How to Asana: Event planning
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How to Asana: Event planning

In the likely event that you’re planning an event, here’s how you can plan it in Asana. Event planning can be stressful, but Asana can bring you peace of mind. Track every deadline, collaborate with vendors, and more. Here’s your plan Get started by creating a project for your event as a list or board. Or use our event planning template. Use sections or columns so your team has a workflow and can categorize tasks. Create tasks for each step in the planning process, then assign them to teammates. Give the tasks due dates so it’s clear who’s doing what by when. You can use subtasks to break up larger work into manageable pieces. You can also mark tasks as waiting on others to show when work should start. Just click the three dots at the top of the task, click “Mark as Waiting On,” and type the name of the task that needs to be finished first. You can also track tasks in multiple projects by hovering over the project name, clicking the plus button and typing the other project’s name — that way, work doesn’t get duplicated and all stakeholders can see it in a context that makes sense. As you get closer to your event, use Asana for posting status updates and setting reminders. Post comments on tasks or status updates in projects to let teammates know how the plan is progressing and what’s happened since the last update. This helps you have fewer meetings. For the meetings you do have, make them more effective by planning them in an Asana project. Create a project and use the tasks as agenda items. You can attach relevant documents to tasks or conversations. On the day of the event, use due times. Just click the due date to add a specific time so you can make sure everything is in the right place at the right time. And don’t forget to download the Asana mobile app so you can have your event plans with you and collaborate with your team — even if you’re shooting the breeze with attendees. Whether your next event has 10 or 10,000 attendees, plan it in Asana.

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