How to Add Live Streaming to Your Weekly Content Marketing Strategy!
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How to Add Live Streaming to Your Weekly Content Marketing Strategy!

Hello, Amber Vilhauer here, and during
today’s fast track video, I want to talk to you about a new content marketing
strategy that I have rolled out in my business that is really working. So the strategy I want to talk to you
about today is actually live streaming. I know that many people are just starting
to adopt this concept of doing more video online. I’ve been doing video
online for more than five years now. It’s been an absolute game-changer in terms
of bringing in the right qualified people into our organization just by
putting out regular consistent videos like this through YouTube. We then repurpose those videos to make a blog post. We then optimize both the blog
post and the video for better search results within YouTube and Google. We
then repurpose that content as a foundation to do all of our weekly
social media marketing and then send an email out to our email list to nurture
the following that we attract in, and then get them to remember
everything else that we have to offer, which is increasing our sales conversion.
Now all of that is getting done in a mere two hours per week, and the reason
for that is because I have developed a training system for virtual assistants
that trains them how to take your video and repurpose it, optimize it, get your
social media done for you, do all of that within two hours per week, and it’s just
because I have a gift for thinking in terms of systems and efficiency. So you
can learn all about that system for your organization at You can watch a free demo, it’s about ten minutes or five minutes on double speed. But video has been something that has always just completely transformed my
business, and in terms of marketing, it’s allowed me to build human connection in
a digital world. So it’s allowed me to attract the right people in, and then I
use video in a sales capacity to educate my prospects about what it is that we do,
how we do it, and what I encourage them to do next, which is to download our
pricing menu and to schedule a call with me. By the
time somebody gets to a call with me, they already feel comfortable with
who I am, the value that I can provide, they understand the process for our
services, and they know our pricing. So just by implementing video into our
sales process, we were able to go from a twenty five percent sales close to an
eighty five percent sales close in half the time that it used to take me to
talk to prospects. And we did all of that while doubling our rates. So now, by using
video with marketing to attract the right people in, using video with sales
helped to increase our closing ratio, right? Things are going pretty well, but
it doesn’t stop there, guys. Yes, you have to adopt video as soon as possible, but
the next wave is live streaming, and that is the topic of this video today. Live
streaming has been an incredible game-changer in my business. It’s kind of
like upleveling once again, and I’m going to walk you through quickly the
process that I’m doing right now because I think it’d be something easy that you
can adopt into your own business. I decided to do a three week push where
nearly every day Monday through Friday, I was gonna go live. It’s always gonna be
at different times. Sometimes, I will be one-on-one with myself and I will be
giving value. Other times, I have committed to bringing on guests, and I’m
doing a quick interview for them. All of the Facebook lives and and YouTube lives
are designed to be about 10 minutes long, but if you know me, again, I have that
gift for systems and efficiency. I thought there has to be a better way to
do live-streaming because before I could live stream just through my Facebook
page perhaps, but that’s not enough. What about YouTube? What about these other
platforms? So I found this software called I’m not sure if
you can see this or not. Actually, I think I might have to log out of my… that’s
okay we’re gonna do things real-time here because that’s what happens in life
and in business, right? So this is, and you can come here,
you can sign up for a trial. Just kind of check out the back end,
that’s what I did. The power of is that I can sit at my computer, plug
into my webcam, and it will automatically stream out to my personal Facebook page,
my business Facebook page, my groups, and it integrates with YouTube, Stream
Periscope, Twitch and about 20 other live streaming platforms. So all I have to do,
and I can just quickly log in again to show you this back in dashboard, once I
have done the background work to integrate all of these possible
live-streaming systems, I simply go to the webcam tab, I click start, and now I’m
live-streaming through my web cam to all of those channels, all at the same time. Now that is powerful. So during these 10 minutes,
for this particular series, I’m really focused on launch because a lot of
people are launching the wrong way. Whether you’re launching a book, a
digital program, a podcast, a website, it doesn’t matter what it is that you’re
launching. But the problem is that people are just throwing out some social
media posts, hammering their email lists, like, that is not gonna be enough. That’s
not gonna work moving forward based on all of the changes that are happening in
the online world right now. So I am coming in to educate business owners on
what these changes are and how to overcome them so that you don’t have
another disappointing launch. So it’s about 10 minutes, and we feature
different experts so we’re live-streaming, I come up with the questions in advance because I want my speakers to be really
prepared. I want to be prepared because it’s not fair to the end user if we’re
not prepared. They don’t like fluff, right? Nobody has time for anything anymore, so
let’s give them direct high value and get them on their way. We do the live
stream, and I do one promotional post before the actual live stream, so you’ll
see this is an example here where this morning, I said, hey, join us today at 12:15 p.m.
Pacific. I’m interviewing social media strategist Melody Barnes. I talked about
who she is briefly, but then I go right into the four questions that I’m going
to ask Melody on our live stream today. Then, I give a little bit more
information about Melody’s background and her bio, and then I invite people to
join us live so they can see her photo, they can see what we’re talking about.
You have to do a little bit of promotion leading into your Facebook live,
otherwise nobody’s going to join you live, and that sort of defeats the
purpose. You’re going to get higher levels of engagement when your live
with people, always. This is also streaming live to YouTube, Twitch,
Periscope, the other platforms. So remember that as well. Now, once our
Facebook live is over, I come into Facebook and I tweak the actual post. So
if we come down here, this is an example from April 19th where I had interviewed
John Schumacher. And so, I talked about, I changed the post so that instead of
saying this is what we are going to talk about on her Facebook live, I instead say
this is what we talked about during our Facebook live. So because I write the
content in this specific way, I only have to tweak a few things to then copy that
content and use it for the archive of the live stream, right? So it’s all about
efficiency people, right? That was just a photo of my son there. Okay, so here we
are where I say, this is what John and I talked about on the Facebook live, this
is who John is, and then I promote the next Facebook live. And then, here’s the
replay as you can see it right here. So now, this is officially archived on my
Facebook page. Now this went live to my personal page, business page and my
business private Facebook group, and it also went out through YouTube. So on my
YouTube channel, this is showing live, and then once we’re done, it gets archived in
this playlist called Past Live Streams, here. So you’ll see, here’s the
example where we went live with John Schumacher on how to connect with
influencers online and launch. And so you’ll see we can add in that show
description here, but see the beautiful thing about YouTube is you can actually
add up to 5,000 characters on your YouTube description. So I was able to go
deeper into John, why we are doing this series, have more of a call to action. And
now this is archived on YouTube, which is fantastic. Then, as if that’s not enough,
my team is taking these videos, and we are turning them into blog posts that
for actually the purpose of this specific series, that’s going to be
living on our blog. And so, we are going to be making blog
posts out of each of the Facebook live streams and then optimizing the blog
posts for Google. So this is the power of interviewing people, because for example,
we have done a live stream with John Lee Dumas who is a podcasting king, right? And he, very mega influencer, very well-known in the speaking community and
the author, speaker, coach community. So now, that’s a good influencer that we can
share search engine positioning with, right? And so by archiving these Facebook
lives inside of Facebook and on YouTube and Twitch and Periscope, and then
turning them into blog posts where we can actually embed the video itself into
the blog post and then have a deeper call to action here as well, imagine the
power that one live stream now has, right? So it’s in Google, it’s all over all of
these channels, it’s archived in all of your channels, and all you really had to
do is show up and just do a live stream for ten minutes,do one promotional post and then tweak it for the description that lives on
forever. And then you can promote it through your
social networks, you can promote it on your weekly email to your email list, it’s boosting your credibility,
it’s boosting the credibility and authority of the people that you
interview, you’re impacting more people because it’s live. There’s lots of
win-wins here. So what I would encourage you to do is check out, there’s no com. And you can experience a little bit of a
learning curve as you connect all of your different channels and networks
with the system. And there is a third-party software that you need to
order called Just in case you can’t see that, This is a software that allows the stream to go to so many different
channels. And so integrates with the OBS project, and then
everything streams out to all of your channels. So there’s a little bit of a
learning curve, but the documentation is really strong, and I really think that
this is something that you want to experiment with now, because this is the
wave of the future. The more live streams that you do, the more you’re going to
attract in those qualified prospects. Then you can have that sales
conversation and increase your conversion, and guys, you’re just gonna
have such an easier time growing your business. It’s not going to feel so
painful, and once you put things into an organized step-by-step system, right, you
could pause this video and document the steps that I just laid out for you. I literally gave the process away to you, and now you document that. Just in the
power of documenting it and following it like a process, you’re going to get
really efficient and much more powerful at it ,and that’s exactly what we did at in terms of the content marketing strategy that I
outlined at the beginning of this video. Did you like that tip? Well, there is so
much more where that came from. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to
get notified when future updates and videos like this are available. Be sure
to head on over to to learn about
how we can put a content marketing process in place for you, done for you.
And in the meantime, be sure to share this with a friend that you think might
find a value in it. Let’s make it a win-win. And until the next video, just
remember, No Guts, No Glory.

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