How To Attract Bigger & Better Customers
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How To Attract Bigger & Better Customers

– Don’t use that.
– [Josh] No, I didn’t. – You can save
those clips for like– – [Josh] No, of course.
I didn’t use it. (upbeat music) – How do you
attract big clients? You know, if you feel like every
day you work with customers and it’s like little tiny itty-bitty
kind of things like you don’t feel like you’re getting big, interesting,
meaningful projects. It’s like all these little
onesy-twosy type things or you don’t feel like you’re really
building the business because there’s not enough profit to be
made or some of these clients because they’re so small their
expectations honestly are more than what the
bigger clients want. Here’s what I know is that
I would much rather a business have less numbers of customers but a higher
per customer revenue ’cause it’ll allow you to do incredible
work with your team. I mean there’s nothing more
frustrating for a teammate to always be in a rush and
never actually have the time to create something special. And you want to make sure that
your customers really are the lighthouse that shines examples
of the type of work you do to attract other people. So doing it right
is always win-win. You know recently I got a
call from an entrepreneur that had a software business. And I went to the website and
I looked it over and checked out the pricing page and the
onboarding experience and I asked him,
“What’s the challenge?” “Well we want bigger clients. “We want people paying
us more for our service.” And I go well
there’s a lot of issues, if that’s your outcome, cool. When I look at the website,
there’s a lotta challenges and I gave them three specific
changes that I want to share with you today and it took them
from $50 a month for the service to over $500 a month and then an
enterprise custom click a button let’s talk kind of form. That’s the opportunity is
just you need to understand that there’s a different way that
you do certain things to attract that type of client. Number one for me is you
need to solve their pain, right? Most entrepreneurs are not
positioning their product and what they do to actually
attract that bigger customer. Bigger clients
want you to do more. They want to not think about it. Their focused on
results and outcomes. They want to guaranteed
that if they hire your firm, they’re gonna get that result. You know, if somebody said once you never get
fired for hiring IBM. The reason why is
because IBM software was known, tested, true and if you look at
the competitors in the market they were all typically
running on that software. That’s what those
clients want from you. They want to know that
if they make the investment, you’re gonna show up,
you’re going to deliver, you’re gonna their life better you’re gonna
make them look good. People underestimate just the
power of thinking about how can I make my client
look good to their boss? If you never thought
that in your software or your service business, even a retail business,
whatever business you’re in. If you ever thought, “Well how
do I make my customer look good “to the people around them?” That’s a huge opportunity so
just solving their pain and their problem in presenting your
solution in a way that would even be attractive or relevant
to that size of company, that’s step one. So that was the
first thing we changed on their website
and their homepage. Number two is you gotta price
yourself out of the market. You know the reason why lot
of these especially agency entrepreneurs they’re
doing these smaller projects is because they’re
available to buy. You know, I have one of
my clients he does $200,000 manufacturing type projects and
he does $20 manufacturing type. And I’m just like, “Why
do you do the small stuff? “Why not say
look when people call, “we don’t do the low-end stuff.
We only do the high-end.” A lot of entrepreneurs
especially been in the game for 10+ years they keep
adding stuff to what they do. They say yes to a customer. You know they they might
focus on this area and then the customer’s like,
“Well, could you do this?” And they’re like,
“Alright, we’ll do that.” And they keep adding bolt-ons
and they’ve never actually evaluate the produce suite, the
mix of stuff they offer and say, you know what? We don’t do this great and
I know customers pay us for it. I know the margins might be
there but I don’t want to do this anymore and I think that
just pricing yourself out of those smaller clients is the
number one thing to actually get you serious and attracting the
bigger clients so just the price point of saying this
entrepreneur hey you’re at $50 a month, you got to go to 500. What’s the difference from
experience point of view if I’m a company and I go to that
website and I see that they have a $500 where they start
versus they start at $50? If I think they start at $50,
I’m like well this is a toy. This isn’t serious.
This isn’t enterprise. It’s not for me,
just on their price. Are you doing that
with your customers? Alright, are you
turning them away. The ones that you want because
the way you’re pricing your service or offering? The third area that I think you
just totally need to nail is you gotta to communicate
to a bigger customer. You need to change
the way the messaging. I mean first thing
I looked at this website, this page and I was like well
you say that you help small businesses create X, Y, and Z. They’re like, “Yeah.” I go, “Who do you
want as customer?” They’re like,
“Well, bigger enterprises.” “Alright. Give me examples of
some of the names of those kinds “of companies that
you’d love to work with.” And they gave me their
names and I look at them. I go, “Do you think they “consider themselves
small businesses? No? “Alright, why are you using
that language on your website?” Where else, look at the
page, look at your copy. Think about it. Most people’s
website the first contact or interaction with a company. They might hear about you
somewhere else then they’re gonna go check out your website. And when they’re on
that page they’re gonna say, “Is this for me? “Are people like me,
my kind of company, “buying this service?” So the logos, the language,
the color scheme, all those things
communicate a certain message. If you want bigger
customers you gotta communicate a
bigger offering, right? The price matters, the problem
and pain and the solution needs to be there but at the end of
the day the communication needs to be on par. So, one, solve the
bigger customer’s pain, okay? Two, make sure that you price
yourself out of the low-end and into the higher-end
market and then three communicate in a bigger way. What I want to hear from you
below in the comments is what strategy are you going to
implement to go up one level? If you just decided
today, you know what, I want to grow
my business by 30%. So what’s the next
kind of customer segment, type of business, consumer
whatever that I want to go into to grow my business, what is
your decision today below to make over the next four weeks? What is that action item that
you’re committing to right now after watching this video? Leave a comment below and as per
usual I want to challenge you to live a bigger life
and a bigger business and I’ll see you next Monday. If you liked this video be
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queued up for you. I will see you next week.

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5 thoughts on “How To Attract Bigger & Better Customers

  1. Doing your best work requires the right – usually bigger – customers. Don’t let your marketing get in the way of you attracting them. These are the flaws in your strategy.

  2. Hey Dan, Question. My service business just acquired an enterprise level client..mainly Law firms representing Mortgage Companies. Currently my website and promotions have been towards regular clients. Is it better to create either 1) a website has 3 the levels of service Enterprise, Retail, and Regular Clients. or should I create a separate website for Enterprise level. As each level has their own needs, wants and language. Life is so much easier having an Enterprise on board… Im wanting to work with more of those. Any suggestions? Perfect Video!! Great Stuff!!!

  3. Hey Dan, any chance you could share that software website you mentioned? It would be great to see how it looks now.

    At Apptamin what we did to attract bigger better customers is a redesign: cleaner design, less cluttered, putting logos of clients top of page (through the video thumbnails) and BIG testimonials. + some case studies to illustrate better what we do and our approach for various videos.

    Next step is a redesign of the blog to make it more polished

  4. Dan, I found your stuff via Chris Cooper and Two Brain Business. I loved the webinar that you did for us, thanks so much for taking the time. I'm one of Chris' clients, however I'm quite different from most of his clients in that I haven't yet launched my box. I currently have about 10 personal training clients that I see at my home gym and I'm BARELY scraping by. It looks as if it's going to be another 6-8 months before my physical location is ready (real estate issues). In the meantime I see a huge opportunity in the corporate wellness space. That would be a 10X jump vs. a 2X one, like you spoke about to us on Wednesday. The question I have is how to get that first big client? I know I have the tools to provide value for this type of customer, what I don't have is an effective way to communicate with a bigger client.

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