Videos
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How to Add a Branding Intro to Your Old YouTube Videos

Hey, how’s it going everyone? This is your
tenacious YouTube expert Derral Eves. Now have you ever really wanted to add a branding
intro to some of the older videos that you have on your YouTube Channel? Well guess what?
YouTube just introduced a way to add short introduction clips to some or all of your
videos. Now this feature is available to all content creators like you and I really must
say that this is a really, really cool feature and it’s a great addition. Now in this short
video I’m going to show you how to set up and add branding intros to your YouTube videos.
Plus you want to watch the video to the very end because I’m going to show you a very important
tip in creating your intros and show you where you can actually get your intros made for
only $5, you really want to stick around for this. Let’s take a look! Alright, the first thing that we need to do
is actually upload that intro, so let’s go ahead and do this. And I’m going to show you
a way to actually upload an intro without notifying all of your subscribers, so let’s
go ahead and select my little 3 second branding intro and you’ve got to make sure this video
is 3 seconds. While it’s basically uploading and processing come to advanced settings here.
You want to do two things, click here on Notify Subscribers, so let’s go ahead and click that
off and let’s also click off embedding. And then come back to basics, we want to make
that an unlisted video. You can see that now it’s done processing we’ll go ahead and hit
done. Now, once that’s done, it’s completed there we want to go to the second step which
is to come up to the gear here, click down to Video Manager, once we’re in Video Manager
we want to come down to Channel Settings. Once we’re here you’re going to come down
to InVideo Programming, that’s where it’s actually at. Alright, so now that we’re in
InVideo Programming you can notice there’s a blue button down here where is says “Add
a branding intro” so let’s go ahead and click that. And we’re going to actually select the
video that we actually uploaded just moments ago and hit save. Now once we do this it’s
going to take us to another screen here where we can say hey we want to upload it after
a specific date and you can pick the date or you can just click all uploads. So you
have two options, either have a specific date and all uploads and all you need to do is
click update. Alright, so here’s the tip. You have 3 seconds
you want to draw the attention, capture the audience, do it with sound, use some visual
elements. Now I know a lot of you right now are wondering “Where can I actually get this
done I don’t do these special effects, I don’t do these intros.” And I told you at the beginning
that I would actually show you a place that would actually do it for $5. All you need
to do is go over to, that’s in the description below you can click the link
there and you can just search, just search in there for video intros. And you will see
that there’s over a thousand people willing to make your intros for only $5. Man, that’s
a great deal, you’ve got to love fiverr. Alright now I have a ton of great videos, just like
this video, on my channel. I have over 100 of them, and it’s to help you become more
effective and successful on YouTube. When you get a minute just check a few of them
out or just click over here and see a few. Now, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel
guess what? Now is a great time. And I’ll tell you what, I’ll even make it convenient
for you by adding this nice red subscribe button right here. Now all you’ve got to do
is click on it. I’m waiting, come on now! Here’s the button, just click it.

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100 thoughts on “How to Add a Branding Intro to Your Old YouTube Videos

  1. what did you use for your intro? Don't want to pay for someone to do a 3 second clip. lol. Thank you. Just made my outro, channel is growing a lot so revamped it.

  2. Hey guys i know how to make intros and ill do it for free just subscribe to my channel and leave me a coment on my intro video, it will be posted later tonight.

  3. Aloha from Maui Derral, is there another way to add intros and outros to older videos without having to download them and los all of the views and comments? Mahalo nui loa, Athena

  4. so now in 2016 the only thing available in branding is a water mark I have a lot if videos uploaded and I need to add my intro to them all … the only other option ive seen is to use the youtube video editor and attach the intro to them all well not only would that take FOREVER right now it wont even work… please video programing isn't a thing anymore as far as I can see

  5. This no longer works. The feature was removed. You should edit the title to let people know before they all waste time making a 3 second animated intro.

  6. I did this just now, and couldn't find the link for the invideo programming. Has it changed since 2014 when this video was uploaded?

  7. hi bro i wana attach my intro to my old youtube vedios but i didnt fint invedio programing option plzzzzzz help me

  8. Dear Derral,

    I have a lot of videos at my channel, and I want to add 1.5 minutes video to all of them, but I want to keep the original videos with the same names and views.
    All videos should keep the same, but with an additional small video at the beginning.

    How to do this?


  9. I had contacted, I am asking them to make a similar intro like yours. It may cost US$15.00

  10. Thanks for video…..and oh I do make intro videos on fiverr pls do check the link

  11. Spend $5 dollars for an intro "Me : would we really be so stupid as to do that, we could just find a template on panzoid"

  12. aww I didn't think to read the comments first. just made a branding video and now I can't use it. 🙁

  13. I am not finding Channel Settings and InVideo Programming on my Channel as shown by this video. Please help

  14. Hey can you make an updated version of how to do this, or if you have can you reply to this comment and send me the link.

  15. can anyone link to me please how to add new video to exciting video on youtube? it's gonna be big help me. thanks

  16. I am working on my Canada 150th anniversary video. There are several splits of content I need to take out of the video. Every time I make a mistake and try and clear it – It clears all the work I have put into it so far. Do I really have to save it and let it do the processing before I can go ahead and try and make another split in the video? If anyone can help me with this – I really appreciate it

  17. Thanks for your Excellent Tutorials. I am trying to add intro to all my videos. But I cannot find in video programming. Please suggest what to do.

  18. It's different now (Aug. 31, 2017). It always changes. Now, how can you add your branding intro to all your videos at once without losing your tags & what you wrote in the description and start at '0' when you have xyz views already?

  19. Fivrr SUCKS! Hire a real designer! and honestly I am considering unsubscribing just because you recommend them… even if it is an old video.

  20. Hi Derral,
    Thanks for sharing the video. Youtube has made some changes to the video editor and we cant add intro and outro videos to our uploaded videos. Do you know any way that we can do it?
    Thank you

  21. How come it's so complicated to add my video intro to all my videos now in 2017 and don't even have the option to add it to one video at a time anymore? Plus, if I were able to add it (like I could last year), I automatically lose all the views I have accumulated over the years. Please update your information!

  22. I don't always comment I subscribed a while back and you've really helped me improve thanks for all your tips and utube video tutorials brother it helps uxx little nobody channels, just wanted to let you know that

  23. Pls tell me how to make intro like technical guruji he is indian u can check his vdeo and tell me how to make for free oe pls tell me by making pls i am ur subscriber

  24. Darel I went to fivera and a guy made my logo intro video but did not give me any advice how to get the intro onto my main video.

  25. Hiya can we still add a 3 second intro in 2018? I have been trying to add one to no avail! would love some advice thank you 🙂

  26. Hi Derryl, I knw that this is an old vid and YouTube may have moved a few things around now, But I cant follow your steps. I havce mt 3 second clip unlisted uploaded and now I need tro go to Video Manager and find Channel settings- Nope- Cant find Channel Settings so cant move on from there. Ive tried looking everywhwere and come up with nothing. Is this facility deleted? Stu.

  27. ??? how can I do this now there is NO GEAR next to the upload button & in the setting's the channel button just show's Branding for a watermark NO in video programming ??? HELP PLEASE can you do a updated video as YouTube has changed a lot of thing in 4 year's… Tom B.


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