How to Asana: Editorial calendar
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How to Asana: Editorial calendar

Extra, extra! Read all about it!…or watch this edition of How to Asana. Blogs, emails, ebooks—there’s a lot of content to publish. With Asana, you can plan your editorial calendar to take content from brainstorm to publication without missing a step. Here’s how: first create a project. You can use our template or start from scratch. Use a list or board depending on how you want to organize things—you can use a list project and create sections by week or month, or use a board project and create columns for ideas, drafting, in review, and publish. Next, make a template task for each piece of content. Write a task description so content producers can add the goals and more context for the piece. Next use subtasks to outline each step in your creation process. You can mark tasks as waiting on others so each step starts at the right time. If you need multiple people to review a draft, you can assign task copies by clicking the assignee button and the people icon. Add custom fields to your projects. Click the project header dropdown, then “Manage Custom Fields” to track more information on each task. For example, you could track the priority, stage, content type, channel… it’s up to you! Once you’ve built out your editorial calendar, you can use Calendar View to see deadlines. Custom fields will show up here so you can quickly gauge priorities and shuffle anything around—just drag and drop. Use Conversation View to brainstorm or get extra feedback. You can link to existing tasks, projects, and conversations. Use status updates to announce what you publish for the week so others in your company can follow along and help promote it. There’s no cure for writer’s block, but you can unblock your editorial process in Asana.

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