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– Hey entrepreneurs and businesses owners. In today’s video I’m gonna share how you can not only get business credit, but also access tens of thousands dollars in free travel by having
business credit cards. I myself have 10 right now and I have access to over $100,000. But what is most exciting to me is all of the free travel, free flights, hotels,
airport lounge access that I have been able to take advantage of by having business credit cards. So today lets talk about
how you can actually get business credit. So the first thing that you wanna do is incorporate your business. So if you’re a freelancer who’s been operating under
your social security number and filling out W-9 forms, you’re going to need to get an entity like an LLC. This is not only gonna help
you get your business credit, but it’s gonna help you
look more professional to your clients and the people that you serve. Once you have your LLC, you’ll then need to get
your EIN from the IRS. This is your employer
identification number. And what this does is it tells the banks, the financial institutions that you are a legitimate business. And so this is the first qualifier that they’re gonna look at to make sure that you have the credibility that you need to get your business credit. The next thing that you
need to do after that is to have revenue coming
into your business. And so what I recommend
is that you establish a business checking account. And then from there you can ask your bank, or you can apply for your
bank’s business credit card. This is how I started. I actually applied for my
business checking account, and while I was on the phone they asked me “Hey, do you want a credit card?” And I thought no, not really. And the guy went on to explain further that if I had a business credit card it would give me access to business loans in the future because I
was building my credit as I was growing. And so I thought what the heck, I’m not gonna ruin my credit, I’m not gonna go and spend thousands of dollars and not be able to pay it so I got the business credit card. Fast forward to a couple months from then, I was looking at something
like thepointsguy, and I saw that you can
get business credit cards that would qualify you to
get $800 in free travel. So I thought hey, I’m
spending money on advertising, I’m spending money on things, if I can meet the signup
bonuses for these credit cards, I can also get free flights and free hotels. And then I stumbled into this crazy world of free travel. I’ve literally gotten tens of thousands of dollars in flights and hotels and airport lounges. I’m gonna go into all of this actually in next week’s video, so make sure to subscribe below so that you don’t miss it because I’m gonna break down my three, my three favorite travel
business credit cards so that you can also get these, and take advantage of
being an entrepreneur and all the perks that come with it. So make sure you stay tuned. Again, lets recap quickly on what you need to establish your business credit. You need to become an entity like an LLC. You need to get your employer
identification number. You need to then have revenue
coming into your business. So that’s also related to having a business checking account. And then apply for your credit card. And one thing that you might need to know is that you also should
have good personal credit before you apply for your business credit ’cause that is something that’s
tied to your application. So I hope that I’ve helped you learn how you can get business
credit for your business. And, again, make sure to tune in next week so you can learn how you can get tens of thousands of dollars from all these different
kinds of credit cards.

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  2. Can’t wait for the next video! Thanks for sharing this awesome info Jeanette! I’m looking forward to finding out more on how I can leverage my credit cards to travel more and with perks.

  3. Thanks for all the great info and tips to get the most out of the credit card perks! I always walk by the fancy lounges in the airports – now I know how to get access! Looking forward to the next video! 👌

  4. This is so awesome!! Everyone needs to hear this bc it can help with your business and have some amazing free cool stuff too

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