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How to be Successful with ASO | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

One of the most important tips
I can give what they saw is think like a search engine. You want to give signals
to the search engine. If it’s Play, if it’s iTunes,
if it’s whatever search engine there is that you’re
app is relevant and useful. So for example anchor text. Anchor text is huge SEO. If you’ll think about most of the,
let’s say, articles that we know in the Internet. Google Play, iTunes, Download, the anchor text has
nothing to do with the actual app. We’re losing SEO juice. We’re losing ASO juice. Make sure that the anchor text has
something to do with your app. The best closing app or
a game that’s worth downloading or a game about fish, whatever. Make sure that the anchor
text makes sense. Also make sure to be that relevant. Make sure there’s people that are not
uninstalling your app immediately. On that note, another great technique
to get users is paid campaigns. There’s many ways to do it. There’s many affiliate networks and
there’s a lot of display campaigns. But because one of the best signals
that the app stores are getting is a lot of downloads,
a lot of installs. Sometimes we want to invest in
getting more paid downloads. Because that will eventually
get you more organic downloads. Another thing is the comments. People that are giving bad reviews
are giving them mostly for a reason. And mostly because they didn’t get
what they were expecting to get. So if you’re using
a name that makes sense. If the images that you’re
using actually elaborate and explain what this
product is all about and is not some kind of illustration that
has nothing to do with your website. If the description is accurate and describes exactly what you’re going
to get the metatext makes sense. Everything makes sense and correlates with your product,
that’s the best approach. So, ASO tricks. The best thing that you can
do is optimize your web page. You can A/B test everything from
the icon that is representing your app, to the description to the metatext to
the images to video that you’re using. You can optimize everything. Another thing is if you have something
in the app store if you have an option to do something targeted, use it. If there’s special display for
tablet’s, do it. If you can translate,
localization is so important. If you can use Portuguese for Brazilian, translate your app
because that will be much better. Translate the images. Be professional. Invest time in creating the presentation
because that’s the only asset you can control. You can’t control how people
will react to your app but you can control about
what they understand. You can test it. You can test it. You can iterate about it. You can iterate on it. And that’s the best advice I can get.

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