How to add RMIT Branding using iMovie
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How to add RMIT Branding using iMovie

What we’re going to do now is we’re
going to import another video and those videos are going to top and tail your
video and it’s the RMIT logo. So I’ve downloaded these previously you can
download these from the link below this video and you can just pick which which
opener and closer you’d like so that one just goes from the side. Tis one just
pops up and attaches so you can sort of go through and select which one you’d
like maybe that’s a bit too long that’s quite nice again that might be a bit too
long for you So yeah just maybe select one that you
like and then we can use. I think probably the first one a shorter is swipe. Great
yeah okay so what we’ll do is, I’ll just get rid of that and I’ll import this. I’m
just going to click and drag this one in So we’ve got Opener 2, but what we want
also is a closer. We’ll grab a closer. So Closer 2 and Opener 2. They work
together, so this will be the closer so I’ll drag that in the end and then we
want to go to the start and we want to put the opener in. So we’ll just click
and drag that so now if we preview we have an opener and on your video and
then at the end of your video we’ll have the closer there we go. So that’s all ready to go

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