How to Avoid the Top 3 FB Marketing Mistakes Most Business Owners Make
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How to Avoid the Top 3 FB Marketing Mistakes Most Business Owners Make

Hey guys, welcome to today’s
episode of Sticky Note Marketing. I am Mary Czarnecki, your host. This is our weekly Facebook live show
where I share simple actionable tips for you to grow your business using
effective strategic marketing. That’s why we call it
Sticky Note Marketing. I love calling it sticky note marketing
because all the tips I give you should fit on a nice handy little sticky
note. So if you have your sticky notes, grab them because I’m going to be sharing
some amazing tips with you today when it comes to making your Facebook
marketing more effective. So if this is your first time
joining us for sticky note marketing, I’m Mary Czarnecki. I’m a marketing strategist and business
transformation mentor for small business owners and entrepreneurs
looking to use their marketing, especially in their online marketing, more effectively to reach more of the
audience that needs what you have to offer. So thanks for jumping on
live. If you are joining us live, feel free to drop a note and
let me know where you are. I always love to know where people are
coming from and if you’re watching the replay, do that as well. Let me
know where you’re watching from. I always like to see where
our community is based. I love the fact that the Internet
brings all of us fun entrepreneurs and business owners together. So like I said, today’s topic is going to be all about
making your Facebook marketing more effective. Because here’s the thing I see basically
the majority of business owners make these core three mistakes when they’re
getting started or they’re learning how to use Facebook more effectively for
their business. So here’s the deal. Here are the three mistakes. Let’s talk about the mistakes and then
I’m going to give you some action items to make sure that you don’t step on
these landmines and instead turn these landmines into gold
mines. So here’s the deal. So we’re going to talk about number one, the fact that you don’t
have a strategic ecosystem. So my undergraduate degree at Princeton
was in ecology and evolutionary biology. So basically we learned a lot about
ecosystems and how different organisms and animals and plants would work together
to make everything cohesive, right? Everything would work together, right?
So here’s the thing about Facebook. You need to also make sure that all of
the tools that Facebook is giving you, these are free tools. You need to make sure that they’re all
working together and make sure that they’re working together effectively. So we’re going to talk about that because
that is the number one mistake I see business owners make, is that they do not have a cohesive
ecosystem between their profile, your personal profile,
their business page, and then a group if
you’re running a group. So we’re going to unpack that because my
little biology marketing geek is coming to life. So number two, the big mistake I see people make is the
fact that there’s no CTAs. Now, okay? A little marketing jargon,
but raise your hand, drop an Emoji if you know what a CTA is. But a CTA basically is
just a call to action. So I see a lot of people out
there creating amazing content, but people are dumb, right? This is another thing I learned at
Princeton in the biology department. People just have little animal brains
really inside of this big brain of ours. But brains basically aren’t
wired to always take action. We have to be asked to take action. And so when we’re trying to get
our audience to engage with us, to actually take action, to either opt
in for a thing, learn more about a thing, contact us, book a call, whatever
it is, you have to ask them. Yes, I love the fact that you’re geeking out
with me, ed. Thank you. Um, awesome. So here’s the deal. You have
to ask people to do something. We’re just dumb humans. You just have
to ask us what you want us to do. And number three, the biggest mistake I see people make
is that they are not segmenting their market. So if I hear one more person tell
me when I ask them, who do you serve? What problem do you solve? And why you? Those are the big three questions
that underlies all of marketing. But that first question, who do you
serve? If I have one more person, tell me, well, I serve everyone with skin
or anyone that breathes air… No, like unless you have the budget of King
Midas that is not your target audience. And I’m sorry, yes. Could everyone with skin hair or that
breathes air probably benefit from your products or service? Yes, but do you
have the budget, either the energy, the time, or the financial
budget to reach all of humanity? Probably not. And if so
please come talk to me. I have an investment opportunity for you, but if that is not you and you
have basically a limited budget, whether it’s mental time,
energy, whatever it is, you need to segment your market. You need to be specific on who
you’re talking to. So, okay, let’s just recap for any of those people
joining on the replay or joining a little bit later here. Number one. I’m seeing so many people with the
big mistake of there’s no strategic ecosystem, there’s no connection, strategic connection between your
personal profile, your business page, and a group if you own it, right? Big problem number two mistake is that
there’s no call to action or CTA ,in our Geeky language, but you’re not asking
them to take the next step with you. Whether that’s just learning more about
you and moving down that know like and trust factor or whether it’s getting
them to actually take a more in depth. Next step with you, like booking a call if you’ve nurtured
them correctly to this point, right? All right, and the last one, but least,
picking a profitable target segment. So you are not talking
to everyone on Facebook. You need to be clear on
who you aren’t talking to. So it’s almost like you’re talking to
them across the camera essentially if you’re doing video. All right, so
let’s talk about some action items. So number one to address
that first mistake that I
see so many people make is we need to make your ecosystem
work together, right? So the first thing you need to do
is give your page profile, group, Facebook ecosystem, a bit of a makeover. I’m going to share something fun that
I’m launching on Monday that can help you with that. But the easy way to do it
is take a look at them with fresh eyes. Literally pull out your phone the next
time you’re hanging out with someone, that opinion that you trust and have
them look at page or your profile or your group and ask them, Hey, look at
this. Who Do you think I talked to? Who Do you think I serve? What do you think the benefit
is that I provide to my people? Does that come out across
clearly to you? Right? Trust the people that are in your life
to give you an honest opinion. Now, if they come back at you and like, Ooh, I’m not really sure this
is your opportunity next
week to get some clarity on that. So I’m going to give
you that information in just
a second. So stay tuned. But second, we want to get that call to
action, right? That CTA working for us. So we want to start collecting leads and
an easy way to start collecting leads, even if you don’t have fancy technology, even if you don’t have some sort of
sales funnel software or CRM hooked up in your business, which by the way,
if you are a business owner, I encourage you to look at that and
if you have questions about that, feel free to DM me. But even if you don’t, even if you are just getting started and
you’re bootstrapping it on a shoestring budget, an easy two step system
is create amazing content, give value to people, ask them
to engage with you, the CTA, either DM for more information or
comment below or get them to drop their favorite Gif or something like that, and then you will send them
more information, right? Just this two step process of
asking for that engagement, whether they’re dropping a comment,
dropping a word, DMing you. But then the second step is that
you can actually give them valuable information, a Freebie, a freemium, a
lead magnet, whatever you want to call it, but something that’s actually going to
benefit them and get them a quick win. Not a sales pitch, not an uninvited link, but the next step in the conversation
that you have asked them to provide you with the invitation to give them.
Correct. Okay. And last but not least, picking the profitable
target. So here’s the thing. So thanks and I appreciate
it. So here’s the thing. Picking that profitable target, if you think that everyone with skin
hair or that breathes is your target market, I invite you to think
about this a little more clearly. So thinking about it this way, who
do you actually enjoy working with? If you had to spend all your
time with that kind of person, would it be worth it to you? Right? We’re building these businesses so that
we don’t have to do something else, right? So why build something
that we aren’t going to enjoy? So think about all of the people that
could benefit from your product service or offering and figure out who are you most
able to serve and match that with who would you most enjoy serving? So that’s a quick back of the
envelope kind of rule of thumb. I always invite my clients to think
about. All right, so here’s the deal. I told you guys I was going to share
a special invitation for you guys. This is a hot off the presses.
I’ve been working all day on fresh, new fun content that’s going to be
kicking off in our challenge on Monday. So here’s the deal. I have
heard from so many people about, I wish I could post on
social media more Mary, but I just don’t know what
to say. Or Oh my gosh, I have to create a content plan.
Or Oh my gosh, I just, you know, I feel like I need to attract people. I don’t know how to get
more leads for my business. I wish I knew where they were. I
wish I could attract more people. I wish I could start a conversation.
I wish I had more followers. All these wishes. Well we’re going to be solving some of
those wishes because one of my son’s favorite, favorite movies
is of course Aladdin. I’m going to play Geanie next week, so
I’m going to solve some of your wishes. I’m going to grant some of your wishes. So we’re going to do a five day
Facebook make-over if you will. So it’s going to be a Facebook sales
system kickstart so you can get a lot of these issues solved if you don’t want
to be trudging through all these to do’s on your own. Let’s do it together. So we’ve got almost a hundred
people on the challenge right now. So it’s going to be a rock star community. There’s gonna be a ton of energy in here. I’m going to be sending you a step by
step workbook on Sunday night so that you are primed and ready to start
taking action on Monday morning. So if you are sick and tired of being
confused about what to do with your Facebook ecosystem, your page profile
and group, this is a challenge for you. If you have felt like, oh my Gosh Mary, I would totally post on social media
more, but I just don’t know what to say. This is for you. If you at all are interested in
leveraging one of the largest social media platforms on the planet to get in front
of more people who need what you have to offer.,this is for you. So I
am going to put the link above. Jump into the challenge and I invite
you to share this post or that link with your friends, your business besties
and the people in your community. Because challenges are almost
always more fun with friends. So this is going to be a really fun thing. It’s one of the things I’m most passionate
about because there’s no point in stressing over posts, lives, videos and content until you get your
ecosystem set up until your page, your profile, and your group is ready,
set and ready for prime time. Right? There’s no point in putting caviar on
a paper plate. So #caviaronpaperplate. All right, so if you guys are ready
for this, jump in, share the link, and I think you’re the only person in
the world who can get me excited to post on social media. Yes, Amanda.
Awesome. You are my kind of people. All right guys. So excited to have
connected with you guys today. Drop me below some Ahas, takeaways, anything that were light bulb moments
for you in anything I shared today. And I look forward to seeing you guys
in the challenge kicking off on Monday. See you guys. Bye.

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